Currently Catching Up: Haikyuu 25+ [fujoshi rambles on the tsukki/hina]

Hey guys! So along with the anime I started watching again, I figured I’d stop procrastinating on my manga reading and first up was Haikyuu. Though if I’m being honest, that’s only half the reason I started reading Haikyuu again. The REAL reason is that I was doing some research on Tsukishima and Kageyama’s interactions for uhm, non-fujoshi purposes ah heck who am I kidding, it’s for the yaoi, it’s always for the yaoi

I ship them so hard! *indecipherable whale noises*

EHERM. I left off on volume 26 (according to Goodreads) which is where all the good competition starts again. Hinata has gotten his bag with his shoes mixed up with someone else’s and Shimizu goes to retrieve it. We do get some background on her feelings and what she did before she was the manager for Karasuno (track). Honestly, I don’t feel very invested in her so I felt it was fluff but it was also nice to finally get something from her POV. I feel like we were just supposed to accept she cared about the team (otherwise why would she be a manager?) and considering everyone was so fleshed out, she felt a bit lacking in that regard. Though in comparison to other sports series (that I have watched), it almost feels like a miracle that we are getting some spotlight on her. When do managers ever get backgrounds? Still, I was glad to be done with that chapter because I was here for the excitement of manly bro touching, intense stares, secret smiles, and tension

Speaking of tension…How did you guys feel about Karasuno coming back together after those training camps?! The tension was so thick in those chapters I thought Kageyama was going to get punched. That showdown with him and Noya. I knew they were intense but that was next level intense. I cannot wait to see that animated!

and Hinata was never seen again #rip

Ok so I think this happened in volume 25 but basically, Hinata went to crash the Shiratorizawa training camp Tsukishima was invited to. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t allowed to play. Instead, he was told he could be a ball boy and he actually gained a lot of neat tricks (observational skills) that saved Karasuno in the coming chapters because he was refused. But the reason I’m going back to this (aside from my ship) is because the TsukkiHina feels. I feel like the show is always telling us that Hinata is everyone’s rival but I always felt like Tsukishima wasn’t part of the “can’t let Hinata show us up” club. Actually, it wasn’t until VERY RECENTLY that Tsukishima has even showed any interest in not being bested in volleyball (Shiratorizawa match) so to read these chapters brought tears to my eyes

yes, acknowledge your boyfriend!

UGH *crying* Does anyone think Tsukishima is the cutest boy out there?! I can’t be the only one. His mask of indifference is slowly crumbling. Be careful Tsukishima, your competitive side is starting to show. Though I guess it’s good he’s talking to Hinata because Hinata is so oblivious. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like Tsukishima is one of those characters that have a reputation to keep and one of those traits is indifference. Except he’s such a passionate beanpole!

sorry babe, can’t let you take all the glory, i’m #bestboy #mvp

Because yeah, Hinata was totally stealing the spotlight this game. AHHH, I love this competitiveness! The moon has finally acknowledged the sun as a formidable rival~ Did anyone else think Hinata’s comment on Tsukishima’s contact point being too low was funny? Hinata, that little “innocent” soul ratted him out, lol. But it’s also amazing what something so seemingly small could change in a game. Tsukishima hadn’t been breaking through Date Tech’s defense and just that tiny adjustment helped him break through! Too bad his stamina isn’t up to snuff…yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyways, I think I’ve gone too long without real matches that once Karasuno was in Tokyo, I was surprised at how well other teams played. I just assume Karasuno was going to win (which they did) BUT they’re at the level where all teams are tough now so they’re not easy wins anymore. Even the ones in the first round, and of course both Nekoma and Fukurōdani are in the competition. I feel so conflicted! When Nekoma and Fukurōdani faced off, I didn’t know who I wanted to win because they both have characters I’ve gotten attached to (captains are FINE). If they go up against Karasuno, I’m definitely going to be cheering for Karasuno but I’m also going to be sad if they lose

I really can’t wait to see these matches animated. I don’t know why but it just felt like the tension was higher this time around. The ball hardly touched the ground and even though I knew Karasuno had to win, I don’t know, I was nervous. The rounds just felt like they were taking so long to finish compared to other matches and then I realized it was because neither team was going to give way to the other

And while I wait for more seasons of Haikyuu I’m going to be reading more. I’m really curious about future opponents and what they have in store (I saw these twins and MMM, they’re so Cute and possibly evil IDK they have a sinister vibe to them, lol). I’m especially wondering how things are going to go down when they face off the team with that other short player (HA, I laughed when he tripped over Kageyama’s non-reaction to his jump). Sorry but Karasuno has a cuter short person on the team

To more reading I go!

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