The Lovers: Escaflowne Kickstarter Goodies Are Finally Here!!

Hey guys!

So it’s been awhile since I last wrote up a “Recent Purchase” post. One reason being that I have little spending money, and the other that I get too excited about little things I buy and just end up posting it on Twitter. Like those terrible pictures about the YOI Merchandise I got at Kino that one day

But today after breakfast, the mail lady came to our door and left a box for me. At first I was like,  ha she got the wrong house again I haven’t bought anything recently, but when I checked the sender I nearly screamed! Warning: crappy pictures incoming


Now, before I get into the contents of the box, I wanted to go over what Tier I got for the Vision of Escaflowne real quick (though if you read this post then you probably already know). 

The Lovers: $200

I ended up pledging for tier THE LOVERS, which included the complete series, the movie collector’s edition box set, both the movie and series in Japanese audio, English Subtitles, and the new dub. A chipboard box with new art from the Japanese release, an artbook, a to-be announced special item, bonus DVDs of the original dub, AND the soundtrack by Yoko Kanno and Hajime Mizoguchi.

Also, because the Kickstarter made it to $318,000+ two additional rewards were unlocked:

  • $200,000 (UNLOCKED!) – In addition to the series’ new dub, The Vision of Escaflowne Part 1 will be upgraded to include a special feature of the new English cast, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. This will be added to the Kickstarter Edition of Part 1, the standard edition available outside of this Kickstarter, and the Collector’s Edition.
  • $250,000 – The Part 1 Kickstarter Edition release will receive a second upgrade—the art cards will be upgraded to a saddle-stitched art booklet, and the chipboard box that houses the release will get special foil printing. Remember that this is only on the Kickstarter-specific release!

Honestly, I have no idea what this saddle-stitched art booklet means or what special foil printing is so if anyone can help me figure this out? (Though at this point I don’t even want to keep “talking” with Funi anymore. Maybe I should just be grateful I got my things)

The communication with Funimation and this Kickstarter’s backers has been TERRIBLE. I was reading through the comments section and some people still haven’t received their rewards yet. I had to send 3 emails before I got a response and it really irritated me when Funi said they needed to restock. Like…if you knew you had X-amount of backers, why don’t you have that amount of items? Why did they run out?

Anyways, here’s my stuff!

The biggest reason I got this tier was because of the Soundtrack and after looking through my contents I’m rather disappointed at what I received. Why? Because this tier came with 2 copies of the series and movie. One of them in that pretty box with Van and Hitomi, and the other in that typical Funi box to the right (I’m confused as to why this has 2 copies, what do I need 2 for?)

The soundtrack cost $25 (difference between tiers The World + Lovers), and both the Tarot Cards and theatrical-sized poster were an added bonus (I think for reaching a certain pledge amount). As for the DVD costs…I’m rather confused but I think one set would cost about $125 – 155 (Tiers The High Priestess and The Moon). One of the reasons I don’t buy DVDs anymore


When I saw the box, I actually thought they didn’t send me the artbook. It seemed too small and when I opened everything I didn’t see the book.

It turns out that it was inside the Collector’s edition box so it’s a fairly small thing. All of the art for this box was really soft and pretty, very shoujo-like, which is fitting but also really weird. Most likely because I’m used to the style of the series and the movie (which are already pretty different)


I really enjoyed the art inside the DVD cases. The original V of E DVDs were just plain brown and had the title on them, so getting this set with art on each disc + the back of the cover was really nice! Would have preferred some more Van x Hitomi images since they are the couple of the series but I think these were pretty good too.

Coming back to the artbook…I was pretty disappointed. When I think of an artbook, I think of those 8 x 11 books with some 50+ pages of art. Those really nice ones that cost $50 or some larger sum. But instead, I got this tiny thing with possibly 15 pages. A lot of the images inside were those pictures you find on Google when you type the series name into the search bar.

Then we have 5 illustrations that match the style of everything else in the Collector’s edition.

Since I got the Tarot cards as a bonus, I feel like I can’t complain about them and I don’t really have any complaints. I do like them and their size (as I’ve seen way bigger ones). My only complaint is that it comes in this really cheap and sorry looking box. Considering everything else just looks so nice, I think it would have been nice to have something a bit more consistent.

I do have the same opinion of the pendent that came with the set, which I believe is the “special item” that was mentioned. Like all accessories, it looks pretty meh. I probably can’t wear it on the chain it comes with because I’ll get itchy (happened before), but it’s nice. Wouldn’t have bought it if I’d seen it at the store though.


And the soundtrack! First off, I’m listening to it right now and it’s got all the songs I like so far. I’m feeling so nostalgic and want to rewatch the series! I can even see the scenes play out in my mind, hear the characters, aahhh, yes.

It does have 20 tracks, which I’m really happy about. I think my last OST was from Aldnoah Zero and comparing price with songs, I wasn’t all that happy. This time though, I’m liking it. The design is really simple and pretty, and the inside of the booklet has some lyrics. In terms of the design inside the booklet, I will say it’s…not the best. But whatever, what’s important are the songs. I won’t be opening that thing up anyways, Lol!

I know there are Kickstarters where we can customize what we want. I especially love backing Digital Manga Kickstarters, as they’re very attentive to their customers’ wants. I really wish Funimation would take note with how they do their projects. Instead of feeling happy with my purchase, I’m frustrated and feel like screaming, Finally! because I honestly thought I’d be losing those $200 I pledged.

If anything, now I can brag about having 3 copies of the series and movie, which means it’s now tied with Loveless for most copies of a show I’ve purchased/owned.


Now that’s a collector right there…LOL

6 thoughts on “The Lovers: Escaflowne Kickstarter Goodies Are Finally Here!!”

  1. You just got this? I thought everyone got theirs months ago! Wow, that’s disappointing. I know a lot of people were disappointed about the Escaflowne Kickstarter. Hope Funimation learns some lessons for next time. I mean, it’s just over $100 on Right Stuf right now, and even with the extras, I’d probably feel ripped off.

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    1. It just came in today and seriously, lots of people are pissed /SIGH. I don’t even know why it’s so late, no explanation or apology from them either :/ it was my first time doing a funi kickstarter and VERY DISAPPOINTED. And yeah, I do feel ripped off (and even more now that you said it’s $100 on RS orz)

      Def not doing another for Funi :/

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  2. Soon as I saw the title of this I’m like YESSSSSSS!! Wow I’m shocked you got this now, I know some people who pledged to funis kickstarter and didn’t receive there’s for ages. Pieces of collection were missing but all in all i was so happy it got a re release. I forgot to make my pledge so I’m super jealous of this and ill try and get my hands on the new USA copy as I want to hear the new dub badly ughhh !! This set is beautiful though ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it is really nice and yeah, there’s been a huge wait for this stuff orz well, at least you can get it outside the kickstarter? i think daiyamanga said it was on rightstuf?


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