Kickstarter Package: Osamu Tezuka (Manga Haul #7)

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I last wrote about the Alabaster Kickstarter. If you followed me on my other blog around the time I first started blogging, that’s where I first announced I’d be helping fund the reprinting of Osamu Tezuka’s book Alabaster.


Some background info on the kickstarter: this was created by Digital Manga and was done from late January to the end of February (practically). The goal was to raise $29,200 but with everyone’s efforts we ended up raising $32,304. At some point Digital Manga started adding some Stretch Goals and different tiers to accommodate the community.

Now, while a lot of the bundles were great (limited edition wooden Alabaster coin, an illustration, name in the book, getting the books for your library, etc), I wanted something a bit less collectible and more PRINT. 

The reason I didn’t want collectibles is because I can’t even consider myself a Tezuka fan. I’ve never read any of his works and while I did possibly watch a bit of Kimba as a child, I can’t recall much of anything. I also know he’s the creator of Astro Boy but it’s not something I watched as a child.


So why did I fund a kickstarter with books of a guy I’d never read or watched before? Well, because he’s known as the ‘The God of Manga.’ As a manga addict and fan, wouldn’t you be interested in a person who hauls around a hefty title like that? Well, I did, haha

Initially I was only going to pledge $16 and that would have gotten me the digital copies of both volumes of Alabaster, however, at some point I decided to change my mind and ended up pledging $130! Quite a bit of a jump there no?

But here’s what my bundle included:

  • e-Love and campaign updates
  • card signed by Hikaru
  • Alabaster vol.1-2 Print
  • Alabaster Digital Companion
  • Triton of the Sea vol.1-2 Print
  • Ludwig B vol.1-2 Print
  • Captain Ken vol.1-2 Print

That’s 9 book for ~$14 each. Packages were actually supposed to come in September but I think there were issues with printing so stuff was delayed.


But the books have been delivered! They came in like 3 days ago or so. I wasn’t home when UPS came by but I got this little card in the mail that said I should go pick it up (unless I wanted them to send it back to Digital Manga) so I went to get it the next day 🙂

And here is a lovely picture of the books. I really like how they felt because who doesn’t like the way new books feel? The art style is like what I expected, which I’m kind of in limbo about at the moment. I’m not crazy about it but I don’t hate it. I’m actually more interested in the concept of the stories.

For example, Alabaster is about racism, revenge, and how far humans are willing to go to attain revenge. Just with these three things I was instantly hooked. Triton of the Sea is another one that caught my interest. It reminds me of the Little Mermaid, since it’s about an underwater kingdom, however, this is supposed to be Tezuka’s take on Atlantis. In this book we have Kazuya who finds a baby who is identified as Triton, the last of a once mighty underwater species. As the tale unfolds we find that misfortune surrounds him.

Triton of the Sea is also the biggest out of all the books in the package!


The two other titles are Ludwig B and Captain Ken. I don’t really have many thoughts on Ludwig B since it’s about Beethoven’s life. It seems pretty simple in terms of a summary but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some deeper meaning embedded into the story. That seems to be the way Tezuka works after all.

As for Captain Ken, that’s the title I’m least excited about. From the summary on the back I gathered it’s a story set on Mars and in the future where there’s a war between humans and Martians (guys, I can’t help but associate this with Aldnoah Zero, haha). Then we have Captain Ken, a guy who appears to not exist as nobody knows who he is, why he’s on Mars, and why he looks like Miss Ken Minakami.

The idea sounds really cool, however, the genre just isn’t to my taste. I’m hoping that when I read it, it’s easy enough for me to understand.

A lot of these stories sound like they’re meant for novels so I’m pretty excited to see how they’re done in manga format. But yes, that’s all for this post! I’ll definitely add more visuals once I get to reading these 🙂

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