[Review] Moritat by Sunee Lee, Illustrated by Seokyeong

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I feel like it’s been forever since I last wrote about a BL-related manga or anime or just anything really! Welp, couldn’t let that happen. Especially not since I’ve been reading some BL webcomics pretty consistently. 

And Moritat just happens to be one of those series I recently picked up. You see, I was trying to be a rebel and not sleep the whole night last night. I looked around for some interesting yaoi and stumbled upon this one. Since I’d already read the first 2 chapters on Lezhin for free (currently you can read the first 8!!), I thought I’d just continue. Though I do have to say, I’d heard someone (from somewhere, IDK exactly) say that the ending for this series was a bit of a downer. So I sort of had that in mind when I started reading this.

Moritat is a short BL webcomic that follows “the life” of Jesse, a young man who has been secluded in his mansion out in the mountains because of trauma. He’s the only heir to the wealthy Brown family who died tragically by terrorist hands and now the only person Jesse can rely on is Law Chester, his lover. Or at least that’s the tale he’s told when he wakes up at the hospital with no memories of himself or the people around him. Except that’s not completely true either. He has some past memories but they don’t add up to what others tell him or what he is living

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I was so confused when I started reading this series and then completely immersed. In the prologue of Moritat, we have Jesse with a knife, possibly running away from Law Chester. From what I could interpret, Law did something that hurt Jesse, possibly in a romantic sense since Jesse has a memory of Law being kind to him and it was 100% clear he was evil now. Plus, by the end of it, Law does push Jesse off a cliff. And next thing I knew, Law had a personality change. What was going on?!

Well, in order for us to not go into spoiler territory…there is a lot of unethical stuff going on with the manipulation of memory. Is it okay to mess with people’s memories knowing the side effects can be severe, even when people consent? How much editing, loss of memory, and inserting is “ok”? Why would someone even create technology like this? These were some of the issues that were brought up by this series that I really enjoyed because I haven’t read another series that delves into this. Plus, this is a BL series, which usually doesn’t have much of a story to begin with, and I was hooked.

And something I think this series did well (though maybe some people might not like it) was that it made us feel like Jesse. Because the whole first part of the series is from his POV, there are a lot of things we are uncertain about. Who is he? Why has he secluded himself in the mountains? Why does he need Law Chester’s approval for every little thing he does (even taking a walk)?

What are the nightmares that plague him? Yes, there were a lot of suspenseful and horror-esque scenes throughout this series that you probably wouldn’t want to be hallucinating about. And why was Law Chester always at the center of everything? Yes he was Jesse’s captor, but his presence also helped calm those nightmares

Having him be completely unaware of what was going on made it feel like we were investigating with him. We had to pick up on every little thing he did and try to analyze what was going on. What was true? What was reality? What was a dream? And of course, I was wrong at every turn. I seriously didn’t expect what was actually going on! Just like how he didn’t expect it.

But it wasn’t just the story that really intrigued me. I was really interested in the characters, which we get to learn more of as the series continues (but I can’t really talk about it because of spoilers!). Let’s just say that both of these characters are at fault for how they turned out. And don’t get me started on their families!

And all of this great setup ended rather…lackluster. I felt like we never really learned what truly happened. We get a whole backstory to Jesse and Law but I just felt unconvinced with how Jesse ended up stuck in the mansion (and what happened there). Plus, I’m just super curious as to what was going on in the prologue, which I found hadn’t been cleared up? Or did I miss something?! In a way, it feels like the prologue is a completely different series, except I know it’s not because there are things that start to make sense later on.

Part of me isn’t all that upset about how their relationship ended (obviously I’ve been reading a lot of bad romance stuff) but it makes me curious about their future. How can you trust someone who has done the things the two of these have done to each other? Or is that even an issue with them? I mean, they do have quite a relationship after all

Oh! I didn’t even mention this but the art is GREAT. I really loved it, especially the character’s expressions. While the designs are rather lanky, I felt like the artist really captured all those nightmarish scenes and facial expressions perfectly.

Anywho, I really enjoyed reading this. I think I read it in a couple hours. Definitely check out the first 8 chapters on Lezhin (oh this actually ends tomorrow so go soon!) and consider finishing it and letting me know what you thought.

And if you have read it, do you agree with anything I said? Let me know!!

3 thoughts on “[Review] Moritat by Sunee Lee, Illustrated by Seokyeong”

  1. Definitely agree with you that the art looks fantastic. Got me really hooked.

    I feel like the first half and the second half of the comic are like 2 different series. The vibe is too different. May be cos the dynamics of the couple are really different too (who holds the power).

    I hope the artist does other works.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeahh! i really liked that, just when you think the story and dynamics is one way the author is like Actually, it’s like *this* lol and same, I liked the story and esp the art 🙂


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