Daiya no Ace: Mid-Season Thoughts

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in on a series I started a while back, Diamond no Ace (Ace of the Diamond). I wrote up a first impression back in August and I thought I’d tell you all how I’m liking the series.

As a note, I usually finish shows pretty quickly (even the longer ones) but this one has just taken me so long. One obvious reason is that I was busy with school between September and November, and even after classes I’ve gotten really bad internet connection.

What about the other reason? It’s pretty simple really, I don’t want it to end! I’ve actually just finished episode 50, which means 25 more episodes until I can move on to season 2! So much for a mid-season thoughts post, I’m already past the mark!

But I thought this would be a good place to stop since the characters have finally gotten a ‘break’ between their games.

Since episode 2 we’ve learned that Sawamura Eijun really only has passion for baseball and that his actual talent is overshadowed by his crazy exclamations of wanting to be the Ace. Coming to Seidou quickly shows him that he’s not the only one who wants to become the best and if he really wants to become Ace, the first thing he needs to do is become an official member of the team. 

Of course, this is hard to do when you’ve just disrespected the coach by coming in late on your first day of practice and  placing a bet that will either break or make your first year.

However, Sawamura isn’t that easily discouraged as he trains hard every day, impressing the Coach with his fiery personality and very honest nature. And it’s this, along with a plan to excite the older team members that finally places Sawamura as part of the team. As a whole, Sawamura is a character that others easily gravitate to and that viewers will find it hard not to love.

In terms of pace, I’m loving and hating it. I love it because we get to see so much of the characters’ growth. We know that Sawamura has very little knowledge in terms of baseball and controlling his body, however, as the series progresses we get to see him practicing and doing various exercises assigned to him by the Coach and Chris (the ex-main catcher who is now more like a manager). So by the time he finally improves it’s not something that happened instantly and we can celebrate even more wholeheartedly Sawamura’s success!

And it’s not just characters like Sawamura who get their moments in the series. We also have characters like Chris, who don’t play but who we can get attached to because their background is explored. Even our enemy teams have intense background stories explored, making it harder to cheer for Seidou’s success. One of my favorite examples for this is the game between Seidou and Yakushi High School.

I was so torn after that game it surprised me! Raichi was just such a lovable character and I hope we get to see him some more later on in the series

Hand in hand with this, it did take me quite some time to remember characters because there’s just that many of them! Just on the first string there are 20 members: Sawamura, Miyuki, Haruichi, Furuya, Kuramocchi, Ryosuke, Masuko, Kawakami, Tanba, Kanemaru, Tetsuya, Miyauchi, Isashiki, and seven other players that I possibly don’t know or just can’t remember…

Other teams also came and went with only two or three key players on each team. Basically, if there wasn’t something memorable about the character or if they weren’t constantly mentioned and on screen, I mostly forgot about them.

Something that I noticed since the beginning and that has recently put me off is the constant white backgrounds (especially) or just backgrounds with color. At first it didn’t really bother me but as the series progressed and I started noticing it more, I couldn’t help but wonder why not just render the background?

Or even if the white backgrounds could have been fewer…I mean, in just one episode I lost count of how many there were. Too many…I also noticed I had many deja vu moments. At first I couldn’t really pinpoint why I was having these feelings, but then I realized it was because many places just felt like repeats of previous takes.

And lastly, something I know someone else mentioned but that I didn’t feel was annoying were constant flashbacks. I actually didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out so this may or may not be a bad thing. I mean, it’s because of these flashbacks that I get to learn more about certain characters and as long as they don’t interrupt major action I’m not against them.

Overall, I’m seriously enjoying this series as many of you may have noticed. Still, I’m at the point where Seidou is going to play against their all time rival, Inashiro Industrial. And I just know what’s going to happen and that makes me want to cry even before their game begins!

I’ve been majorly spoiled with this series with my constant fanfiction reading, tumblr visits, and twitter feed info. And even though I know there’s stuff I’m not going to like, there’s just a part of me that wants to see Sawamura as Ace and that’s why I can’t put this down.

8 thoughts on “Daiya no Ace: Mid-Season Thoughts”

  1. The last 25 eps are some of the best…! Imo anyway haha xD I noticed the flashbacks but I don’t mind because I don’t mind seeing more Miyuki or Sawamura even if it’s all repeated scenes muahahah

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    1. i also didn’t mind the flashbacks :3 IN FACT little Miyuki was the best thing I could have watched aside from my misawa thoughts xD He was so smol….>_>

      I can only imagine! Hopefully I get through with the rest soon…after christmas haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. IKR little Miyuki was … … I didn’t know I needed a little Miyuki UNTIL I first lay my eyes on him ❤
        If I were you, I would actually take my time with everything HAHA, Daiya no Ace episodes will always be too limited in quantity to me anyway!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’d seen pictures of him and was really excited about reaching that scene but just WOW, so much cuter than I thought! I just wanted to steal him and hug him and be like, can you cook me some food too? Hes too cool >_< haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha ikr?! I didn’t know that he could be so smexy and like ….soo cute when he was small so it was a bonus y’know?! I actually want more small Miyuki scenes but too bad there aren’t alot ><

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