[Fanfiction] Hey Lover by Wasterella (ft. Art by Ayhiroshi)

Do you guys ever start reading something and it’s only going to be a quick read? You’re only going to read two chapters a day, make it last, enjoy it, and then BAM, it’s been 24 hours, no sleep, no food, only yaoi hydration, and how am I still able to produce tears?!

That was my life the last couple of hours. EHERM. Let’s start from the beginning. You see, it’s been so long since I was last truly in an OTP hell. So long I can’t even remember what my last True Obsession was! Instead, I’ve been like oh hey these two are cute (AshEiji) or oh frick i need more (GiriLaw) – only for there to not be more, my life SUCKS – but real and true OTP love? No. To remedy this terrible problem I’ve actually gone back to some of my old ships. The ones so near and dear to me. And yesterday I went back to Eren and Levi and oh hell, someone hold me. SOMEONE HOLD ME. Why had I not read this story yet?! Was I not in the fandom anymore in 2016?! What else have I missed?!

Hey Lover is a 32-chapter Modern Day AU story by wasterella that has broken my heart, mended it, and then destroyed it again. And not just mine but 2,508 other peoples’ as well! The numbers don’t lie. Unlike The Trajectory of Laughter (Misawa), I think this story has a pretty good summary so I’ll let you all soak it in before I start screaming. Oh and this story has Ladelle’s stamp of approval, which means, this is definitely a gold star story (although even if it hadn’t, it’s still a gold star story but now it’s like a double gold star story, LOL). p.s This is a fangirling post so there are spoilers!!

Art by Ayhiroshi, Find on tumblr

We’re pretty much dropped in the middle of the drama with this story. Eren is about to fly back home for summer vacation and he’s been stressing out over how miserable it’s going to be since he is still single. He can already hear his family and friends (Mikasa, Armin, Jean) teasing him about how it’s his temper that drives away any potential girlfriends and he’s tired of it. He just wants to spend some time with his friends in peace without being teased. Fortunately and embarrassingly, Eren finds his solution on the homepage of Invisible Significant Other, an escort service he accidentally stumbled upon while at the library one day. After days of debating if he should do this, Eren ends up paying for the $50/month plan which includes limited texting, photos, and a gaming session.

During his signup, Eren ends up choosing a girl that would believably date him. A cute blonde girl with brown eyes with the name P.R. (renamed Hannah), who has a crass and sassy attitude, and who calls him Lover. Unbeknownst to him, Erwin (the owner of the site) decides to reassign Eren to a different escort because, realistically, Petra can’t pull off the personality type that Eren is requesting. It would still be PR’s photos Eren would be getting but the person behind the persona would be his resident crasshole – Levi

From there the story really picks up. We have some super adorable scenes between Hannah (Levi) and Eren filled with banter and jokes, which made me coo and laugh so hard I almost died. The progression of feelings is seriously the cutest thing ever and the DRAMA, my god. I bet you guys can imagine what that’s like. I mean, Eren falling for a girl who is actually a guy who later ends up actually meeting Eren as himself (Eren’s friends told him he should be friends with Hannah’s friends so Eren added a “friends package” to his monthly subscription and of course lovestruck Levi was like imma be his friend, Hanji you in?). It was actually about midpoint that the story blows up and slows down

Art by Ayhiroshi, Find on tumblr

After the blowup, there is a “standstill” point, which was honestly not a favorite of mine. It was filled with heartache on both sides. Eren felt betrayed over what had occurred, thinking Levi and the others had pranked him, and Levi felt like utter trash for not having told Eren what was going on. I think the pacing in the first half was done really well but here I felt things drag a bit. It was important so that we could see how devastated they felt and to understand their insecurities, which was the main focus of the second half, but I just wanted to gain the ability to read faster. I wanted the two to hurry up and get back together (or at least on talking terms)! I think the thing that saved it here for me is that one, I was invested and two, it was so suspenseful! I think I might have gotten some grey hairs just trying to guess when the “making up” would happen

Also, can I just say that Jean was MVP? I feel like most fics have Eren be super close to Mikasa and Armin, and while he was “close” to them in this story, his best bro was Jean. I loved how protective Jean got in this story and just how he was always there for Eren whether Eren wanted it or not. He gets the BFF Award of the Year. The only downside is that there was a lot of Jean-bashing in here via Levi. I tried to ignore it but it got pretty strong (intent) in the second half, which you would think would be the opposite but ok. Speaking of characterization, this story has Hanji as genderneutral (they/them) which I thought was cool, but I felt a bit meh about how crazy they got sometimes (I know, when is Hanji ever sane?)

The story doesn’t have a rating (yet?) but it’s definitely E for Explicit. The first half would probably be M (to be safe) since Levi’s texts were highly suggestive of BJs and threesomes were “discussed” at one point, but it wasn’t until much later where we got some explicit stuff. Super tame compared to PWP stories but sex is sex so it gets an E from me. Also, if you like explicit consent I think this is the story for you. I think this might be why I was a little meh about the second half. I mean, I loved the story as a whole but I also am not the biggest fan of tiptoeing relationships (even though I get why in this story)

Art by Ayhiroshi, Find on tumblr

Speaking of, even though I prefer my OTPs on the steamier side of the spectrum, I also really liked how “real” Eren and Levi’s sex life was. Well, aside from the classroom stuff (maybe). I mean, PWP stories are generally that. The characters get right to the point and it’s supposed to be hot and make the readers nosebleed all over their keyboards. This story was like, yeah we’ll give you a little something but we’re more interested in Eren exploring his sexuality and asking realistic questions about gay sex. And I LOVED it. I seriously think YA lit should have more of these things in their books. I mean, how many published stories talk about the icky side of anal sex? I’ve had all those questions Eren had in this story and it was GOLD to see them, to read them, to know that someone else has had these questions

Overall I seriously loved this story and if you haven’t read it but you like Eren and Levi, and you need something to read, go check it out! I feel like this story really closed everything it opened…well, maybe I wanted to see Levi meet the parents but…but…ok I want it. I’m not satisfied! But that was pretty much the only thing I was “upset” we didn’t get. If I had to rate this story it would be somewhere in the 8.5-9 range

But I’m curious, has anyone read this story yet? If so, what did you think? Agree or disagree with me? Right now I’m still browsing through the Eren and Levi tag but I’ve recently gotten a thing for genderbends. If anyone doesn’t know, my first fanfics were femNaruto stories (because I was 14 and couldn’t write gay to save my life) and now I just like to go into the fem-character section to see if there’s something good. I’m totally onboard for a femEren or femLevi fic, although, I did notice there were more femEren than femLevi stories. Also, I can’t believe this exists but there’s a tall Levi tag. I was like WHAT, Levi’s shortness is one of his best qualities! Lol

p.s.  With this story, my fanfic read word count is at 435,725, which is apparently equal to 962.3 pages if the text is 11pts with 1.5 spacing. That’s at least two 400+ page books that I can’t add to my Goodreads account!

Also please send some love over to Ayhiroshi, the artist who made both mini-comic strips and the illustration of gamer Eren! They have a ton of cute art on their page!! ^^

Until next time!

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