Season 1: Down the Rabbit Hole and Into the Wonderful World of Inuyasha

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Can I just say that Inuyasha is amazing and just WOW Rumiko Takahashi! No wonder I did my fifth grade women’s history month project on her. She really knows how to make a series (or at least the beginning of one). Also beware, this series is old and I’m going to spoil it and fangirl about some moments! Feel free to join me in the comments section

It’s been so long that I feel like the summary for Inuyasha should be Known, but I’ll go ahead and squeal about it anyways.

Inuyasha is a fantasy, adventure, romance, and action series about a modern-day Japanese girl named Kagome who is dragged down an ancient well at her family’s shrine and ends up in feudal Japan. While there she comes to learn (after a giant centipede rips out a jewel from her side) that she is the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo, who died 50 years ago while trying to protect The Jewel of Four Souls, a powerful stone that could grant demons immense power, from a half-demon named Inuyasha. The same demon Kagome found pinned to a giant oak tree and the one she ends up unsealing during a battle, believing he is the “hero”

Of course, not all is what it seems. When Kagome accidentally shatters the jewel while trying to protect it, we come to learn that a being named Naraku has laid a web of deception spanning years, and now that the jewel has resurfaced, is doing everything in his power to obtain it for his own nefarious purposes

You know when you start a series and the first 3 or 4 episodes are used to introduce all the main characters and the world, maybe even some of the plot? Yeah, that’s what season 1, the first 27 episodes of Inuyasha were all about. And the best part is that it didn’t feel like I spent 13 hours watching an introduction to a show

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say about the first season for that reason. I mean, I could talk about how Hot I think Sesshomaru is, and damn, I didn’t remember he used his fur pelt to fight! I could also say I was rather upset when his arm got cut off and that every time he came on screen, even though it was just to try and kill Inuyasha, my heart fluttered. I know, I like them dangerous guys~

But EHERM, aside from the very nice eye candy, because let’s face it, Inuyasha isn’t that bad looking either (the Dog Demon clan sure has some great genes!), there was quite a bit of nice stuff happening

One of those things was the characters and how rounded they were. I think almost everyone had their own mini-introductory arc. No, they’re not perfect, especially considering their connection to each other (Naraku), but they are done well enough to be intriguing and make me think, huh I should give this show a shot. I think I especially liked how much character they all have. Character that I still remember from later episodes of Inuyasha but also character I had sort of forgotten about

First, we have Kagome who is pretty useless in this type of setting (a modern girl who has never fought demons in her life now thrust into a demon-infested world) but she isn’t afraid to help others when they need it, even when it places her at risk. And wow was she at risk at the start. I remember that she didn’t always know how to use the bow, but reliving it was like, how can you not be running in the other direction? I would be like NOPE. I like that she knows that she’s currently low level and usually puts her other skills to work. She can be very clumsy but isn’t afraid to do what has to be done, she’s very observant, and she can put up a strong front even when she’s scared

And the trust she has for other people is kind of crazy to me. Yes, Inuyasha has to save you because you’re the only one who can find the jewel but that unwavering trust…it’s like HOW

But she’s not just a brave heroine who always helps others out. She’s also selfish and takes advantage of certain facts, like how Inuyasha kind of has to follow her along for whatever she wants and thus keep her safe. She also has normal everyday girl feelings that we can relate to, like the whole boyfriend debacle she has when she goes back home or being irritated because a certain dog-eared demon won’t call her by her name. Or maybe that urge to grope his ears while he’s unconscious. Come on! I would have done that too if I’d seen him there

And of course Inuyasha. The very handsome and cute but also rude and annoying half-demon who is forced to work with Kagome to find the Sacred Jewel. We know his intentions from the very beginning. He wants to find the jewel and then take it from Kagome to become a full-fledged demon, but along the way, we learn that there’s a possibility he might lose what makes him Inuyasha if he becomes a full demon. And it makes me want to see that change from distrusting humans to opening up. And, I mean, I think a part of his distrust is hurt because of what happened 50 years ago

OMG. Rewatching this first season made me realize he might actually like Kagome!! For the longest time, I was like Nahhh, it’s because she looks like Kikyo, this isn’t healthy. But then that episode happened where he was being sucked into hell (I watched that while biting through my blanket, my RAGE was overflowing) and Kikyo mentions that Kagome must be important to him. And they looked at each other and HE BLUSHED. Obviously, I really needed to rewatch this. Like in your face Kikyo!! Now go and head on back where you came from (apparently Hell if she wants to take Inuyasha with her, I knew I didn’t like her for good reason)

But oh-My-god, Inuyasha trying to be a player! Someone tell this boy that it’s not possible for someone as transparent as him

Aside from our two Main characters, we’re also introduced to the rest of Inuyasha’s group. We get to meet Shippo, who surprisingly and successfully ends up stealing the jewel shards from Kagome and leaving Inuyasha Helpless. Like wow. WOW. Who knew he had it in him! Miroku ends up joining the group a while after and I didn’t remember this but he’s got a pretty strong personality, especially when they first formed their group together. Like Miroku talked back at Inuyasha, which I feel is so out of character for him because I’m used to mellow Miroku. It was so nice to see them at their beginnings

And right at the end of season 1, we get to meet Sango, who doesn’t just bring her fighting prowess to the group but also more background knowledge about the Jewel.

I honestly really enjoyed everything so far. Even though I cried at many points of the series, mainly all involving Kikyo but even those moments were rather…easy(er) to get through than I thought. I still don’t like them But I lived. I also feel like the whole storyline is easy to follow and easy to get behind. I mean, it’s been 27 episodes and they’ve already collected half the jewel! Don’t remind me that there are, for some reason, 50 more seasons, I’m not ready to face reality. The art is still really good and the music is Amazing. I especially like the endings. And most importantly, this series makes me smile and laugh. I never put much thought into adding this into my top 10 (even top 5) anime but I’m starting to get the feeling I should

Onward to the next few episodes!!

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