[2nd Update] In Carcere & For Want of a Nail by Slaine

I’ve been debating for a few days if I should write this post or not and after much deliberation, I’ve decided that yes, I need to write this (otherwise these feelings are going to consume me and I’m going to combust).


If you guys remember I wrote up a post called My Aldnoah Zero Phase, which basically outlined a few fanfiction stories I’d encountered on Ao3 before I finished season 2. Well, since there have been a few updates since then I felt like I should make a part 2 post! I’ll mostly be talking about the stories by Slaine 😀

And if you’re an Inaho x Slaine fan and haven’t read Slaine’s stories…well, you should probably go do that now! Slaine has 6 stories up on the first page, ordered by kudos, and the two top stories are both their long series!

I’ve also found them on Tumblr so yes, follow them, send them some love (I know I’m such a stalker but I can’t help it ;__; if I knew they had a Twitter I’d be all over it too!)


For want of a Nail: In my first post, this story was still a WIP but now it has been completed! It’s 20 chapters long and Inasure (feel the love). I previously mentioned that this was one of my favorite stories that Slaine had written and that it was pretty refrained in the romance department. I’m actually going to take that back.

What happened? I have no idea. As the story nears its finale the pace starts to get wonky and things start happening much too fast. Scenes cut from one place to another more fit for the screen than for reading material. Then I went ahead and reread the story only to find that I couldn’t.

I would constantly go through chapters and skim through, only reading some of my favorite parts (when Inaho gets thrown into a storage room with Slaine by his friends, when Marito would catch them in compromising situations, when Slaine punched Rayet and was about to knock her into next week, etc). In the later chapters with Slaine and Saazbaum, the interaction is really bland, and I used more of what I’d seen from A/Z to fill in the emotions.

I won’t say I dislike this story because I actually like it quite a bit, but I will say I was disappointed at the end. In the endnotes, Slaine mentions that there will be a sequel story, however, the startup date is unknown. They want to take a break to plan things out and I’m just crossing my fingers about it being in the same league as their other story, In Carcere!

Also, it looks like the site I left in my previous post has been deleted? (or something). But for some fanart, please visit the artist I’ll be mentioning down below 🙂 They’ve done work for both of these lovely stories!

*Spoilers ahead*

In Carcere: When I first started reading this story it was number 2 on the first page in the Inasure fics, now it is number one! Having beaten For Want of a Nail by 200+ kudos and counting! Oh if only I could vote for this story more than once, I’d give it so much love it’d probably get sick of me~

Unlike For Want of a Nail, this story is still going with 20+ (with today’s update *crosses fingers*) chapters and it is amazing. Amazing. Fantastic. Splendid. Inasuretastic. I call this my season 3, haha. It looks like I left off around chapter 13 in my last post, just at the point where Inaho realizes he’s got special feelings for Slaine.

Art by Carymono (tumblr)

The pace is great and suspenseful. We have Slaine who is slowly starting to open up to Inaho, believing that his actions aren’t just because he’s being viewed like an animal worth observing. Inaho who is struggling with containing his feelings for Slaine, afraid that his actions may be taken negatively (i.e. he wants to have sex with Slaine just because). How UFE has decided to use Slaine in their plot to get rid of the last remaining Counts on Earth (assassination). The collar that Slaine had to adorn for this specific mission, that could kill him if the UFE decides he’s being uncooperative!

Then there’s the whole perverted Guard thing going on where I’m just on edge because he obviously wants to rape Slaine! And I know the author said there would be no rape in the story but I can’t help but want to smack Inaho for even thinking of placing that guy on Slaine guard duty! (Inaho doesn’t know this guy’s after Slaine)

But the best part right now is that Slaine is going to be meeting Inaho’s friends under the guise of some ex-UFE soldier who is trying to get back on the UFE’s good side (and the part after they watched the documentary was so adorable!).

So yes, this is definitely a long story but it’s so good! I’m actually rereading it, haha. Also, I got permission to post this lovely fanart by @Cary69mono! I’ve linked the picture to direct you to her tweet with this picture but they also have a Tumblr if anyone is interested! 😀

(whispers: that’s the scene I said was adorable!) Come! Click the link, you know you want to >:3 Send some love! ♥♥♥♥♥ I also found some fanart by Zyclophy! Huh, now I want to draw something, but I can’t draw out scenes yet! Need to practice some more haha

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