Jon’s March Creator Showcase: I Would Pick My Top 10 Except All The Posts Were Too Great To Pass Up

Hey guys! Welcome back to the last day of March and the roundup of the Jon’s Creator Showcase. If this is your first time hearing about this project, here’s a little info about it (I’d also check out Jon’s official post):

The Jon Creator Showcase was created by Jon over at Jon Spencer Reviews at the beginning of this year. His goal for this project is to have content creators share their work in an interactive way regardless of skill or following. The project was run by Jon only that month because of IRL situations and as a way to not let the project die, Raistlin suggested having multiple hosts. Which is why all you lovely people are here this month!

February was hosted by Auri, and you can check out the showcase here. There are tons of great posts on there so be sure to check out a couple (or all of them) and maybe you’ll find your new best friend on there!

If you’re interested in being a host for the Jon Creator Showcase, read through the guidelines and then check out the 2018 schedule for open slots.


Auri did an awesome job in her February post and broke up content based on themes and topics. I won’t be doing that because most of the entries I got were anime and manga based, However! If I find that some posts relate in some way, I’ll most likely group them together (in hopefully an interesting way??). Plus, there weren’t too many submissions. But they say quality over quantity and I think we got some really great posts submitted! Definitely check them out, leave a like, and/or a comment

Note: Submissions can be found on this Twitter Moment

Short, Fun, and/or Quirky

These were the posts that I found that were short (for the most part), fun to read through, and had interesting formatting (aside the usual paragraph by paragraph posts that I tend to read). I definitely recommend checking these out!

  • **Attack on Titan – 20 Question Anime Review by Cactus MattThis was such a quirky blog! Thanks a bunch Irina for sharing this! Basically Cactus Matt reviews anime in a 20 question format. It’s very interesting dialogue, especially when you’re like me and you see reviews in paragraph format all the time (not saying that’s bad but it makes other formats stand out, hehe). And here is the Attack on Titan post that was shared, definitely check it out!
  • **My Husband Reacts to…Yuri on Ice by GrimmGirl: OK! I just had to add this one because I am a fan of reactions to anime from family members, especially when they don’t really watch anime. This was a super short and easy read but also brought back all my YOI memories. Definately check it out (and I’m waiting for MOOOOOORRREE of these posts!)
  • Unreal Things in Anime by Ryuji: You know, when you’re an otaku and you start going to high school there are certain expectations you have. Well…here’s a story that
  • **7 Reasons Why James Is My Favorite “Pokemon” Character by Spooky Redhead: If you guys don’t already know, Chloe writes some of the most interesting and fun posts and keeps them nice and simple and short and this time around she’s done it again! Also, wow I didn’t know all these tidbits on James but yeah, he kind of was one of my favorites too, hehe
  • Why I Love One Punch Man by CouchCruisin’: So this is my first time reading something by CouchCruisin’ and obviously this is a sin!! This was such a fun read about a show I want to watch but am afraid I won’t like because HYPE. I do like MP100 though so maybe it isn’t all just hype. Anywho! CouchCrusin’ tells us about why she likes Saitama and those are some pretty good reasons!
  • Time Dilation in Anime by Mechanical Anime Reviews: This was a really interesting post about time in anime. It’s something that, if not done well, is something I immediately notice, and if done well, is something I hardly ever take note of. It’s also something I’m super conscious about when I try to make something. Scott talks about some of his pet peeves with the topic
  • **Topic Tuesday: Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (After the Rain) Manga Discussion With Moyatori-chan! via Kawaii Paper Pandas: OK, so it looks like this is one of the more popular shows recently and I have got to get on this!! This is a collab post between KawaiiPaperPandas and Moyatori and their discussion has me pumped!! I want to see this age gap love for myself since that’s one of my favorite themes! Beware there are spoilers in this post

Valentine’s Day Specials

Most of these posts were made specifically for Valentine’s Day while others are more romance based (but can also be related to V-day). These were fun to read because they were quirky, personal, and just plain funny. Check them out!!

  • 5 Animes to Watch in This Valentine’s Day | Single Edition by ArthifisNGL, when I signed up to be this month’s host, I thought there would be a few more Valentine’s Day related posts and I’m glad there were a couple! And this one is just a really fun and quirky read. You can definitely tell that Arthifis had some fun writing this one up!
  • The Perfect Anime For Valentine’s Day by A Nerdy Perspective: If you’re looking for shows that are a bit more Valentine’s Day oriented, THIS is the post you’re looking for! It list some shows I am 10000% behind and you will definitely find yourself with a goofy smile while watching even if you’re single~
  • Yaoi?? Unchartered Territory (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 1 Review) by Josmarie: You guys have NO IDEA how excited I was when I saw this submission!! A yaoi related post?! I may have screamed into the void. While not really a Valentine’s Day post, it is Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, a romance story. Here Josmarie gives us their first impression on the series 😀
  • **Some Romance Tropes and Some Personal Loveless Tales by Mei (Treasure Box): While this one isn’t very Valentine’s Day related, it is inspired by February’s Love theme and I really liked it because it combined a list of shoujo tropes with some personal history. And who doesn’t like personal posts?! Also, I have to say, while a lot of these tropes make me eyeroll a lot of times, they’re also some of my FAVORITES and the shows Mei lists are definitely great recommendations!
  • **An Otaku’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day by Two Happy Cats: I’m not sure why but whenever Valentine’s Day comes around, I tend to just stay put and watch some anime (unless I get that miracle call that someone wants to hang out??) but here Two Happy Cats gives us a list of other things to do. Bet you didn’t think of this before! I know I didn’t xD

Motivational Reads

  • **Reading, Writing & Awards – Trying to Keep up (but Failing) by JonIn this post Jon talks about trying to keep up in the blogging community and tells us how we end up reaching a point where we just have to be realistic about how active we can be. I really enjoyed reading this because, while some of what Jon says is heartbreaking, it’s also very true. With so many bloggers out in the blogosphere, we can only actively follow and interact with so many before it becomes overwhelming. Add to this the work we need to do on our own blogs and IRL obligations. Very relatable post!
  • [OWLS Blog Tour: Competition] Is it Really the Best to Be “The Best”?: My Hero Academia by ZoeNext up we have Zoe talking about Competition in My Hero Academia and how even when the show has Izuku and the others competing to be the best hero, teamwork and helping others is also stressed. What I really liked about this post is that she doesn’t just talk about MHA but also talks about the blogosphere and Competition. Like Jon’s post, she tackles a bit of the dark side of blogging (and really any kind of creative endeavors). Really fun and relatable post!
  • **The beating heart of a creative by KimchiSamaThis was a REALLY inspirational post and it’s something that I think some of us need reminding of every now and then. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams and it won’t be easy but it will be worthwhile. Definitely check it out!
  • **Never Be Ashamed of Your Passions by Mistress of YaoiThis was also a great post, especially since (#mybias) this is related to yaoi and is about some of the more “troubling fandoms” (or fandoms that may appear to be more troubling). I feel like the bad parts of fandoms are always the first to be seen and then we get judged by these behaviors and Mistress of Yaoi makes some great points about these topics.

The Academics

This category consists of some of our LONGEST posts for this showcase but also posts that I could see being turned in for a class assignment (regardless of length). They were also posts that taught me some new things and that just had an air to them. As you can see, there were quite a few of these! #NoticeMeSenpai

  • **[OWLS Blog Tour] How a Scoundrel from the Slums Became an Icon: The Rise and Fall of Joe Yabuki by NajaA really great OWLS post, Naja talks about Competition in the series Ashita no Joe. I’ve never seen or even heard of this show but this analysis of Joe’s character and his struggles really made me want to go read this now! If you’re looking for something different, with feels, and a non-hero character, then this might be your next favorite series. Beware, reading this might make you fall for Naja-senpai
  • **On Love, Loneliness, & the Growing Distance Between Us | The Works of Makoto Shinkai by TakutoAnother of my favorite posts! Here we have one of the lengthiest entries but also a really great read. In this project Takuto talks about Makoto Shinkai’s works (if you don’t know who this is, he’s the guy who did Your Name) and I really liked how you can just tell that Takuto really loves these films. He goes into the topics that each movie discusses and how they connect. Spoilers for each of the films he talks about but also, reading this has made me want to go out there and watch the ones I haven’t seen yet because of course I have tears to spare…
  • **An Attempt to Explain My Preference For “Dark” Themes In Anime and Manga by Lethargic RamblingsAs someone who tends to like more problematic content, I felt like I could really understand this post. Here Lethargic Ramblings talks about why he enjoys “darker” themes in anime and manga (what it does for the world/story), and how liking these topics doesn’t mean he endorses the content IRL. A really interesting read and I’m sure if you like similar content, you’ll find he’s explained all your feelings to a T! p.s. Some images may be “graphic” (nothing nsfw, just a bit…different)
  • Inti Creates: On Being A Truly International Game Developer by Moe GamerThis was an interesting read, especially if you’re into video games (or are curious about them). Here we have a mini-history of video games and how they’ve developed over the years, how they’ve become more accessible, and how Inti Creates is a pioneer in international game developing. Plus, a bit of talk on the whole translation side (and how hard it can be when the languages work very differently!). Definitely check it out!
  • “The Objectively Subjective Objective” — A Reassessment by KapodacoEver heard that song that kind of goes “I was the last to know”? WELL, it looks like I probably was the last person to read this interesting post! Though I’m going to go ahead and also link the previous post (since this is a reassessment post) where Kapodaco talks about how they go about rating anime. I would also check out the comments in the first post since there were some very interesting counterarguments!
  • Friday’s Feature: On The Man-Devouring Woman in Darling in the FRANXX by Karandi: In this post Karandi talks about Darling in the FRANXX (specifically about a character named Zer-Two), a show I hadn’t heard about but that I am now rather curious about. What I really like about this post was the whole comparison to mythology that she does because mythology is my weakness
  • March Comes in Like a Lion’s Consistent Metaphorical Motif: Water by The AniWriter: While this isn’t a show I’ve seen before, reading Jack’s post about how important water is to convey certain emotions characters feel made me curious about watching this (at this point I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t watched this!). And it’s not just during the show that we see this use of water but also during the opening songs.
  • **Real Talk: Misattribution, and Why Tachibana Akira’s Love is Like After the Rain by Leap250I REALLY am the last to know about all the cool segments on people’s blogs! So I haven’t watched this anime yet (and if you haven’t either then spoilers about love!) but reading this post has made me want to go check it out (in fact, I’m going to go check it out once I’m done with this post!). Also, this is the first time I’ve heard about the Misattribution concept so getting the whole spiel on that (we learn new things all the time!) and having it applied to an anime made this one of my favorite posts I don’t have favorites what are you talking about

Sports & Competition

While there are some more posts that are sports and competition related in this showcase, I felt like these 3 were more sports geared (and so here they are, lol!). Since these are more in-depth posts, there will be spoilers for the anime they are talking about!

  • [OWLS Blog Tour] Welcome to the Ballroom: The Spirit of Motivational Rivalry by Zel: This was a really great read. Zel talks about the rivalry between our main protagonists (I believe? I haven’t watched this anime either! #DEAD) and how instead of creating rifts, these characters create a bond where they motivate each other. Because I didn’t need another reason to go check this show out…
  • OWLS Bloggers: My Love For Competition in Kuroko’s Basketball & The NBA by Lyn: I’ve always wondered what this fascination with basketball was about, and Lyn talks about this by showing us that the things in KnB aren’t as out of this world as they appear to be. No lie, posts like these (be it on a blog or at the end of a fanfiction story) are always some of my favorites because I get to learn something new that is also sports anime related. And who doesn’t like sports animes?!
  • [OWLS Blog Tour] Winning Through Competition and Hardwork by Mel: Here is another fun sports anime post! Mel talks about competition in Prince of Tennis and how losing and winning isn’t just something so simple. We see how there are more important things at stake that maybe someone like me who sits in front of a computer 24/7 might not completely understand, but that an athlete will do whatever it takes to win.


  • **Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida: It all started with a book by Mnemosyne: Tokyo Ghoul is an ongoing series and I think that might be one of the reasons I haven’t really seen many “final reviews” for the series. But here Mnemosyne (god I don’t even know how to start trying to pronounce this, lol!) gives us that review. Should TG be a pick up manga? I have to say I agree with practically everything they say!
  • Miyu The Prequel: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma ☆ Illya Movie: Sekka No Chikai by Mirror Purple: MP talks about Miyu The Prequel, which is…well, a prequel to the series (lol). He quickly talks about some of the things he enjoyed about the movie. Mirror Purple also submitted a rewatch post of Angel Beats, which I thought was an interesting post since I’m not one to rewatch anime. He basically details some of the perks of rewatching anime and some of the cons
  • Angel Beats! anime spoiler-free review by Matt: So while Mirror Purple talked about rewatching Angel Beats, I wasn’t really sure about the show. So when I saw Matt’s submission for the showcase it was like a sign to me. And oh my, does Matt really know how to sell a show! The topics this show covers make me interested and the whole God and darkness and angels thing? Yeah, I think it has all my favorites in it
  • Christine by MIB: If you guys don’t know, I only recently started to watch movies (like last year) because of my job. But even then I only watch new movies, which is why I didn’t know this existed. But now I want to check it out (come on people, stop being so persuasive, I only have so many days to live!). It’s a movie about Christine Chubbuck, a reporter who commits suicide on live TV
  • When Camping, Show, Don’t Tell by The AniManga SpellBook: Here The AniManga SpellBook talks about one of Yuru Camps biggest strengths and I think it’s something important, especially since it’s something (I, maybe you guys too?) really wish shows did more of, and properly. I mean, nobody likes info dumps, right?

The Arts

  • Need Some J-Music Suggestions? by Slice of Al: I had to add this one because, if you’re like me, then you’re probably tired of listening to the same songs every few hours (damn you radio stations all sound the same!). Plus, I’m also very bad at looking for music in general…And here Slice of Al has done all the work for you! Check out a variety of J-Music and maybe even find a favorite new band (I know I did)
  • Of Silences by Auri: I’m just going to confess now. I don’t know much about poetry, I can’t decipher it very well BUT I think I can appreciate it on a noob level and this was such a pretty and heartbreaking read. I mean, maybe I misunderstood but I’m pretty sure this was about a relationship that has gone through some change. And wow, ok, need to stop the memories from coming back to me!

AND THAT ROUNDS UP THIS MONTHS SHOWCASE! There were so many great posts that I just couldn’t decide which ones to feature. I felt like a lot of the posts had messages that we really need to read about and that’s why, even though I only had a handful of favorites, I had a tough time cutting them down (so I ended up not cutting them down, I know! I’m a cheater!!) p.s If anyone is curious about my favorite posts for the showcase, I’ve placed some asterisks (**) right before the title. I know, the titles weren’t very original 👀

Also, because the end of this month and the Monday of April are so close together, you can already start submitting entries for the next showcase, which is being run by Mel!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you guys again in November~

38 thoughts on “Jon’s March Creator Showcase: I Would Pick My Top 10 Except All The Posts Were Too Great To Pass Up”

  1. I’m probably going to crash my browser with all the tabs I just opened…but that just means you did a good job, so don’t worry about it.

    As to why your submissions are mostly anime/manga-based, I’ve observed it seems to depends on who you pick to start and who others have in mind to submit. The host’s main category of content tends to reflect their Twitter contacts’/WordPress friends’ main categories more often than not.

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    1. yeah i tried to open all of these in one go and…they were a lot more than i thought even tho the number i counted wasn’t that high xD

      yeah i tried to tag some people who did a couple diff things, like anime bloggers and book bloggers but only the anime people responded O(-( which is awesome but yeah, it just meant less variety (in a way) xD

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  2. Great posts! Some of them I didn’t catch them so I’ll be doing that the moment I have the opportunity!
    Thank you for hosting this month and take your time to just shot out to other posts! Xp great job eheh
    And of course! Thank you for including my Valentine’s post! You are right! I did have a lot of fun writing it xD

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    1. with all of these i honestly didn’t read too many other posts BUT i did have a list of others i wanted to feature so maybe i’ll post something in the coming days about those too :3 and np~ it was a fun read 😀

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    1. muahaha :^) that’s awesome! one of the things this showcase is about is getting that exposure and growing the community, hopefully you enjoy the other posts too! (for me, like 80% of these blogs were new to me even though i interacted with the people on twitter Orz #immaderp)

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