[Fanfiction] Do you still read stories if they haven’t updated in forever?

It’s kind of weird. When I saw that I wouldn’t have class on Monday (yesterday), I was stressing out. 6 days at home with nothing to do?! I tried to watch some anime but like always, I found it hard to decide what to watch (and so I ended up watching nothing, LOL). Instead, I found myself on AO3 and before I knew it I was reading some really long stories. I actually wrote about one of those stories the other day (Hey Lover by wasterella). Then yesterday (and the day before) I was reading Catch me, sweetheart by  and it got me thinking about incomplete stories

To be honest, I hadn’t realized this story was incomplete but even when I did realize (about 4 chapters in), I continued reading it. And then I began to wonder, do people still read stories on AO3 even when they see it hasn’t been updated in X-amount of years?

I tend to avoid stories like this because I hate getting attached to a good story (like I did with Catch me, sweetheart) but I’ve also read stories I know are discontinued. For example, I read Alexithymia by DrigtingGlass knowing it wouldn’t be done. I mean, it said it in the summary, but I guess I thought it was worth checking out? I had already read a lot of their other stories like Before Midnight (a story I had originally dropped but that I am SO GLAD I picked up again),  Oubaitori (hasn’t been updated since June 2018), and Lex Talionis (no update since May 2018), and I loved the ideas, the writing, and just everything.

But Catch Me Sweetheart was different. I hadn’t read any of punk_mikasa’s work before but because I hadn’t found a female Eren story that satisfied me yet, I thought I’d keep reading. While it had a ton of grammatical mistakes I just enjoyed the story so much I overlooked them. It was an old story and as someone who also had cringy writing a few years back, I didn’t mind. And I also “don’t mind” that the story is incomplete because…well, I have a ton of stories that are incomplete so I can’t really judge right?

But now I’m heartbroken! The story was progressing so well, I loved the flirty banter that was happening, and then it was over. It was last updated in 2016 so unless they suddenly get inspiration to keep writing three years later, I don’t think there will be more (I also read in the comments the author had a baby so maybe they got busy with their kid). This is why I avoid stories that haven’t been updated in years…

Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. I must seriously be a masochist, lol!

But what about you guys? Do you read stories that haven’t been updated in a long time? Why or why not? How do you feel once you’ve caught up and realize there won’t be more? What about from a writer’s perspective? How do you feel about stories you wrote and dropped, especially if you’re still getting notifications? I always feel bad and wish I had the energy to go back and finish them but usually, I’m no longer in the fandoms and feel I can’t get into a character’s mindset anymore. Also, I know I’m talking about fanfiction but I imagine it also happens with original stories like on Wattpad (and other writing sites IDK about)

14 thoughts on “[Fanfiction] Do you still read stories if they haven’t updated in forever?”

  1. With reading I don’t tend to start things unless they are already finished (generally speaking – though in the case of light novels quite regularly they aren’t). But online stuff, if the story isn’t done I’ll mark it if I’m interested and wait until it is concluded before starting. Too many unfinished and never finished stories out there.

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  2. I feel really sad whenever someone stops writing a fan fiction- a good one at that, but it’s sort of understandable at times because the person will stop liking a certain person or thing after a while or they just don’t have a lot of time. I do get happy when they send an e-mail (sometimes) years later notifying that they finished their story and released a book with it- sadly this isn’t as often as one would want it to be. As a writer, I stopped writing fan fiction when I was in 11th grade because I wanted to get better before I continued. Years later, I go back to re-read some of the fanfics that I wrote and I was so embarrassed at how awful my writing style was back in the day. I considered starting the story all over again, but I’m not really into the same things I did back then, plus if I were to start all over, I would want to plan it thoroughly in order for there not to be too many plot-holes and be as cringey as it was.

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    1. yes! that’s why i don’t want to start incomplete ones but there are some really good ones or i’ll start it while it’s updating and then over time the author will just stop writing. it makes me sad but i also understand it happens. oh, i never knew people did that! i think that’s really cool of them 😀 haha, omg the same thing happened to me. i never really *stopped* (i did write less) and recently i’ve been going back and just, wow my writing was terrible xD very true

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  3. Honestly, with anything consumed sequentially, I’ll take what I’ve got and if it’s good, I’ll stick with it until the end of what the creator’s supplied. If I can remember what happened previously or where I was up to, then I’ll be happy to jump in after any length of hiatus (if at all). I can forgive unfinished stuff as long as the content made me happy – after all, time you enjoy wasting is time well spent.

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    1. oh man it’s happened to me where i can’t remember where i left off Orz sometimes i’ll just go back to reread it but sometimes it’s just a super long story that i don’t really feel like rereading it? idk. there’s this story i’m following that used to updated semi-regularly but then it stopped updating for a while. the author then started writing again but very inconsistently but i had already read like 20+ chapters (and each one was LONG) that i just continued reading, i was like, i think i remember everything xD

      Oooo i like that one, i think i’m going to have to start quoting you xD


  4. Noooooo don’t go here crimson. I have too many from my teenhood that have been incomplete for years now and will never be concluded nooooooo >.< . Lita hasn't wrote a fanfic since she was 11 but that is currently changing at the moment muahhh !!

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    1. hahaha!!! i try not to think about it but i just went and tortured myself and just, i had to put the feels somewhere xD oh nice! i wanna read *_* i’ve been writing since i was like 13 or something, although nowadays my output is very small ^^;; i used to spit out stories like a machine (maybe that’s why they had terrible grammar and plot holes and who knows what else, lol)


  5. IT’S A TRAGEDY, especially if it’s about one of them guilty pleasure titles. And almost just as much about fanfic, I totally feel this way about other blogs!! It’s sad to see a wonderful space on the internet just abandoned without warning.

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