Currently Reading: I’m in Webcomic Hell

Hey guys! So February is coming to an end and I’ve come to terms that it was not my best month in terms of producing content. I think I only published two posts and that’s only because they were both part of Blog Tours. And then I thought, what can I write that won’t take me forever? Because usually, everything takes me forever, I’m a slow blogger!!

And then I thought, there’s a ton of stuff I read recently, why not write up an update?? Just as a warning, a lot of it is BL (the best kind of reading material)

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[OWLS] Sawamura: An Unexpected Role Model?

Hey guys! And welcome back to another OWLS post here on the blog. So if you’ve been around for awhile, you might already know I’m sort of kind of maybe a little obsessed and in love with this one show called Ace of Diamond (lovingly called Daiya by it’s very devoted fanbase). And while I was thinking of doing something “outside the box” for this tour I ended up not being so creative and decided to just going with Daiya. Or more specifically, Sawamura Eijun, our underdog of the story

But before we jump into the post, let’s look at this month’s prompt: competition!

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