I Am Eternally Watching: Soul Eater (ep 1 – 37)

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And not because it’s a series I love and keep rewatching. No. Soul Eater has been on my to-watch list for years now and I can’t even remember when I first started it. What I do know is that I left off in the twenties range and then one day I picked it up again, thinking I was only a few episodes from finishing. I mean, Asura would be resurrected, and then there would be an epic battle, end of series. How mistaken I was!

That’s actually the cluster I went back to. Since I couldn’t remember where I had left off I figured it was okay to rewatch a little bit.

Since I haven’t written a first impression post for this series, I think I’ll try summarizing it here. INCOMING SPOILERS. Soul Eater follows seven different characters (three teams) in a world where the paranormal like zombies, witches, transforming weapons, and sexy magic-wielding cats exist. Maka, a meister attending the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) is on the verge of making Soul, her scythe, into a Death Scythe, which will then be one of the few weapons wielded by Death, the DWMA’s headmaster and personification of death. To accomplish this, Soul must consume 99 souls of evil humans and 1 of a witch in that order. If they deviate, then all their work will become null and they must start over. All seems to be working perfectly until they realize that the witch they killed was just a very powerful magical cat…forcing them to start over

After these events we are then introduced to our other main characters: Black Star with Tsubaki (weapon) and Death the Kid with the Thompson sisters (weapons). Each one gets an episode so that we are introduced to their personalities. In the second we meet Black Star, a really loud and sure of himself meister who fights with Tsubaki, a demon weapon with the ability to transform into multiple ninja weapons. In the third episode, we meet Death the Kid, who is the son of the headmaster of the DWMA, has an obsession with symmetry (to the point he’ll allow himself to be beaten up by symmetrical enemies), and who wields the twin pistols Liz and Patty. Even though he chose them for the symmetry, he comes to find out that in their humanoid forms, Liz and Patty are…well, asymmetrical

With introductions out of the way, the story began to take a more school-focused direction. We followed our characters as they continued their studies and train to hone their weapons as Death Scythes up until Maka and Soul are sent to Italy on a mission. While there, the pair encounter a meister named Crona who wields Ragnorak, however, the pair is different from your typical meister-weapon duo. It seems like Ragnorak actually inhabits Crona thanks to the black blood inside of him (using him because its the pronoun used in the anime)

From here things begin to get complicated. It seems like there is a witch named Medusa who is trying to free a sealed Kishin, an evil and powerful soul that increases the madness in the world


The last time I watched this show, I left off right after he’s been freed, escapes, and Arachnophobia begins to make a move against the DWMA

I have to say that the pace really slows down at this point and I think that’s what is making it hard for me to finish this series. Generally, Soul Eater is one of the few shows where I love the opening songs (I watch them as frequently as I can handle) and I LOVE the Tim Burton style animation and fantasy setting (Death City). Not to mention the characters are all quirky, fun, and cool (even Black Star, although I wish he weren’t so loud…), but all of this can only go so far for me. After Asura escapes there is a lot of planning from the villains out in the world, which I am enjoying, but there are some moments where I feel like it drags (Excalibur, you need to GO). My issue is that it’s hard to really name a filler episode because even though there’s a lot of fluff, there is also usually something important happening that progresses the plot

Luckily, I have a bit of eye candy and SHIPS that I can turn to during these moments of mehness

Just look at my insane husband!! GOD, I had so much fun watching him go calm and crazy while he fought Medusa (ALTHOUGH, that ship vibes I am not a fan of. I’m all about the #SteinSpirit ship). I am soooo curious to see him finally lose control! I know I shouldn’t be but I just love psychotic characters?! Also, this man has all the pretty ladies buzzing around him so it’s only natural I feel jealous right? I mean, I have nothing against Marie. She’s very happy and fun but my ship has been separated #RIP. Speaking of Marie, I’m super curious as to what her abilities are. We saw that she is physically strong (poor toilet) but in terms of her Death Scythe abilities, I am clueless. I wonder if it has to do with that eyepatch she has…

Also, because I can, here is another of my new ships. I love enemy ships?!

The first time I met Justin, I thought he was kind of weird. Obviously, my fujoshi senses were failing me because I’ve only just realized the POTENTIAL (what was that? headbutt of love? LOL). Justin and Giriko also make me curious about weapons in general. So far we’ve only seen weapons fighting with a meister but now we have weapons who are really powerful on their own. It makes me wonder if meisters are really necessary? Hmmm, or maybe it depends on the type of weapon. In Liz and Patty’s case, a person is necessary to pull the trigger and with Fire and Thunder, they need a wearer, but maybe Soul, who is apparently the same weapon as Justin, has the potential to not be useless if Maka goes down?

I suppose the only way I’ll get more answers is to keep watching it (or get spoiled, which I’ve been getting while searching for pictures)

I’m not sure when I’ll sit down and watch more episodes. It’s just a series that I’m having trouble focusing on but I also can’t drop because I feel I’ve already watched so much (more than half!) that I might as well finish. Except that right now all our mains are melancholy and are doing some self-reflecting and I don’t like the characters enough to be invested in that (just give me the action!). SIGH. But let me know your thoughts if you’ve watched this show! At this point, my rating for this show is somewhere in the 3/5 area but that can change depending on how it ends

2 thoughts on “I Am Eternally Watching: Soul Eater (ep 1 – 37)”

  1. I think that Soul Eater overall is slightly above average for me.
    Wasn’t a fan of some of the characters, and as you mention it slows down a lot at some points.
    That said, I really like both Soul & Maka, and while many may find him annoying, I liked Excalibur. Many of the characters are the main reason I enjoyed the show overall I think.

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    1. i liked excalibur at first, i thought he was funny but then it got to a point where i just want things to progress and he…he takes his time xD plus, his episodes started to feel a bit stale? idk. i really like soul and maka too but sometimes i just like the side characters more for reasons that have nothing to do with fangirling *COUGH COUGH* i’m really curious about maka’s mom tho, she seems to be a really powerful meister but she hasn’t been introduced and i’m just here like IS SHE DEAD (i think they said she just got seperated from spirit? lol). i think soul is pretty smooth and idk, i like how they work well together 🙂

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