Versatile Blogger Award [My Creative Writing]

Hey guys!

So the other day before coming home from work I found that I’d been nominated for another award and being the greedy little blogger that I am, I was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to write this post up! I wanted to post this days ago but didn’t want to clutter dashboards so I decided to wait a bit. And seeing as I totally skipped on the 3 Day Quote challenge (I’M SORRY), I thought I’d post this today!


Once more I’d like to thank Alice Goes YOLO! I’m so glad you think my blog has enough variety for it to fall under the versatile category 😀

To check out her post, go here. It’s a really fun read and I found myself connecting with a lot of her facts, particularly the ones about books, dancing, and stalking 😉


  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 or more bloggers and let them know you nominated them.

In keeping with the whole ‘a topic per award,’ I decided this time I’d talk about my writing and some of my habits. As many of you might know, aside from blogging, I actually write stories and even have a couple novel ideas in the works. As one of my NYR I said I’d like to start and possibly finish up a draft for a fantasy adventure story my brother and I thought up while on a road trip home from Wyoming.

Here we go!

1 . Genre: I mostly write fantasy, adventure, and romance type stories. I know I know, that last one was unexpected right? Well, for some reason I tend to gravitate towards that genre because people like it, haha. As a bonus, I’m pretty decent at it as the kudos and follows on A03 and FF tell me *kekeke*

2 . Dreams: My most creative episodes occur when I’m about to go to sleep, when I’m dreaming, or when I experience something new/go out. I know the first two are common among writers and I’ve tried to keep a notebook next to me at night so that I can write things down but I never really got into the habit of keeping that up. I’d also try verbally recording what I remember but that just sounds awkward…haha

3. Publication: I honestly don’t have any concrete plans on when I’d like to really go out and get published since I don’t even have a story yet but at my school they have these two publications. One of them is for creative writing and art (Crook & Folly) and the other is more research based (Creating Knowledge) and I’d really like to try and submit something before I graduate (to at least one).

4. Writing Journals: I actually write ideas often in notebooks but I just have so many notebooks that sometimes I lose track of where I write things. I recently found this one tiny notebook where I wrote down some ideas and it was like a WOAH moment.

5. The Body: One of the hardest parts for me in writing a novel is figuring out what goes between the beginning and end. I have beginning drafts of stories I’d like to make into novels (or at least something longer) but I always wonder if my pacing is too fast or too slow, usually the latter. I know each scene is supposed to be important and that there should be purpose in them but sometimes I just don’t feel it.

This only happens to me when I want to make something lengthier…OTL

6. Poetry: I used to write a lot of poetry and I know people liked it (*cough cough* I used to do my friend’s poetry homework *COUGH*). Anyways, I remember there was this one poetry contest on Wattpad that I entered and I got third place! I know that doesn’t sound that impressive but I was so happy to have even made it in the top 3 :’D

Of course, I don’t write it as often anymore because I feel it’s not ‘deep enough.’ I would like to start writing poetry again though and just do it for fun instead of worrying about things like this.

7. Hiatus: Yes I write in my free time but not as much as I used to. Before I used to write one story after another, very active and all but then (while in MX) all my writing files were deleted and I fell into this dark pit. I was gone for a couple months and after that I just couldn’t fully get back into writing.

Blogging was initially a way for me to keep writing something, and while I haven’t started frequently writing like before I am better.

Ah~ thanks guys, it felt pretty good to write this stuff out, haha. Now then, for my nominees I’d like to choose: NozomiLitaKinoAnimeReviewerGirl – Chibi-chan (can you do your post about food?)

Have fun and until next time! 😀

8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award [My Creative Writing]”

  1. Awesome! Writing always fascinates me. ❤ But I haven't been writing real stuffs lately. High five on having lots of notebooks! Lol. I guess I have 6 on my bedside and 2 on my desk. I lose track of the things I've written as well. :3


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