Sirius the Jaeger (ep 1 – 4)

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Hey guys! So it looks like the new anime season is starting soon but because I couldn’t wait, I decided to browse around Netflix for my next and first watch of the year. It did take me nearly half an hour to decide but I ended up choosing Sirius the Jaeger and ohmyGOD why didn’t I know about this series sooner?! Just, look at this guy’s eyes, his hair, his physique, his fighting prowess, he’s my perfect bishie crush!! I can see why that girl keeps stalking him (but don’t, he’s my boyfriend, Grrr)

This show follows Yuliy (Yuliychka) who is part of a vampire-slaying group called Jaegers. When he was a child his family was murdered by vampires who wanted to obtain “The Ark of Sirius”, which is a magical relic gifted to his clan by God, said to contain unimaginable power. Unfortunately for the vampires (and luckily for the world), the Sirius clan had already moved this relic to an undisclosed location. Left as the only survivor, Yuliy is picked up by a mysterious man who gives him a purpose to live: to kill all vampires.

Fueled by his hate, Yuliy is now in Japan following a group of vampires who came from Shanghai and who are being helped by someone he believed died along with his clan

Can I just say this show looks AMAZING. I had watched the little Netflix trailer and decided to watch it because of the animation (and the fact it’s an action/fighting show) and just, I was not expecting it to be this smooth and blood-filled! I just love combat with crazy moves and reflexes

I’m only four episodes in so I don’t know too much of what’s going to happen but I am enjoying it so far. Aside from the fight scenes, I don’t have any bad feelings towards any of our characters, even (most of) the bad guys (they’re impressive ok). Obviously, I’m in love with Yuliy (his baby self is MEGA ADORBS). On the Jaeger side, we also have Philip, who is short, blonde, and pretty cocky. He seems to hate Yuliy for something a friend of his did (the series hasn’t given details yet), however, they did have a bit of a moment in episode 2, which I’m hoping will help them get along better. They seem to work well enough when working but it’s always nicer to be friends, right? Aside from these two, I feel a bit meh about the other members: Dorothea, Fallon, and Willard. Fallon (red-head) hasn’t really had any impressive moments and the series hasn’t given many details about him. Dorothea is beautiful and can handle a gun but it looks like her role is more research-based. She seems to work a lot with the Jaeger Captain Willard during investigations

I also have to begrudgingly admit Ryoko (not pictured), the girl stalking Yuliy and the daughter of Baron Naoe (guy housing the Jaegers), isn’t too bad. I just like that if she were attacked (because she’s going to with all her nosiness), she can hopefully handle herself…but her actions give me second-hand embarrassment!

So far the pacing has been alright as well. It has a nice balance of investigation and action (although I wouldn’t be opposed to more action hehe). Apparently, the Jaegers and Vampires are a secret so along with the whole Ark plot, we also have Hideomi Iba, a major in the Imperial Army, who is investigating the aftermaths of the Vampires disguised as a reporter. During his investigations, he notices that the Jaegers are at the core of what is happening and he begins to approach them. This is actually where my ship is at! No, Hideomi and Yuliy haven’t even met but can you guys see it?! Ahhh. My only fear is that it’ll pull a Darker Than Black on me and the two will only interact once and then keep missing each other

Although I am curious as to what this side organization is going to be contributing. Similarly to Ryoko being nosy, if Hideomi starts to pry, how is he going to defend against the vampires? Or is he not going to be part of the fight? I feel like Yuliy has the advantage out of all the Jaegers because he can fight at a closer range while the others rely on guns (which we saw isn’t always a good thing)

Welp, those are my thoughts so far for this series. I’m hoping to watch a couple more episodes tonight and my goal is to finish it before I go back to school on Monday. But I’m curious, has anyone else watched this show? It looks like it came out last summer, which is when I was pretty inactive so I’m not sure if I just missed it or if it never really got popular. If you have watched it, how did you like it, and if you haven’t, have these beautiful gifs and my ramblings convinced you to check it out?

p.s. If there’s anyone who watched or watches Spanish dubs, did you guys notice anything off with the audio? While we were playing it, some of the scenes would be so low it was hard to hear what they were saying and then they’d suddenly get really loud :<

3 thoughts on “Sirius the Jaeger (ep 1 – 4)”

  1. Seems there’s a whole bunch out on Netflix I should catch up on. I was curious about this one so I might check it out later. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your thoughts once you are finished.

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    1. there are a lot of nice looking ones on netflix that i want to check out, some i’ve even heard good things about but there’s something about watching on netflix that makes me not want to watch xD idk! but np and i can’t wait to finish and post something real quick

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