Heading to CA for Fanime in 2 Days >_<

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Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by and mention that I’ll be heading to Fanime in 2 days :D! I know I mentioned Fanime a while back and then I completely dropped it. You see, after I quit my job I wasn’t so sure I could go anymore, what with bills, incredibly high debts everywhere, my new computer (which has been put on hold), and just my spending sprees in general. But being at ACEN really made me want to go to Fanime and I last minute booked everything!

I was lucky enough to find a room immediately (one of my previous roommates), however, plane tickets were a whole other issue. I didn’t know that this weekend was memorial day weekend but I suspected something, considering tickets were so expensive. I managed to get a “cheap” ticket that left from Chicago on Thursday and arrived on Tuesday (not in San Jose, in San Francisco so I have to commute a few miles too). The convention is from Friday to Monday so I am staying a bit longer. Luckily my roommate is going to be in the area on Thursday at noon.

Anywho, the reason I wanted to go to Fanime was that I had been begging Lyn to go and after she said she’d drop by I was like, uhh can’t go anymore… except I am now, lol. Another reason is that I will be limiting my anime convention outings for 2017 to only local conventions and possibly (only) one out-of-state convention. Right now that out-of-state convention is AX.

So much to do before I leave but I’m so lazy…

I’ll ty to leave you guys a post or two but other than that I can’t promise anything in terms of blogging material. I will be on social media throughout the weekend though so if you guys want to follow my outing definitely check out my Twitter and Facebook page. I will also be uploading some short videos on my YouTube page, kind of like what I did for Acen, documenting what I did every day

I checked the Fanime website and found a schedule page but can’t seem to view it so I might just end up flying out there without knowing what I want to do. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else going to be at Fanime? Possibly as a congoer, cosplayer, or artist? Oh and speaking of cosplayers, expect lots of Daiya pictures. That’s basically all I took at Acen and I’m following that up at Fanime (lol)

See you guys in June!


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