3 Day Quote: No, I’m Not on a Diet

So today’s quote is a bit of a health thing. If you guys don’t know, my mom is a bit of a health freak (in a good way lol), and she is trying to get us to eat better and just the other day she read this to me from her book on Metabolism.

Deberíamos desayunar como un rey, almorzar como un príncipe y cenar como un mendigo

Or in English: “We should eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a beggar.”


It’s something I should be doing especially if I want to keep healthy but it’s just so hard! I have stopped skipping breakfast but checking how much is acceptable for each meal is just a pain

It especially sucks when I find myself coming up to the kitchen at around 9PM trying to find something to eat. Sometimes I’ll remember I shouldn’t be up here and I’ll just get something to munch on but sometimes I’ll grab real food and eat.


Compared to how I ate before, I do have to say I’m doing better. Sometimes I’ll tell my coworkers about the food I like and they just think it’s uber weird and that my mom is depriving me of stuff. Of course, I’m not being deprived.

I like my potatoes baked in the oven with nothing stuffed inside or in anything. I like my drinks with no sugar, I like to eat steamed broccoli just like that, and I eat my tomatoes like an apple. Along with ‘weird’ things I eat, my family has also stopped eating a lot of things like bread, rice, sugars, and meats.

I know my coworker asked if I was on a diet once and I was just like, “HA, me, on a diet? No, no.” Up next should be exercise but more than food, exercise is something I’m not ready to incorporate into my lifestyle OTL

Until next time~ 🙂

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