[Review] Sirius the Jaeger: Giving Us All the Needed Bro-Feels (Netflix)

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Sirius the Jaeger is a series I found on Netflix while watching Soul Eater. I’d seen it in the anime section before while browsing but I didn’t really want to watch something new. But after seeing it over and over again in the “you should watch this next” section after each Soul Eater episode I thought, why not? Instead of clicking the next Soul Eater episode, I chose Sirius the Jaeger for a change of pace (if you’ve watched SE, maybe you know what I mean, lol).

Also, if you haven’t read it yet, I did already do the first impression for this show and now I’m just going to throw my feels at you all

p.s. Recently I’ve seen an increase in people watching Sirius the Jaeger and just, IM SO HAPPY

The show starts off in Shanghai, where we follow a group of vampire-slayers called Jaegers as they close in on their prey. More specifically, we follow Yuliy (Yuliychka) who aside from being a Jaeger, is also the last survivor of the Sirius clan. A clan that had been slaughtered ten years prior by vampires hunting for the “Ark of Sirius,” an ancient relic protected by the Sirius clan and said to give the user immense power. Not finding it in the village, the vampires spent the last couple of years trying to uncover its location and, well, plotting

Research then leads the vampires to Japan and the Jaegers (especially Yuliy), sworn to kill all vampires, follow them, only to find themselves in a race against time. They must find the Ark before the vampires and the Japanese government! Following a series of heartbreaking revelations, Yuliy must decide what path to follow as the last Sirius and rightful protector of the “Ark of Sirius”

If you guys read my first impression and my tweets, you’ll know I was really excited about this show. The story of a survivor to a tragedy who hates the perpetrators and vows to destroy them all isn’t a unique one, but there was something about Yuliy that I really liked (and no it wasn’t just his pretty face). Perhaps it’s the feelings of recently watching Attack on Titan and being disappointed with Eren, but I just loved that Yuliy hated vampires, was on a mission to destroy them all, was some sort of paranormal creature, and he had the skills to back up his mission. He’s your typical impulsive main character, moving before his team and kicking vampire butt nearly single-handedly and totally not to be biased, but these were some of my favorite moments. I just loved how the animation during the fights was very smooth, it was up and personal, and even gruesome (limbs flying, watch out!)

The bad thing is that the fight scenes start to decrease as we get more into the story, which I was alright with because in exchange we get more background information (and baby Yuliy, which may have been the highlight of this show, lol!). LOOK AT HIS FLOOFY EARS. I need to get me one of those hats!

Speaking of baby Yuliy, I think one of the things I liked second-most about this show was family. I think the first episode was mainly to set up the type of world the Jaeger’s lived in. The supernatural wasn’t common knowledge and while the Jaegers had good intentions, they were also headed by a more powerful being (who, IDK), had to hide who they really were, and were distrusted by the military (Japanese, perhaps others as well). But as we move along and Yuliy comes to learn more about the Ark and the plans the vampires had, this all felt like background noise and his relationship with his family took the forefront. I swear, the bro-feels in this show are strong. So strong that if I didn’t know they were brothers I would probably be shipping them when has that ever stopped me.

As for why this was only my second favorite thing in the show, one, I just prefer more action-based content but more importantly, I just felt like it was sudden and really in my face. Sudden because the show had set up Yuliy as only wanting to avenge his family, as having little purpose after this, being aloof and uninterested in other things, and he seemed to have little memory of them. Or at least that’s what was presented to us. Then suddenly he has this huge interest in following in his father’s footsteps. The brother protecting I am more accepting of because they did have a great relationship when they were kids and Yuliy, while aloof, isn’t heartless. But even this got a bit overbearing at times (confession: I still loved it, I need a big brother like Mikhail. Truth!)

If I had to give some complaints about this show it would be the character development was very minimal and that it ends without really feeling conclusive. In terms of the Jaegers we only really follow Yuliy’s life story and I think the only reason we learn more about Willard (the Captain of the Jaegers and an archeologist) is that he was involved in Yuliy’s past. We also got a bit of screen time in episode two with Philip, a little blonde fellow who hated Yuliy until an even smaller child made him realize he was being petty. Dorothea and Fallon also showed up but we didn’t really learn much about any of them, why they were part of the Jaegers (we can guess), and just, something to make them relatable in some way. As it stands, if something had happened to them, I wouldn’t have cared

I may also come to regret saying this one day, but I also felt like we had wasted potential in Ryoko (not pictured), a girl stalking Yuliy in the name of love and the daughter of Baron Naoe (guy housing the Jaegers in Japan). She came off as childish, naive, and crazy, which ok, I have to say I kind of agree with, but she was also a skilled combatant (maybe not in actual combat, yet) and I felt her character could have been executed better. And don’t even get me started on hot stuff Major Hideomi!

His only purpose seemed to be to facilitate things. What, have an army of vampires on your tail? Let me bring some tanks. Need a form of communication? Lucky you, I have just the thing…

I don’t want to go spoil the ending but I’ll just say that I almost cried because of FEELS and because things didn’t feel resolved. I think just one more episode could have really helped this series. I’m hesitant to say a whole second season but I do think there would be enough content if the creators really wanted to go that route (and I would definitely watch it)

Overall, this won’t be making my top 5 or even top 10 favorite anime, and I don’t feel like I’ve really experienced anything new or amazing, but I did enjoy watching it. As for a rating, I think this would fall in the 7/10 (B) range. It’s better than average and it had a lot of elements I really liked but I also think it could have been much better. As a plus, I did enjoy the opening song!

But I’m curious, what did you guys think? If you’re watching it, how is it so far? Just finished it or watched it already, what did you think? Am I being too harsh? What were some of your favorite parts? Least favorite? What did you think of Yuliy? My mom believes Mikhail was cooler and we should have been following the story via his life but I don’t know, I have a soft spot for cute little brothers trying to find their place in the world. Maybe. Or maybe I just think Yuliy was cute, lol!

Also, I have to ask…was I the only one who didn’t get what paranormal creature Yuliy was?! I only figured it out when I got spoiled on Wiki or something *facepalms as I remember all the telling insults thrown Yuliy’s way*

6 thoughts on “[Review] Sirius the Jaeger: Giving Us All the Needed Bro-Feels (Netflix)”

  1. I also think Ryoko’s character was just kind of wasted and she was probably my least favourite part of the series. I ended up really enjoying this one and I’m glad I watched it. Of course, vampire action story with a reasonably good central protagonist was probably always going to appeal.

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    1. yeah, i kept getting secondhand embarassment with everything she did like girl, pls. stop. STAHP. Orz i think she was the only one i had a real issue with HMMM i even liked the evil vampire lady more

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  2. I quite enjoyed this one, even though I wouldn’t call it a great anime. It had some lovely scenes and animation (the action scenes! Yuliy and Mikhail’s conversation with its use of lighting all the body language between the bros was great!) I wish there were a lot of different decisions throughout and more things explored… but… those bro-feels man… They really did safe the show for me XD
    >but when has that ever stopped me
    I’m guilty as charged >.> (they even get a dramatic love confession! what’s not to love!)

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    1. the animation was SO GOOD. i feel like a lot of times shows start to falter in the end but i think this show did a great job throughout. DUDE, it was so gay i loved it. so obvs i was heartbroken when Mikhail…when he…*SOBS* i can’t even say it T_T. and it could have definately given us more, i think if more ever does come our way i’d be glued to my tv ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Thanks for the review. Was interested in watching this one because I’m fond of supernatural shows, vampire fiction and revenge stories. Definitely sounds like my cup of tea. I’ll get round to it at some point (I say that but with approximately a gazillion shows I’ve been meaning to get round to for years I’m unsure when that will be).

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