Jon’s April 2019 Creator Showcase: A Shower of Posts to Water Your Spring Crops!

Welcome back to another of the Jon’s Creator Showcase posts. I’m so glad to bring you all another month of fun posts. I’ve been out of the loop for a few months now so this was really helpful in getting me caught up with some blog posts and new bloggers in the anime community. Please enjoy this month’s showcase!

If you guys are new to this community event, fear not, this isn’t the last month this will happen. Next month’s Showcase is going to be hosted by Scott over at Mechanical Anime Reviews and he will be taking submissions shortly!

As for where the idea of the Showcase originated…it happened over at Jon’s blog Jon Spencer Reviews. It started as an event he was going to host on a monthly basis but because of life, he had to drop it; however, in order to keep the project alive, Raistlin suggested having multiple hosts. Which is why all you lovely people are here~

Last month was hosted by Mirror Purple, so definitely check out that post to find some new content to read!

And without further ado, time to share some posts

#theJCS MVPs!

Usually, the entries for the showcase consist of a variety of different blog posts and one time I got some art and poetry! But this time we had two new entries. We got a short story AND a youtube video. Please pardon my excitement!

Overloading the TBW Pile

You guys have heard of the TBR pile, right? Well, now I bring you the anime TBW pile, which seems to have no end with more than 100 anime series airing a year. Do we even have time to watch more? Who knows but these guys just piqued my curiosity and my list is ever growing

Spoil Me Senseless

I knew the Winter season was going to come to haunt me one day. These are posts that are filled with spoilers so you’ve been warned. Haven’t watched? Get spoiled!

Get to Know the Blogger

Ever wonder about the private life of the bloggers you’re following? Yeah me too, but they keep those secrets well guarded. But I bring you here some posts that are a close second! Get to know the writers behind the blog in these possibly revealing posts!?

The Academics #NoticeMeSenpai

Ever read a post SO GOOD you tremble with excitement and even though you have a strict short comment policy you end up gushing nonsense about people’s posts? Ever met a blogger who writes so cohesively they put your whole blogging career to shame? Yeah, this is basically my blogging life so please buddies, send some blogging magic our way!

Short, Sweet, and Floofy

Sometimes reading blog posts can be exhausting, I know. I mean, we follow dozens and hundreds of bloggers and they create dozens of posts a week, and how many numbers is that?! So I brought you all the short, sweet, and floofy posts of the JCS that will bring a smile to your faces!

  1. Making Everything Anime! by YumDeku: Real talk here, would it be better if EVERYTHING was anime? What?! What do you mean that’s just wishful thinking?!
  2. Winter 2019 Best Girl Battle: Kaguya vs. Rui by Andy: I have yet to meet either of these girls but wow, it’s a close battle indeed!

Ma Gamers

I may be a newbie with games but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a TBP pile! In fact, I have tons of games I haven’t taken out of their boxes in years but ya know what? That doesn’t mean I can’t keep adding to that pile. Gimme the game recs!!

  1. Achievement Unlocked: Dungeon Master by Megan: I’m not saying that D&D are taking over…but I’m saying they’re taking over and I want in! Megan’s posts always make me want to start doing some research on this game
  2. Sonic & Friends Go Head-to-Head with “Team Dark” In Part 2 of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive by Joseph: The Sonic live-action not doing it for you? Why not check out the new Sonic game instead! The nostalgia is hitting me hard #rip
  3. Devil May Cry 5 (Demo): Videogame Impression by Mallow: I can probably count the number of games I’ve ever played on a single hand but I think I’m going to need another soon. This looks fun so I might join in on the button smashing!

Unpopular Opinions

Remember we are respectful human beings. If you guys are going to slice at each other, please remember I’m the one cleaning up the bloody mess. Keep the floors clean! I’m not one for overtime

Well, then, that rounds up the April Jon’s Creator showcase!! I had so much fun checking out everyone’s posts and tried to leave comments on all of them (If I haven’t YET, I will soon, lol). But there’s no time to rest because Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews) will be taking submissions this weekend! So get those April 2019 posts and other content you’re proud of and get ready to share them with the tag #theJCS!

I’ll see you guys as the host of another Jon’s Creator Showcase in September! And if you wanna host the showcase on your blog, check out the signup sheet. We still need some people to host October and December!

10 thoughts on “Jon’s April 2019 Creator Showcase: A Shower of Posts to Water Your Spring Crops!”

    1. Yes, lots of great entries! And I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to submit their owls posts, i think it’s because we put so much effort into them and they’re different from your usual post xD I know my owls posts were some of my better written content (well, they still are lolol). THANK YOU for submitting your story!! since i first started helping out i would try tagging people i knew who wrote stories but it didn’t work Orz so yeah, I was super pumped you dropped me a short story 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you’re right. The prompts with OWLS give you so many optiond as to what to write too, so it’s no surprise that purple enjoy writing them.
        Oh, awesome. You never know, maybe some more stories will start creeping in.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes lots of them!! AND THANK YOU FOR NOTICING. i didn’t want to be like did you guys notice what i did in the post but also i was secretly hoping someone would comment on it LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Excellent batch of content here! I’ll have to go through some of this yet. Thank you once again for hosting another time!

    As for the kappa pun, kappa can also mean raincoat when written out in Japanese, so a kappa kappa is just a really silly pun since it is a frog raincoat XD

    Liked by 1 person

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