The Free Spirit Award [Karma]

Hey guys! I’m back with another award! This is actually my second go at the Free Spirit Award and I’d like to thank Daiyamanga for this. Check out her post to see what else she loves apart from anime and manga! I’m sure a lot of people can relate to her passions, I know I did, kekeke.

Now, my first post-nomination was about what keeps me blogging but this time I have a prompt that’s a bit more…unusual. I’m going to go with a simple ‘answer the questions’ type format since I’m unsure on what to write about. This award was created by UNOTAKU and Marvelously Mismatched.



  • Write about the topic your nominator gave you
  • Place the Free Spirit Award button somewhere in your post
  • Nominate bloggers (no requirements or limitations)
  • Give your nominees a new topic to post about
  • Have fun

My prompt:

If you choose to accept, your topic is karma. Write about whether you believe in it or not, something ironic that happened thanks to karma, your favorite show or book that had karma as one of its main themes, karma versus justice, whatever. I’m looking forward to your responses.

Before I start I know that karma is probably tied to lots of things. I tried to do some reading before doing this post only to find that I couldn’t keep up with the concept. For the most part karma seems to be intent and actions (cause) that bring about a certain future (effect). When someone does something good, then good things are bound to happen in their future. And vice versa. There were other terms like kriya, samsara, reincarnation, and transferability and the definition seems to depend on what religious views one has.

I’m going to go with the ‘no religious affiliation’ and limited knowledge view.

Let’s start!

Do you believe in karma? No, I don’t. I don’t like the idea of believing in forces I can’t understand or prove are real. Not to mention that I think the concept is flawed. I do, however, play around with the term and randomly yell out Karma! when something ‘bad’ happens.

Something ironic that happened thanks to karma: Since I don’t believe in karma I can’t really say something happened because of karma, but there is this one story that my mom told us about a while back. If karma exists then I’d say this would be an example of it.

Apparently, when my mom first came to the US she’d been babysitting for this lady, except that the correct definition runs more along the lines of housekeeper/servant. She’d take care of the kids, do the cleaning, and whatever else at-home moms do. She did this for 6 months and in the end, she was never paid for her work (practically). The lady paid my mom but because my mom didn’t have a bank account the lady offered to hold onto the money while my mom settled down (she was moving to Chicago because the pay and conditions were better) but the lady never did that. Kept the money.

So my mom had to basically start all over again after she left this family. In the end, though she says she’s gained much more than what she lost back then. Doesn’t have bad feelings for the lady and the experience seems to make her laugh more than it makes her angry. Not to mention that my grandma later told her that the lady ended up with a not so nice end (no she didn’t die).

There are obviously more details in the story but this was the basic gist of it.

Your favorite book or show that has karma as its main theme: I don’t really watch TV outside of anime so can’t think of anything there. I also don’t think I’ve stumbled upon any anime with karma as its main theme (?) but I’m sure we could find it anywhere if we looked, especially in shows dealing with good vs evil. The same thing goes with books.

I do think karma would be an interesting prompt for writing though. Especially if it’s taken in a humorous way. I can see it now, a fanfiction where the MC is so obsessed and paranoid over his karma. Then he meets a piece of sunshine (obviously a guy) who makes him forget about karma when they’re together, and that initially makes him anxious but as time goes on he realizes he shouldn’t be so obsessed because that’s making him overthink and intent also affects karma.

Karma vs. Justice: I think this is where karma is mostly flawed. What I understand about karma is that if someone does something bad they’ll eventually get their just deserves, but what happens in the meantime? Do we just let criminals run wild and let them do as they please because they’ll eventually get punished? What form does that punishment come in and who executes it?

What if a criminal honestly thinks that what they’re doing is honest and just? Does their intent make their actions alright? (I once watched this show where a mother constantly beat her child because she honestly believed he deserved it and thought that it was the only way he could repent and be saved. Her intent is good but her actions bad so…?)

Does that mean that victims get victimized because they deserved it? If they demand that a criminal is punished for selfish reasons, does that make their actions bad? What about reincarnation? The karma concept also talks about actions that are committed in previous lives but people don’t remember things like that. Are we held responsible for actions that we don’t remember doing/didn’t do in this lifetime?

Who decides what’s good and what’s bad? What if in the long run an action is good but not in the immediate future? What if people use karma as an excuse? Endorsing thinking like, I can’t do anything about it or I deserved it. It would also make it hard for people to move on from their present situations (financially, abusive, academically, other). Etc. Etc.

Whatever else: I just learned there’s a karma car (Fisker Karma) and it looks so nice, why are foreign cars so gorgeous?! I like the European and Japanese cars ♥

I hope I didn’t offend anyone (ó﹏ò。) But yes, that is all for this award!

Thank you guys for reading, here are my nominees (and I know it’s getting to that time where people are going back to school if you guys are students, so it’s fine if you don’t accept or do this whenever you might have time).

If I’ve re-nominated you then feel free to choose between this prompt or my other prompt (or if you want to do both that’d be cool too)!

Raven Fern 

Kaichou wa Blogger-sama

Closet Otaku 

Pantastic Panda

Takuto’s Anime Cafe


The Huge Anime Fan

Lita Kino Anime Reviews


As for a prompt, let’s go with:

Imagine you’ve created the next big hit in anime and you’ve been given free reign on everything. Who would animate your series? What VA’s (english and/or japanese and/or other) would you want as part of your cast? Who would draw your manga (can be anyone, you, a friend, a mangaka)? Who would be the music composer? How do you see your content develop? What’s the original source? Etc.

Feel free to answer all or some of these questions, and to add more to the list (as I’m sure I’ve missed other key players). Like always, if anyone else I haven’t nominated wants to give this a shot, I’d love to hear your answers 😀

8 thoughts on “The Free Spirit Award [Karma]”

  1. I liked the questions in raised about karma vs justice, it gives us plenty to think about. Ultimately I think neither is the ‘better’, but that is only because they originate from different grounds. I think karma is more of a religious concept bordering on the spiritual that aims to deter, but justice encapsulates more than punitive and deterrent aims and in a way can be socially engineered.

    Having said that though, I think your example of karma is pretty much the same type of what I would give i.e. the ‘bad’ person meeting a ‘not so good’ end xD

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  2. Interesting read.:)

    To me, karma may not be real or tangible, but it’s emotionally comforting thing without having religious aspects to it. I mean, I doubt most people hope that someone who spent their life cheating, being rude, etc., ends up with fame, fortune, and love. It may not be right, but it’s human to hope that someone who brought unhappiness to others–whether what they did was legal or not–will end up perfectly happy. Likewise, we hope that someone who has spent their life helping others will not end up miserable and homeless or have their lives ended in a tragic way.

    Anyways, it was neat to read about what you learned!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. An interesting karma story and debate for sure. When justice is thrown into the mix, however, you just can’t beat it. Great answers btw.
    And thanks for the nomination! The prompt looks very fun to write about, so maybe I’ll squeeze in some time to get it done sooner 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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