ACEN and FanimeCon Haul! (Manga Haul #12)

To think it’s been about two months since I last wrote something legit on this blog (how time flies and money disappears…)

As many of you know, Con-season started in May for me with ACEN (Anime Central), which is this tiny little thing (biggest con in the Midwest) happening in my “hometown” that I’ve been attending for YEARS now. And right after I went to Fanime, which is a convention out in San Jose, CA. It was my first time attending and the reason for it is down below, hehe


After that I mentioned in a previous post that

I plan to meet up with the lovely Pantastic Panda and *crosses fingers and prays at the Lyndere Shrine* Lyn.

While I wasn’t able to meet with Pan (I don’t think she ended up going, rl situations and all >_<), I did get to see Lyn ల(*´= ◡ =`*) Actually, after I quit my job I wasn’t so sure I’d be going to Fanime because financial crisis! but I last minute booked it to California and Lyn ended up deciding to go for the whole weekend! (she’d been teasing me for the longest time, saying she’d only go one day ;-;)

If anyone hasn’t seen this video yet, this was the Stalker Moment

I also posted a series of vlogs on my FB page, if anyone is interested! It was actually in one of those videos that I announced my next convention (hehehe). P.s. I did NOT commute everyday to the next convention, what was I even thinking?! (I wasn’t thinking actually)

Random: Turns out this place near Acen now sells Boba so I went and bought some.  For some reason I couldn’t open it even after Lyn showed me how and I ended up peeling the little plastic thing to drink it. It wasn’t until after that I realized I had the straw upside down #fail

Overall Lyn and I got to hang out for a big chunk of the weekend and I got to meet her friends! It was funny, I’d never played charades before but it seemed like a thing with them so when they started playing I was just like UHHH. Then they had this moment where everyone was looking at me and I was like WHAT DID I DO. Turns out the answer was Dunkin Donuts and the hint was that I used to work at this place LOL

We went to go eat at The Spaghetti Factory, got ice cream, and I tried Boba with them! And I took a whole bunch of Lyn pictures, printed them,  and they’re on my ceiling right above where I sleep


Anywho, let’s start with the actual haul! I somehow ended up splitting the kind of merchandise I got at both conventions without even realizing it. For Acen I mostly got books and for Fanime it was all about the Charms, enjoy!


So this year at Acen seemed to be the year of light novel purchases! Most of the books I got were bought at the same place and cost me $3 per volume as long as I got 30 books, which I did with the help of my brother (◍´ಲ`◍)

  • Spice and Wolf: I somehow managed to snag volume 2 from my local library’s discard section so that one has the big X on it. From Acen I got volumes 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 12-15! I’ve only read volume 1 but didn’t want to continue when I didn’t have all the volumes yet, hehe. Unfortunately, the stand I got these at didn’t have volume 4 or 6 >_<
  • The Devil is a Part-timer: At the same booth I managed to nab myself volume 2 of this series! I haven’t finished the first one but I have started it, haha
  • Log Horizon: A while back I purchased volume 1 thinking it was the light novel only to get home and realize it was the manga (don’t even ask LOL). This time though, I managed to get both volumes!
  • Seraph of the End: The first volume is not in this picture because I took it with me to AX so it’s still packed away. Anywho, I found the second volume at the Vertical booth and just had to buy it!
  • Kizumonogatari: I’d heard about this title since forever ago so while I was browsing the Vertical booth I thought I’d buy it. Takuto says it’s a great read and so far he’s yet to be off about recommendations! Just curious though, are there more books or is this the first one? For some reason I thought there were multiples?

Aside from all the light novel madness, I also picked up some new manga titles (from the same booth)!

  • Devils and Realists: While I was disappointed in the anime’s ending, I really LOVE the manga’s art and I’ve heard good things about it. Got myself the first 5 volumes 😀
  • Magical Girl Apocalypse: So I first heard about this book from The Huge Anime Fan and decided to pick it up. For some reason I thought it was only a few volumes long (someone told me this) but then I found out there were WAY MORE than I expected…from what I’ve seen the manga is really gory and the art is nice so I’m just collecting it
  • Prophecy: A few months back I added this title to my TBR list and I was glad to see it at this booth! Unfortunately they didn’t have volume 1…
  • Pandora in the Crimson Shell: I picked this title up because I needed just a few more books to complete the 30 needed for them to cost $3 (lol)

And the last of my books!

  • Don’t Be Cruel: I actually got this from the VIZ booth. I can’t remember if I’ve already read this title or if just the author was familiar but I knew I HAD to buy it (haha) They did check if I was old enough to buy this of course 😉
  • Black Clover: I just bought this because it looked interesting. I have no idea what it’s about, but soon after (at Colossalcon) I heard it was a good read so can’t wait to read it! Apparently, they were selling it before the release date but I’m sure it’s out by now?
  • Servamp: I decided to get volume 2 even though I didn’t like volume 1 when I read it a while back. Lots of people seemed to like it so I figured I’d check out one more volume. Is anyone watching the anime? It’s on my to-watch list!
  • The Ancient Magus Bride: I ended up buying this after watching the PV for the anime and IT’S SO GOOD. After I read the first volume I went and read more online ♥
  • Citrus: Another title I picked up just to get all the books I needed. I figured it be a yuri title since I’m trying to get into the genre (。・・。)

All the books I bought were purchased on the first day and afterwards I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything (since I wanted spending money for Fanime). Of course, that didn’t exactly happen and I ended up buying these three things!

This is actually the second time I bought these charms. The first time was at Yaoi-con but I gave Kuroko to my Boss as a souvenir (I wanted to get her a banana charm but wasn’t sure if she’d appreciate it, she later told me she would have lol) and my mom ‘stole’ Kagami for her keys. My mom always ends up taking at least one of my charms and she really liked Kagami so I just had to go and get them again!

And do you guys see Miyuki’s expression?! The Misawa in this is beautiful~!


When I was at Fanime I told myself I wouldn’t step foot into the dealer’s hall and if I did I would have enough self control to NOT buy anything. Surprisingly, I succeeded in doing this! But then I went to the Artist Alley and there was no stopping me

The plan had been to only purchase Daiya junk but when I went around I found a lot of My Hero Academia charms and I couldn’t resist! I bought a lot of Todoroki, Deku, and Katsuki stuff

AND these are all the charms I got! While I was walking around and buying stuff I recognized a lot of artists from Acen and I (surprise surprise) talked to them for a bit to see what other conventions they attended/would be attending. A lot of them did say they were at Acen and about the same amount said they’d be at AX!

I know at one booth I kept buying all their Miyuki and Sawamura stuff and the artist asked if I was a Misawa shipper and I’m just like YES ♥ And speaking about that, I got one of their prints and I hadn’t realized that Miyuki was inside of Sawamura’s ramen! SO CUTE

And because Daiya isn’t the only sports anime I’m into, I also couldn’t help buy this really nice Kuroko stand! When I saw his eyes I just knew I had to get it ♥ ♥

I never really got into Kuroko like I did Daiya so I hardly own any KnB merchandise. I also don’t go to conventions and look for Kuroko specific items but when I see an impressive piece, well, it becomes mine (LOL)

I also ended up buying some original work, which I hardly ever do, but these prints were so adorable that I just had to get them! The one with the guy is a postcard size because the artist didn’t have it in a larger size >_<

But before all of this artist alley stuff, I went to Fanime’s swap meet, which is where I first met Lyn (≖◡ ≖。) It was fun, I came up behind her after she called me~

Anywho, as I was browsing through the swap meet I ended up buying two ten count prints? I’m actually not sure what they are but they’re these small things, official art and all. I also managed to get another Misawa folder, which I thought was AMAZING (it’s now hanging on my door)

Of course, the only downside is that there’s an image on both sides and I want them both to show at the same time OTL

And that’s all I have for Acen and Fanime! I really wanted to talk about AX since a lot of the artists I bought from were the same as Fanime but I had to hold off on that. I did make a list of artists if anyone is interested in checking them out! Honestly, I can’t recall who did what off the top of my head but I did place * for people I especially liked (and therefore, most likely bought from)

The list is nowhere near complete and I’ll keep adding to it as I find more artists. I also have some pictures in the Gallery for Acen and Fanime so check those out for some cosplay pics!

SPOILER ALERT: A lot of them are Daiya and My Hero Academia haha

24 thoughts on “ACEN and FanimeCon Haul! (Manga Haul #12)”

  1. Your haul is amazing, so cute and pretty! ヽ(⌒∇⌒)ノ
    Damn, all those Miyusawa goodies are super gorgeous! (≧∇≦)/
    Aww, those Kuroko charms are adorable, I can see how your mom would steal them for her own keys (^−)☆
    Hidoku Shinaide/Don’t be mean aah +
    I can only say: 👌👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank yoouuuu!! aren’t they so cute?! i couldn’t resist, every time i thought ‘this is the last one’ i would find another one OTL


  2. Awww wow $3 per book if you got 30 that is pretty good wow 🙂
    Citrus will be the first yuri manga I read may read it after I’ve finished this shoujo title im currently reading 🙂

    You love your daiya stuff that will never die but everything you got is super cute XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. all the time! even before the con i’m like ‘i need to find some daiya stuff, be it merch or cosplayers!’ ahhh, i remember when there weren’t any daiya cosplayers and now there’s quite a few!!

      Liked by 1 person

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