One Lovely Blog Award [My Pet Peeves]

Hey guys!

Here is another blog award, this time from the lovely Alice at Alice Goes YOLO! Thank you very much for this award and you guys should definitely check out her blog for some travel and anime posts.



  • You must thank person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • You must list the rules and display the award
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers

So there are quite a few awards that are about facts. Instead of just randomly giving you guys facts about myself I thought I’d do something specific. So far I have Depressing Stuff About Me and Eating Habits, and having been planning this post while driving I thought I’d make this about my Pet Peeves.

Enjoy learning about stuff that irritate me to no end!

1 . Noises like slurping, heavy breathing, loud gum chewing, snoring, bad whistling, and loud chattering (like really loud) really irritate me. There are more noises that anger me too but these are some of the top ones.

Today my dad was slurping his stew and after 2 seconds I just had to leave, otherwise I was going to go mad!

2. Speaking of driving, I despise traffic and dumb drivers. I commute to school and usually traffic is okay but I just stay a little longer at school I end up in traffic that can be up to 2 hours long.

And what is a dumb driver? Drivers who try to be cool and drive fast then slow, drivers who put their directionals when they have no intention of turning, drivers who get in front of me and go just as slow as the car they had been behind previously, cars that go below or at speed limit (I always drive 5-10 over the speed limit but this I direct at expressway drivers), drivers that take up more than one lane, and really the list goes on.

3. When my coffee or food is made incorrectly. I actually used to not mind but this happens so often that it’s turned into a pet peeve of mine. Like, what about no sugar did you not understand? And why is it taking you THREE TIMES to finally get my omelet right? (IHOP wants me to rip my hair out, seriously)

And did I mention that McDonald’s always has me pull up over 2 burgers or 2 drinks? Then five cars later they’ll come and be like, “Here’s your food” -__-

4. When people say I’m angry when I’m not. This used to happen more when I was younger, nowadays it doesn’t happen as much but yeah. My dad will say this to me a lot and then finally I’ll just be like “I wasn’t angry before but now I am so stop asking me!” GRAHH!

5. Slow Internet. I’m sure this is something a lot of us share and gosh, I get so angry when this happens! Haha, today I threatened my computer but I think it knows I’d never hurt it so it just keeps being slow (I have bad internet connection in the basement because of how thick the walls are and so when I’m trying to blog stuff my computer will frequently freeze while trying to save)

My brother found a way to get better connection but it requires some electrical work in our basement and I have no idea when and if that work will ever be done…

6. Bright Lights when they’re not necessary. I used to not mind bright lights but lately my eyesight has just gotten worse and worse. When I’m at conventions and panels have flashing and bright lights I’ll just feel really off. I have no idea why panels would require flashing lights and that just irritates me

Cars with their high lights also really irritate me. I already have problems seeing the road when cars come at me from the other direction (and they have normal lights), imagine my trouble when people use their high lights? GAHH

7. Weather above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m a sweater person and hot weather makes me feverish, and by hot I don’t mean 80-100 degrees. Anything past 70 is bad for me. Sometimes I just feel uncomfortable and sometimes I get goosebumps, itchiness, and really I just feel bad.

And it’s this that makes my living in California an impossibility…(I wanted to go to school out there and after that didn’t happen I wanted to live out there but that’s something I don’t plan on doing anymore, haha)

And those are my 7 facts! Thanks for reading 🙂

What are some of your pet peeves? Do we share any? Do you think I’m crazy? Haha, as for my nominees I have Shiroyuni and Kira0130! Enjoy~

8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award [My Pet Peeves]”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try IHOP, but there’s none nearby.

    I get the “Why are you angry?” when I’m just staring off into space. But evidently I look mad. I’m not, just lost in my random thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Slow internet!!! Especially when you’re streaming anime and then its the climax and tension is high and there’ this orchestral background music and then suddenly ……… video is buffering.
    *flips table*

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Slow internet. It’s really frustrating when you’re downloading or streaming some episode and then your pc just freezes. And then you have to start from the top when the connection comes back up. Really really depressing. >_<

    And you're welcome crimson!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds like a nightmare! xD My mom is usually on board with some of my noise peeves (so she’ll say something when someone ignores my cry of STOP PLS) but when I start complaining about breathing she just gives me this look like I’m crazy. I mean, maybe I am a little LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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