Blast from the Past: My Thoughts + Reading List from 1 Year Ago (Manga Haul #9)

Hey guys! So as I have no new content finished yet I thought I’d share something I wrote about a year ago.ย If you followed me when I first started blogging (I didn’t start here), you may find yourself with a sense of dejavu, however, if you jumped into My Fujoshi Life first, then this’ll be new.

While my thoughts on these titles are from one year ago, I do still think they’re accurate and that’s why I wanted to share them, please enjoy my short thoughts, kekeke


So, today I got some new books and then I remembered I haven’t really written anything on here (oops) but now I’m on break for a few days (a week) so I’m hoping to post a bit more…(hopefully)

Let’s start with…new books! I work at a library so I’ve been ordering some books recently. We get them at 40% off normal price, no taxes or shipping costs and today I had some books come in.

Food Wars is actually my brother’s order (he buys books through me, the leech haha) but I’m reading them now so I thought I’d put that in here ๐Ÿ˜€

And I’ve also ordered some other books which I’m hoping will come in in a few days. It’s kind of sad to see the titles I’m ordering though, I’ve kind of been out of the loop for a while so I’m behind on some series >///< Like I have Attack on Titan volumes 1-12 and then I jumped to 15.

On Order (placed today)

Spice and Wolf vol 9-10

Skip Beat vol 33-34

Karneval vol 1 (I think this one comes out this 24th)

07 Ghost vol 15-16 (the 16th comes out in May)

Outside of buying books I’ve also been reading a lot of manga. We don’t really have much at our library so I had to find somewhere else that had more variety and apparently there’s another library about 15 minutes away from my house that has more books!

So I actually read quite a bit recently like:

Cardcaptor Sakura: Has anyone read the second volume? It’s very…interesting and just…it blew me away. I’m waiting to get the 3rd volume so I can just read the rest of what they have. Even though it’s an old series it’s actually pretty neat and the art isn’t so bad. I watched the anime when I was way younger and I loved the movies (I actually own one in VHS haha) but I’d never read the manga. It’s pretty intense. I’ve already spotted hints of yaoi, yuri, and…(I don’t know what to call it but it’s a 4th grader engaged to her teacher). I don’t remember that in the anime >_<

Secret: First volume to Yoshiki Tonogai’s new series! I actually had a hard time getting a hold of this book because it’s new (came out some time in January) so the libraries still have their copies IN PROCESS and I can’t check them out until they’re ready to go. But then one day I walked into the library and it was just waiting for me on the shelf…lol

07 Ghost: I actually read part of this series a while back (when I first started collecting it) but I never really continued it (even though I continued buying volumes). Then just the other day I thought, why not? And I started reading it from the beginning and the next thing I knew I was finishing volume 14. It is amazing! Loved it and that’s also why I’m going to buy volume 15 (no libraries have 15 yet).

Higurashi When They Cry: Has anyone read Umineko when they cry? Well I kind of did the reverse and read Ryukishi07’s newer work first but I’d heard of Higurashi for a while now and I thought I’d check it out. Just like with Umineko I am CONFUSED. But I love it because it’s so awesome and challenging. Horror, suspense, and logic are some of the words I’d use to describe it. It’s kind of like Death Note in the sense that there is a mind battle except that the reader becomes the challenged. Need to go check out the next volumes (ended on the 3rd). Some of the downsides (kind of) are the art (it’s alright) and that the story line is the same in both series (so we have a mystery and then there’s different versions of the same story with each story introducing something new).

All You Need Is Kill: This is amazing and it has become one of my favorites! Apparently it was the novel of this manga that inspired the movie ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’ with Tom Cruise (I actually haven’t seen it, only like the first 15 minutes or so). But yeah, it’s only two volumes or one omnibus books with about 420 pages and the art is amazing! Goes really well with the story. Plot: MC is stuck in a loop where every time he dies he comes back to life to the day before he dies. His job is to pretty much stop this loop which was caused by these aliens who are invading the earth. (wow I’m so bad at summaries)

Hetalia: I finally finished volume 5! Oh god that was terrible (how long it took). While I have to say I enjoy watching Hetalia, the manga is kind of another story. It’s…alright…I’ll most likely end up reading the 6th volume when it comes out since I’m already caught up

Wolf Children: I am actually disappointed with the manga but it was a good read. I wouldn’t place it in my favorites though, flow is much better in the movie and the art is alright. The cover kind of deceives and makes you think that the art is going to be amazing (but it’s not). I highly recommend watching the movie!

Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love: I had to reread this again. It’s so amazingly adorable and funny and I love it (yay to BL, daring ukes, and shy semes xD) Need to read more of her work, it’s completely adorable (like Stay Close to Me *squeal*)

Bakuman: I’ve finally finished it! Like Hetalia, this series started to weigh me down. It actually started out great and it was a lot of fun seeing all the different drawing styles in the series but it (at some point) started to feel…pointless? No, that’s not the right word. But it started to feel bleh but then it picked up some momentum and lost it again. It was actually like this for me quite a bit and then finally I saw the end! 20 volumes never felt so long

And then there are the other series I have on hold because (1) they haven’t been updated or (2) I’m waiting on the books from the library or something.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations, please I’d love to read something new! I don’t actually know what I’m looking for though…but I like nice art so the newer stuff would be best. Romance is fine in moderation (unless it’s yaoi, then please shower me in love ๐Ÿ˜€ ). Also if anyone is on goodreads you can find me there! I like browsing through other people’s ‘read’ shelves so if you have manga come look for me! or leave a link

Right now my reading pile includes:

Nabari no Ou

Spice and Wolf (the novels)

Are You Alice?


Pandora Hearts (re-reading and catching up)


And there you have it! Thoughts from lil old me, haha. As an update, I still have these 5 titles on my TBR shelf, which is pretty sad since it’s been a year. You’d think I’d found the time somewhere to read them ๐Ÿ˜›

16 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: My Thoughts + Reading List from 1 Year Ago (Manga Haul #9)”

  1. haha it’s cute when the semes are shy for once.
    I’ve been seeing All You Need Is Kill everywhere, I’m considering buying it. I mean, the art would be good because you can just tell it’s by Takeshi Obata sensei.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, you’re so lucky you’re working at a library! I have always wanted to but unfortunately, my chosen field is different and i don’t have time to even apply for a part-time job coz of my studies. One more disappointment is that i haven’t seen one library (near our place) with even a single manga volume. My place is actually pretty rural. *cries*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I don’t work at the library anymore, I quit may 2015 because of school @_@ but I do miss it

      I can only imagine how heavy your workload would be! Lots of science and math no?

      My library used to have hardly any manga before :/ they would usually only have american comics which I don’t like to read but after I started buying and requesting more books they started expanding (other libraries more further out from me have TONS of manga though, makes me jealous lol)


      1. Oh, at least you experienced it. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Lots and lots of them. I actually like science and math coz i don’t mind the numbers and calculations. The theories, names and dates are the challenging parts coz i’m not very good at remembering things. D: I’m jealous too, i can only read manga online coz our libraries don’t have them. Sometimes i also borrow from some of my otaku friends but borrowing is something i am not so fond of doing. I lost a novel before coz i let someone borrow it so i’m thinking maybe others would think the same way as me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s been forever since I last took a math class, so I really miss all that ;_; the only math I do now is fifth grade math xD but I’m working my way up! haha

        That actually happened to me once :/ I let someone borrow some Naruto volumes (she was reading the series) and I ended up losing like 2 volumes ;_; I don’t know if I’d be comfortable letting others borrow my stuff anymore lol Unless I knew they wouldn’t lose/hurt my precious babies xD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh really? Good luck to you. ๐Ÿ™‚
        And the one that i lost was a gift too so it’s more precious. I don’t often let others borrow things from me since then so i don’t borrow other people’s things as much as possible too. I don’t really want to be selfish, i’m just caring for my things.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. WAHHHHH, I can’t wait to see how you like it! I stopped reading it a while ago with the hopes that when I come back to it there’ll be lots more to read ๐Ÿ˜€ (I couldn’t stand the waiting) You gotta tell me what you think about the whole Yuu and Mika and family business haha

      Yup I did, just quit May 2015, I really miss it now lol

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