6+ Years of Fanfiction (Let’s Appreciate Some Authors!)

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write since a while ago but never really got around to finishing because my memory is so bad but since today is Fanfiction Appreciation Day I thought, what better timing? Basically, we’re going to go on a trip to my younger years, how I encountered fanfiction and where it stands in my life now. I’ll also be recommending some of my favorite stories so get those tabs ready!!

When I was in eighth grade, my English teacher styled our class as a sort of reading game where students had to read so many pages in order for us to get a passing grade. Sometimes we would be allowed to read any book we wanted and other times she would give us a topic like ‘it needs to be fantasy based or a mystery.’ Before this class I never read. Whenever I looked at a book I would instantly cringe and only reading 5-10 pages would lead to headaches. 

I only read books because I had to and that’s as far as it went.

It was also during this time that I had started reading manga and making some friends. I’d just moved to a new school two years prior and I still wasn’t comfortable. Everyone knew each other from when they were munchkins and I was just someone who transferred in.

That was also the year when I met two of my best friends of the time. One of them was a total bookworm. She’d read Harry Potter, Eragon, and all of these super popular books that were at least 400 pages and I really admired her. I mean, I had a hard time just getting through the first chapter of a book! Additionally, she was also an anime fan and that’s where we had common ground, aside from being in the same class.

And if you guys guessed that she was the reason for my getting into fanfiction then ding ding, you are correct! My first fanfiction reads were from the Naruto fandom and my favorites were all from her recommendation.

 : A Ripple in the Pond by Lady Hanaka

Sakura Haruno is kidnapped by the Akatsuki, mainly one in particular: Uchiha Itachi. How will her friends take all of this? Will they forget she existed? Or, like a ripple in a pond, will her abduction spiral out and effect others around her? Warning:Rape

*I believe the rape scene happens at the end of the first chapter and can be skipped without losing anything from the story. Just know that it happened as the fact is important.

I remember that she got a couple of us reading this story and it was this here that made me think, hey i like to read and it would be really cool to write too! After this I remember reading more pages than the teacher required for class and when we had team discussions on assigned books I would pick the thickest book (The 5th of March by Ann Rinaldi)!

I suppose reading fanfiction just got me accustomed to reading, which is probably why I got frequent headaches then, though I also suspect my lack of glasses wearing was also part of the issue, hehe

I was mostly an ItaSaku shipper at the time, courtesy of this four-part series. Unfortunately, the fourth book is currently incomplete and it’s been years since the last update but I still recommend checking out the first three books! They all have an amazing story, are complete, and have a kick-ass Sakura (which I really needed at the time).

I was probably stuck in this fandom for a really long time but I moved on from Sakura-centric ships (ItaSaku, KakaSaku) to my current top ship of the Naruto fandom: SasuNaru.

It was something I never really expected to happen and it happened one day when I was walking my friend to her house. We were just talking and I accidentally tuned her out (I do this a lot without meaning to, even now) and when she asked me a question I was like, wuhh. I remember her saying something along the lines of her not liking yaoi and my innocent mind was just like, yaoi, what’s that!?

Suffice to say that when I got home that day I decided to look up yaoi on the internet and my life has never been the same after that.

I instantly shipped Sasuke and Naruto and loved to save pictures of them holding hands and kissing. I started reading fanfiction about it and it was a little after this sudden eureka moment that I wrote by longest and most successful Naruto fanfiction story. How it gained such popularity is beyond me, especially reading back on it now.

Because I was just entering the Boy’s Love realm, my first story was a genderbender but I loved reading your normal guy on guy stories, as long as they were cute vs explicit, and my favorite at the time was by Ladelle.

 : Misery Business by Ladelle

By fluke or stroke of malice, Naruto wakes up in the future. He is unknowingly a key piece in a corporate struggle for power, and struggles to maintain his sexuality, especially with the corporate Mogul Uchiha wanting more than just his intelligence. EPIC

It’s a very plot and character driven story that I really enjoyed because it felt like something I could just find at a bookstore. It had SasuNaru but it never scared me off because the story was bigger than the ship. Unfortunately, this author seems to have stopped writing fanfiction since a few years back. Their last anime entry was an Aldnoah Zero drabble.

I really recommend checking out their stories if you’re into plot and SasuNaru!

Aside from anime, my list of published book series I was reading was expanding and there’s this incident I probably won’t ever be able to forget! There was a girl in my class, a sort of friend of a friend, who randomly told me to hold onto a book for her. She handed me the first book in the Artemis Fowl series and I just nodded. I literally held onto this book, thinking she had to do something real quick but I soon realized she wasn’t going to ask for it that same day.

I kept the book for a couple days and then reminded her I had it. She was really cool about it and when I handed it back she asked if I’d read it. I told her no and she was like, why do you think I gave it to you? I suppose it makes sense now that I think back to it but at the time I just thought she meant ‘hold onto it’ versus ‘here read this’

A few months later I finally got around to reading it and that led me to the path of fanfiction for books. Reading fanfiction for novels isn’t something I’m really into because I don’t become overly attached to the characters but the Artemis Fowl series is one of my favorite series because of the world and characters.

 : Artemis Fowl: The Aztec Incident by AgiVega

26-year-old Artemis Fowl gets the greatest surprise of his life when Commander Holly Short pays him a visit, pleading for his help. They need to team up to save their son, whose existence Artemis has been unaware of…

I read this when I was in my early fanfiction phases and I’ve reread this twice as an adult. All I can say is that if this book and the next were published as part of the Artemis Fowl series I would believe it and would love it!

They just have that AF feel to them, which I really loved and if you’re a fan of this book series and Star Trek (I believe it was), then definitely check this out! The second book Artemis Fowl: The Sword of God actually goes into time paradox, medieval times, and is a bit angsty because Artemis is a proud man.

As the years passed, reading fanfiction became routine for me and when I became obsessed with a certain ship I would read and read and read as much as I could. Sometimes I would end up reading all the stories available for the ship I was following (Aldnoah Zero) and other times I just read a huge chunk of stories (every huge ship).

When I was really into Attack on Titan, which I believe was a year after it originally aired, I read so many Levi x Eren stories that some nights (because it became routine to read at night vs during the day) I would spend more time trying to find stories to read rather than reading. My solution to this problem was to read Spanish fanfiction.

I’ve always avoided reading in Spanish because it’s something I’m not well versed in. One time I checked out a couple books from the library and found that the vocabulary is too difficult for me and even when I asked my mom about certain words, we just couldn’t understand completely (I later found out my level of understanding depends on the translator).

I was hesitant but for my ships, I do a lot.

 : Al límite by Eirin Halliwell

Irvin, un noble del estado de María, pone sus ojos en Eren y decide convertirlo en su consorte. Eren acepta su destino pero la llegada de Rivaille, hermano de Irvin, pondrá su mundo de cabeza. AU / LEMON / MPREG / LEVI X EREN.

*Translation: Irvin, a noble of the state of Maria, has got his eyes on Eren and decides to make him his consort. Eren accepts his destiny but the arrival of Rivaille, Irvin’s brother, flips his world upside down. AU/Lemon/Mpreg/LevixEren

If you guys know me, I’m a very exclusive shipper. If I say I ship Eren and Levi, it means I NOTP anything that contradicts this, so why I ended up falling for this story is beyond me. Especially when the Erwin and Eren was really in your face, but I really enjoyed reading this story and only recommend it if you’re ready to not have an ending. Why? Because this story hasn’t been updated since December 2015

It was also around this time that I went on my second writing hiatus, this one being about two years long. My last stories were all Levi and Eren oneshots and just stories I wanted to expand later on. Of course, after two years it’s hard to remember where I wanted some of my ideas to go. Right now I’ve started writing again but not at the pace I used to.

Sometimes I’ll still get emails about people liking some of my really really old stories and that just makes me super happy!

When I first started reading fanfiction, I was a silent reader and wouldn’t leave comments. If I really liked a story I would add it to my favorites and move on. Now I’ve started to change my approach. I still leave favorites/kudos but I’ve started to leave comments as well.

Sometimes it’s a quick greeting and ‘i loved this’ and other times I go into a bit more detail. For some reason it took me a while to realize that no matter how short, comments on stories really make authors happy and even when what you’re trying to say doesn’t make sense, your rambling can be understood by others who are also excited about the story.

Since today is Fanfiction Appreciation Day, I figured I’d share some of my favorite stories so we can all go read something and spread the love. If you’re not into these ships, that’s cool but it would be really nice if all fanfiction readers would go read something tonight and just leave a quick something for their favorite authors. Or even just go read something new!

  • Junkyard Dogs by acidtowns. Another of my top favorite authors! I recommend reading all their stories, which are Levi x Eren
    • Autocracy — a system where one leader has absolute power — is the only government that exists in prison. Levi is the current ‘Top Dog,’ and for years, no one has had the mind to challenge his position — at least, no one until now. Enter: Eren Jaeger, a new inmate with indefinite mentalities and obscure motives. With the power to shake Levi’s throne, Eren becomes the one exception of everything.
  • The Artist and The Poet by Seredemia. This was one of my short-lived otpsessions but I really loved stories by Seredemia. This one was actually written for MikaYuu week, which I posted about last year! There is art for this too
    • An artist AU where Yuu has artist’s block and so he goes to a cafe to get some inspiration only to one day see a pretty blonde come in through the door. Since then he’s filled pages upon pages of him (Mika) in his sketchbook. Then one day he gets caught staring at the blonde and thus their interaction begins!
  • 花言葉 (Hanakotoba) and Every Wednesday, I’m Here, In Jail series by Himmelreich. I actually wrote about these in a post last year when I was in my AZ phase! Some of the shorter stories I read at the time and since they’re both complete I definitely say go check them out! Inasure
    • The first time that person walks into their shop shortly after noon on a cloudy day in late September, Inaho just happens to be the one behind the counter.
    • The series is a compilation of oneshots featuring Inaho visiting Slaine at the facility
  • In Carcere by Slaine. They also wrote For Want of a Nail but personally, I prefer the former but both of them are good reads! FWOAN is actually the funnier of the two while In Carcere is my season 3! Inasure
    • Postseason finale. Initially, Inaho visits out of duty and humanity. And then he finds he can’t stop going back to see Slaine Troyard.
  • The Trajectory of Laughter by PKSamurai. A Misawa fan? Well, I hope you’ve read this story full of feels already, and if not, please go do so now. Have tissues ready.
    • Some say laughter is the cure for everything, but they obviously never heard Miyuki laugh…
  • Prince & Prince by Authoress. My favorite author for TodoDeku (My Hero Academia). They really have some awesome AU stories! They also recently started writing Project Metis, a MHA pacific rim au.
    • Note to self: don’t accidentally fall in love with a prince who’s in an arranged marriage keeping your kingdoms from declaring war against each other. Especially when you’re spying on him as his manservant.
  • May I Take Your Order, Dipshit? by supercrunch. Possibly my favorite MHA story after Prince and Prince, this KatsuDeku story is beautiful because it’s funny. It’s a oneshot and if you like KatsuDeku please go read this and make it rise in the ranks. Currently #3 by kudos but personally I would love it if it got the #1 spot!
    • So, like, maybe Bakugou wasn’t really the best choice for this whole pizza delivery shindig. (Midoriya in love, Bakugou in denial, and way, way too much cheese.

And I’ll cut this list here because I could go on and on and on but you guys probably don’t want that (lol). Feel free to leave me links to stories you really liked or that may possibly be yours. If they are about any of the ships I’ve mentioned in this post I will definitely check it out!!

2 thoughts on “6+ Years of Fanfiction (Let’s Appreciate Some Authors!)”

  1. Oh man, TToL ;_;
    I loved this post, it’s great to see your appreciation and list (tho I’m not in any of these fandoms aside MiyuSawa xD;; ) and your journey with it~! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

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    1. Oh I’m so glad someone liked it!! I wasn’t sure if I should write it or not since its a bit of a personal story but then I saw the ff appreciation thing and was like I can combine them!! So yeah xD

      Dude, If you have any misawa recs, throw them my way xD while I’m not active active in the fandom I still like to go back and read stuffs :3 esp newer things bc I usually don’t keep up with those xD


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