[Review] Skip Beat: 38 volumes of fun, craziness, and healing

Today I decided to share one of my favorite shoujo manga that makes me laugh like a maniac. As if I didn’t do enough of that already…

Skip Beat! is a 38 volume (and ongoing) shoujo manga by Yoshiki Nakamura that is licensed by VIZ media. It follows the life of Kyoko Mogami, a sixteen year old girl who follows her crush Sho to Tokyo to help realize his dreams of becoming a celebrity. Working multiple jobs, Kyoko supports Sho and the home they “both share”. Completely devoted, she doesn’t see that there’s something more sinister at play here.

Of course, all of this changes when Kyoko visits Sho on location and overhears a conversation where he confesses that he was only using her as a maid! Enraged by his betrayal, Kyoko vows revenge and thus her determination to enter showbiz is born.

Following their breakup, Kyoko gets a complete image change, moves out of the luxury apartment she’d been slaving over and starts her journey of becoming a well-known celebrity. Of course, this turns out to be harder than expected when she arrives at LME (Lory’s Majestic Entertainment), one of Japan’s largest talent agencies, and they realize she has no interest in authentically becoming a celebrity. Suffice to say she’s promptly removed from the premises.

Not the type to give up so easily, Kyoko stalks and haunts Mr. Sawara, one of LME’s “bigwigs” until he gives her some help, which he does (four days later) in the form of an audition.

Failing the second part of the audition, Kyoko unexpectedly becomes the muse and first member of the Love Me section, LME’s new section specifically created to help people who have talent but lack the will to love. As part of the Love Me section, Kyoko has to complete tasks (cleaning, cooking, carrying baggage, being a dummy actor for a spoiled actress) in a hot pink jumpsuit and receive points from her clients. The points range from “-10 You’re No Good” to “Full Marks 100% Great Job.”

It’s during this time that Kyoko realizes that she genuinely wants to study acting and where her greatest fear starts to unfold. The locks she’d placed on her heart start to weaken as she begins to genuinely care for her co-worker and senpai, Ren Tsuruga. Of course, shoujo manga isn’t so simple as Kyoko starts to pick up admirers from all around the industry, including Sho Fuwa, the jerk who dumped her.

Aside from being a story of revenge and heartache, Skip Beat! is a coming of age story where our protagonist goes into rehabilitation (as she calls it) in order to regain an important human trait: Love. We witness all of the struggles that Kyoko faces as she tries to create “Kyoko Mogami,” leaving behind the Kyoko that was being bred since childhood to be Sho’s future wife.

Throughout the story we get sprinkles of Kyoko’s past and learn about how her mother abandoned her, her father’s absence, and the bullying she suffered as a child. We also get to learn of a mysterious individual that Kyoko refers to as Faerie Prince Corn who gave her a blue gem, claiming that it would help her when she was at her weakest. Eleven years later and Kyoko still hasn’t discovered what Corn’s real identity is.

Luckily for us readers, we get more insider information on who this princely character could be!

With all of this, you guys are probably wondering how this can be a humorous story. Well! It’s everywhere really, from beginning to end: it’s embedded in the characters’ personalities, and it’s even there during the serious and destructive scenes.

The art of the manga really gives the whole series an “lol” vibe. We have Kyoko with a grabby hand coming from her mouth, evil spirit Kyokos that come out when Kyoko is angry, mean and cutting words from a handsome bishounen with a sparkly smile, and extremely embarrassing delusions of a revenge completed. Be prepared to cover your face and wonder what you’re doing with your life (again)…

There are also voodoo dolls that scold Kyoko when she’s in need of a scolding, stalker scenes and taxi-bike chases, a threatening manager with the strange ability to destroy any electronic device he touches with his bare hands, a crazy LME president who appears with a troop of dancers one moment and with a camel the next!

Now, I could go on and on about this manga but this is getting longer than expected! Skip Beat! is definitely worth checking out and if you’re not a fan of manga, there is an anime on Crunchyroll, but be warned that it only covers about 9 volumes of the manga.

16 thoughts on “[Review] Skip Beat: 38 volumes of fun, craziness, and healing”

  1. I am so in love with this series! I started by watching the anime and I never laughed so hard in my life. Still one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. When it ended I had to know how things played out so I started reading the manga. I have every vol on my nook lol their just so damn funny and the storyline is great. I’ve been thinking about revisiting the series for GrimmGirl because people need to know how great the series is. The thing that’s been holding me back is there are so MANY volumes. Haha it’s a really big commitment. Glad to see there’s someone else out there who thinks this series is just as funny as me 😀

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    1. i’ve been collecting this series since i was in like eighth grade and it’s still going on, i think it’s the only series i’ve kept up with for so long! part of me is raging because how is it still going on?! but another part of me is glad it hasn’t ended because how would it end?! xD it’s a really hilarious series and i’ve revisited it a couple time, still so good 😀

      ohhh you should do it when you have time!

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  2. I absolutely loved the anime and followed the manga for years, but I stopped enjoying it at some point and felt that it was dragging 😦 Maybe it was just because I had to wait so long in between chapters that I lost motivation to read. Reading this post definitely made me remember how much I used to love it!

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    1. oh i get the feeling, i think i stopped reading it when they were doing the christmas specials or something and only came back to it later. i had to reread a huge chunk of it just to remind myself what was going on, which i have to do again when i go back to it! xD

      i was surprised by how much i liked the anime when i rewatched it too

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  3. Yeah, to echo what’s said above, loved it for a long time, then it felt like it was dragging (both the story itself and because the releases have pretty much caught up). My favorite parts are when Sho shows up just to shake up the situation.

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    1. omg omg him HIM

      idk how i feel about him suddenly being interested but at the same time it’s like ty wo you these two wouldn’t have moved from where they were at xD or ren at least lol

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  4. Oh man, this series is so good! I still haven’t finished the anime, oops, but I really love it. I’m waiting it and Glass Mask to end because I wanna binge on it so bad ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
    Agreed with the other posters, I kinda want it to actually stop pivoting in place and get somewhere already, considering how large it already is, and still no progress (^_^;)
    Ren is a total bae ?(♥ω♥*)

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    1. Oh he’s bae alright! lol, yeah, i think it’s been 35 volumes and there’s a hint of ‘oh they like each other’ but it’s still not where i want it to be! xD i’m kind of afraid how it’ll end up though, so many secrets between them! like, ren doesn’t know she’s the chicken and she doesn’t know he’s you know who (I hope, you do right?!) xD


      1. Yeah, SKip beat has been slow asf to get moving ;_;
        Definitely agree, that might just blow up since secrets + their personalities = not good
        yes I do know what you mean (^_<)~☆

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    1. i feel like it’s been too long for it to have a s2 but then i remember shows like blue exorcist and dgray man so maybe there’s hope?!?! xD though those aren’t shoujo so…;-;

      they are dubbing it though! so at least it’s not dead /dead/


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