ACEN 2018 Manga and Artists Alley Haul (Manga Haul #13)

Is it already summer?! How did half the year already end? I could have sworn it was February last week…

I guess the nice thing about it already being May (into June) is conseason. YUP. ACEN was actually a week or so ago, marking it as my second convention of the year. Usually I post a convention list of where I’m going but lately it’s all been up in the air. The only two conventions I know I’ll be attending in the near future are Colossalcon in OH (early June) and AX in CA (early July). Oh my where will I find the money for such an extravagant lifestyle (lolol)

ANYWHO, I do still have some time until those conventions come my way and I thought I’d show you all some of my merch from ACEN. I swear I was going to have some self restraint. I promised myself! But DANG this year ACENs artist alley was Impressive. Like, so far my favorite AA has been from Fanime but ACEN cut it close this year. There were so many great artists there and they finally got their own little space! (Usually they share with the dealer’s hall)


But before I start with all the nice merch, let’s start at the beginning. I’ve been restraining myself from buying any more manga because conventions are where I get the bulk of my books. I nabbed all of these for $4 (except Ten Count)

  • Gravitation: I watched the anime for this back in my wee-fujoshi years and it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer say I watched it. I just don’t remember anything so I bought the manga to read it! I’m missing the first omnibus volume but that’s fine. I’ll just find it elsewhere
  • The Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth: I guess the bad thing about holding back on my manga purchases is that I don’t really know what’s out in the world anymore. So I ended up blind buying this year. I saw the cover for these books and kind of fell in love! I looked up the series and found it was four volumes long so I thought, why not? The book had the first two volumes
  • Magia the Ninth: Another blind buy! I think the manga styles I prefer are starting to show, you know, the cute bishie one, hehe. This series is only two volumes long, which I nabbed, and is about music as attacks to battle demons? Yeah, I had to check that out
  • Servamp: I KNOW. I know I said I was going to drop this series but then it got an anime and a lot of people like it and I was like, maybe I should give it another chance. Maybe the series gets better? So I nabbed up to volume 9 and am going to binge it from the start. I know, it sounds like it could be a waste of money but such is the life of a collector, lol!
  • Attack on Titan: Before the Fall: Talk about accidentally getting doubles!
  • Battle Rabbits: SO if anyone remembers my review of a series called 07 Ghost, this manga is by the same creator! I LOVED the manga for 07 Ghost, not just because of the delicious BL undertones but because the art was BEAUTIFUL. I’m hoping to read a cute and action packed series in this too! I managed to nab the first three books, which means I still need to find the last book!
  • Bloom Into You: So this is one of the few yuri titles I now own and I’ve actually been eyeing it for awhile. The art is just too cute and I like cute. I was also told it was a good read so kaching! Unfortunately they only had the first volume
  • The Girl From the Other Side: I knew I had to read this book as soon as I saw it that one time at the bookstore months ago. And I was super glad to see the manga booth had it so I nabbed myself the first two volumes!
  • The Ancient Magus Bride: I stopped reading this series around the time Elias goes mad. I think I’d just caught up to it and found it wasn’t really going anywhere. I figured I’d pick it up again a few months later once it had more binging content. Still, I am collecting the volumes when I can and I managed to nab volume 6!
  • Momo Tama: THIS. You guys have no idea how long I’ve been hoping to find this series!! I picked it up in my earlier manga reading years and loved it. It’s such a fun read but I was missing a volume somewhere. Unfortunately I also got a double here but I did get the one I needed as well, lol!
  • Ten Count: So I actually ended up buying this one at Kinokuniya and IT’S OVER?! I can’t believe this!! I browsed through it to see how much I’d already read and found I didn’t know what was going on about halfway through the volume. Then I got to the end and it said “end” and I cried. I need to figure out how Kuro’s encounter went with his sensei (if it even went anywhere after the signing), what Shiro’s 10th action was, and how they got into that steamy situation!

So that’s all the manga I managed to nab this year at ACEN. I usually throw my money at the same lady and would have also tried buying some LNs but I also left ACEN last minute. Since I wasn’t living at home I didn’t update my manga list and didn’t want to end up buying duplicates, which I still did anyways. Hopefully at Colossalcon and AX I can get some more cheap buys!



Since we’re going to be moving at some point in the future (I’m going to stop saying soon because I’m not actually sure anymore, lol!), I told myself I would stop buying so many prints. In my new room I actually want to have some white walls showing. I’ve come to realize that it actually looks nice when you can see the walls…

And because of that I’m now thinking, well what else can I buy then?

And my answer was charms and acrylic stands. I’ve always liked collecting charms. I must have at least 100 at this point…and I recently started getting into stands. They generally cost around the same as a charm or two and I can actually put them up somewhere in my room. Like on my shelf so I can admire them and dreamily sigh over my otps. So this year at ACEN I nabbed myself some Haikyuu and KnB acrylic stands!

In terms of charms, I ended up finding these Cardcaptor Sakura Toya and Yukito otp stuff and ok guys, that’s probably one of my older bl otps. I also don’t usually see stuff about them but I guess the new Cardcaptor series has them appearing again at cons! I also couldn’t help but buy a Katsuki charm because he’s still one of my favorite characters!


I JUST said I was going to stop buying prints didn’t I…I couldn’t help it! I found this artist I hadn’t seen in awhile and just had to buy some of their new prints. Actually, the Haikyuu print in the previous image is also theirs, cute right? As for the little ramen print there, that one is by a different artists called zzyzzyy and I’m pretty sure I’ve spent hundreds on their prints! I ended up getting a little postcard from them and a mousepad of the same image. I also got an MP100 print from them but I didn’t take a picture of it because it’s a huge print and I didn’t want to open it but I’m sure you can find it on their deviantArt account


And the last few charms! I didn’t actually get these at ACEN. I got them at C2E2 but I think the same creator was at ACEN? I feel like I read that on Instagram…I had to remove myself from the AA before I spent all my money! I was at their stand at C2E2 for what felt like forever because I wanted to buy all their stuff but was on a budget. I ended up getting these three charms. I don’t think I’ve seen too many Ancient Magus Bride content so I quickly decided on that charm. The only one I was hesitant about was the YOI charm. I have a love hate relationship with that show and prefer not to buy merch for it but my mom liked it and it now hangs on her keys~


OK so I already mentioned that right now I’m rewatching Inuyasha (update: I’m like 20 episodes in or something) so when I saw there was going to be an Inuyasha meetup at ACEN I was like I have to go! Do they have this meetup every year or why now? Is there something going on that I’ve missed?! Anywho, even though this meetup was WAY smaller than some of the others (ie. MHA), it was quite fun. There were a lot of great cosplays, though I found it strange that there was only one Kagome (a very cute one though so that makes up for the lack of quantity, lol)

And wow guys! That Naraku cosplayer was Amazing. Their outfit looked awesome and I don’t know if that was a wig or not but it looked nice enough that I wanted to touch it (IM WEIRD I KNOW)

But *eherm* I guess if we had to pick favorites, I’d go with the Sesshomaru cosplayer. Just don’t tell anyone I’m crushing on them! Like look at all those awesome expressions and ok I’m weak to height and yeah, it was awesome. Of course, Inuyasha isn’t one to be left behind and that cosplayer with the Tetsusaiga prop was hilarious. I loved all their expressions and that picture where Sesshomaru is grabbing them by the neck, my favorite! I also took more pictures, which you can find on my instagram.

Welp! This wraps up my recent anime merch and manga haul and hopefully I’ll actually get to reading and reviewing those books. Summer is just around the corner (finals are so close I’m nervous!) and while I’d love to say I have so many things planned, the truth is I’m going to be focused on working as many hours as possible. I mentioned on my Twitter that I’ll be going to Japan in the winter and I need to save up around $5,000 for the trip. Ideally some of my loans will help cover this amount BUT I also want to study full time this coming quarter so everything is up in the air

But what about you guys? How have you all been? Have you gone to any conventions lately? What have I missed in the anime blogging community?

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  1. Awwww you got some great shit here lisette !!! I love the cardcaptor and ancient magus bride keychain so cute. I didn’t know you were going to Japan aww that’s awesome. Work hard to saw up all the money which I’m sure you will XD

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