4 Years As A Blogger Special: Suggestions? Questions?

Hey guys! So this is just a quick little update (aka cry for help, can you hear me?). In 2018 I will be turning 4 years old (as a blogger) and I wanted to do something special except nothing comes to mind…then I just started writing and this little Blogging 101 series ended up happening. And I was curious, would this be something you all want to see? And if so, do you have any topics or questions you’d like for me to cover? It doesn’t have to be just about blogging. I’m also taking any questions you have for me in general (like a Q&A)

I’m not a blogging guru but I have picked up some stuff along my blogging journey and I wanted to share some things I learned (I’ll also be sharing some of my own experiences because I think making it personal would be a nice touch). And honestly, I’ve been wanting to do something like this since forever ago but I never felt I had the authority to do so. I still don’t feel like I do but 2018 is all about being more blogging assertive and if it flops, it flops. At least I’ll be able to say I did it and have no regrets!

If you have some topics or questions (I would be very grateful), just drop them in the comments section

(And if you want to see a specific type of post for my 4 years, let me know too~)

13 thoughts on “4 Years As A Blogger Special: Suggestions? Questions?”

  1. Honestly, Shinku-senpai, first off congratulations! This is AWESOME!

    Secondly, this is really AWESOME!

    Now, as to what you could do for celebrations, I think something throwbacks to your first few posts or things you’d suggest newer bloggers to avoid would be coolly professional and interesting to read about! You do have enough experience to do that LOL, so I for one would be looking forward to that!
    I’m all for the questions and answers too~
    Maybe you could also do something like “Beginner pack to shoujo/ yuri/ sports/ BL/ any genre” or “Beginner pack for manga/ anime in general”, because that would be really fun. Like suggestions t write posts about a specific genre in particular?

    I think anything you find fun to do would be a great celebration post/ post series.
    Once again congratulations!

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    1. thank you!! and wow all of these suggestions are awesome! i’m all for that BL hehehe >:^) and i was thinking about a throwback post so I’m glad someone is interested 😀


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  2. You could have a blogging party like a certain drinking blogger, but of course with your own twist! Like featuring other bloggers + blog advice on them. Or a giveaway. Really, it’s up to you. But congrats on 4years! Wow. That dedication to blogging is really good to see.

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    1. Thanks! And I’ve been thinking of how I can better promote other people’s posts so maybe I can do something similar! xD Tho if anything it would be closer to Lita’s features bc I’m not as creative as Irina xD


  3. Whoa 4 years! That really is an amazingly long time. Congrats on reaching this milestone, truly something to be proud of! As for your question, I think most of the suggestions above already are very good! Maybe you could do a listing of some of the worst and some of the best anime that you have reviewed over the years, you could do a contest, invite some fellow bloggers for a collaboration, but as Chizurue said: it really is up to you 😊 Whatever you come up with, I know it will be great 😊

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    1. Ohhhh that’s a nice idea!! but I’m trying to figure out some of the worst anime and LOL i can’t think of any??? but a collab sounds nice, i’m just afraid to approach people about something like that #imnotworthy

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      1. Ofcourse you are worthy! I am sure that if you ask around a lot of people would be open for a collab. You are a great blogger and your posts are very entertaining, so really don;t be afraid to ask. I would definitely say yes but to say it in your words #imnotworthy 😂

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  4. Comments for the future? Hmm, well, I like it when you talk about anime; whenever you discuss books I feel so left out cause I don’t read them, and thus I can’t relate ;_; but if they please you, I’ll definitely keep reading those posts!

    Any another anime related happenings are cool too, like that one time you had your step by step cosplay build—that was cool and different, yet I could tell you really liked doing it! It doesn’t have to be any fancy review or discussion or analysis, just a “So this happened” or “I was thinking about this lately” can be just as entertaining. I’m also considering changes like this to my own blog, which is why I bring it up.

    Those are just some thoughts, but honestly, for four successful years, I’d say you’re doing just fine! Looking forward to what the new year brings you!🙏

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