3 Day Quote: We Never Really Grow Up

Hey guys!

As I started looking for all the 3 Day Quote Challenges (Tag?) I’m behind on, I found one extra one. Instead of doing parts I decided to just add everything together so please expect a week full of quotes! I know, that’s how bad it is, haha


  • Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  • Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

For the bloggers who nominated me, I’m so sorry it took me this long to get to these! Thank you Raven Fern, Marvelously Mismatched, and Otaku Gamer Zone, definitely check out all of these amazing blogs 🙂

Let’s start then!


I feel like this quote is something that everyone understands. Personally, I’m so much like how I was when I was a kid and I honestly can’t see myself changing anytime in the future. Of course, at the same time I’m also very different (let’s say) on here compared to at my job or school. I like to think that as Crimson, I’m at my truest ‘form.’


Of course, I don’t feel like I can always be Crimson. A little escapes when I’m at work, but there are people I can’t be free with and certain things I can’t say (even when we’ve known each other so long). At school I get new classmates all the time and even those that are consistent feel light years away from me.

We speak occasionally but that’s as far as conversation goes. You’d think that with us studying similar things I could create a better connection but there’s always something off.  Part of me thinks it’s because I haven’t grown up yet (like they have) and a part of me is just filled with fear.

Will they accept me as Crimson? Will Lisette do? Or should I just stay as the Quiet Girl?

My nominees:

Nozomi (you can do either of your blogs!) [Read]


Until next time! 😀

11 thoughts on “3 Day Quote: We Never Really Grow Up”

    1. I know right! I’ve had friends who have pretty much left anime behind because they thought it was childish :/ And my parents are always telling me I’m such a kid because I still watch cartoon! LOL

      But like, I can’t help it xD #nevergrowup

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  1. I think bit by bit some people begin to lose sight of the little things, and those little things are what kids enjoy the most. The day a 12 year-old told me he was too old to play with bubbles (while I was blowing bubbles :lol:) was the day I wondered why did I even wanted to grow up in the first place?

    Eventually, you find the right people with whom you can be yourself, so you can all be kids together :_D and it’s great! but until then everyone is just afraid to be themselves orz

    Also, thanks for nominating me c: and never let the world make you grow up (living a life were you can’t play with bubbles seems kinda boring)

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    1. I feel like kids want to grow up so quickly and even I wanted to but now I’m like, gosh, there’s just so much expectation and responsibilities and sometimes I just want to go back to being a kid for a day xD Like, don’t rush kids, enjoy what you have because when it’s gone it’s gone

      Which is why I’m really grateful to have some of the people I just goof off with 🙂

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  2. You’ll always be Crimson to me, but I accept other identities as well! And this is a really good quote. Although sometimes I say screw the public and just act the way I want, as long as it won’t get me into trouble or hurt other people, no problem for me

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  3. I’ve done something like this in Spanish, it is very popular now in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, mostly in blogs.

    I loved your quote, also, a raw truth. But I’ll remember it for years.

    Thanks for reading me! Bye!

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