Fangirling About In Carcere: Libertà Condizionale (Chapters 21-30) by Slaine

**Spoilers since this is my third update**

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last wrote up a fanfiction “review” (more like me fangirling honestly) and I’ve especially been meaning to post about In Carcere again, and well, here I am (lol)

In Carcere is an AZ fanfiction by Slaine featuring Inaho and Slaine as the main couple. It follows canon events but it’s set after season 2 where Slaine is a prisoner and Inaho his jailor. I know I’ve said this before but this is my s3 for Aldnoah Zero. There are 33 chapters so far and still the story is not over (yessss)

It also looks like I’ve been following this story for two years now (according to the date of my last update)

Since I left off at Chapter 20 last time, this post is going to go over chapters 21 to 30, which is the arc called Libertà Condizionale. I’m not really sure what language this is in (I’m thinking Italian?) but it means something like Limited/Conditional Freedom (freedom with certain restrictions/conditions). God my vocabulary is failing me. I feel like there’s a word for this but blanking out

But the reason I’m mentioning this is that that’s basically what’s going on here. Slaine has already been briefed on what’s going to be happening in the next few days. He needs to infiltrate Count Mikael’s base and assassinate him for the UFE (since Mikael didn’t want to leave Earth)

I was super excited about this Arc because Slaine is finally leaving his cell! And even though he’s still being guarded and has that deathly collar, he’s going to be meeting Inaho’s friends and just other people in general

I really like how everything panned out. Yes, we had some good times where Slaine interacted with Inaho’s friends under the guise of Arne, an ex-UFE officer who deserted his comrades during the war, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Because Slaine was a good pilot, many of the Terrans already there became jealous of him and tried to harm him. He was beaten by one of the guards because he “threw a tantrum” and there was more of that detested sexual assault (nothing graphic but GOD I hate Miers so much)

Art by Carymono (tumblr)

But the best part for me was the InaSure, like, my heart is melting in a puddle as I write this out. I love how they interact and how it’s been a slow progression since the beginning. Inaho was the first to realize his feelings but is adamant about Slaine finding out because of the power imbalance. But during this arc, I was glad to see Slaine finally realizing and admitting that he doesn’t hate Inaho. Instead, they’re close enough to be friends now and that scene where they finally become friends was really cute and soft and funny.

I also feel like Slaine escaping is coming closer since everyone seems to be mentioning it. For example, General Abbott already mentions the day is coming soon and that he won’t say anything to the council about Slaine and Inaho being close or if he tries to escape. There’s the whole storm coming in, which can potentially leave an opening for them (fewer guards on duty). Lemrina has also been at those secret dissident meetings, Harklight has made his appearance (though only briefly), Slaine is starting to realize that his punishment is unfair, and we’ve even met another ally so close to Slaine

Plus, there’s the fact that now Inaho’s friends have interacted with Slaine and even though they didn’t know he was Slaine, they did accept him. I’m thinking they could be allies for when Slaine does escape, if they get involved. I feel like they’d be conflicted but since they accepted Rayet and see that Inaho likes him, they wouldn’t do anything against him (plus they don’t seem the type). And so many people have become privy to Slaine’s survival. Captain Magbaredge figured it out, General Abbott doesn’t detest him (I feel like he could even be an ally?), the dead Mikael figured it out (he’s dead but I feel like an investigation would happen and then people would start to suspect something), and I feel like maybe there’ll be more revelations later on (ie. Harklight). Of course, I could be totally and completely wrong (as I usually am)

Overall, there’s been quite a bit of buildup going on and I’m super curious to see what’s going to happen in the next arc, which is called Tempesta (Tempest). I’ll post up another of these once that’s finished up but it might end up taking a while since the updates have been less frequent lately, which I don’t mind. At least it’s still updating from time to time!

Everything also seems to be so well thought out and I’m super impressed with it. Since it is fanfiction, there are some spelling errors but not enough where I’m bothered by it (the story is just too good for me to care honestly). There was one little detail that threw me off. I could have sworn that General Abbott was the one who told Slaine about the incoming storm but in a later chapter he says it like he’d never mentioned it. It’s something I only caught because I reread the whole fic nonstop (or as nonstop as I could since I still had to eat and sleep). Is it anything important? I’m not sure, possibly not, but something I noticed.

If you like AZ and Inasure, definitely go check this story out, and then come fangirl with me! You can find the story here and that little comic up there was done by Cary69mono. Please check out their tumblr and/or twitter for some yaoi goodness and cosplay 😀

Also, if you click on the image, it’ll take you to the rest of the comic. Please send lots of love to this fic, since I can only give kudos once (preposterous!), and Cary’s art! ^^

As for me, I’m going to continue to chapter 33 again, start reading the manga again, and possibly even rewatch the anime!

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