Currently Reading: Seraph of the End Manga [Chap 20 – 36]

Hey guys~ Today I want to talk about Seraph of the End the manga! I’m like super behind on the anime review I meant to write like…a long time ago (I can’t even remember when but I’m sure it hasn’t been that long). But I did write up a review for the first 4 volumes a while ago so feel free to check that out if you’d like (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

Now, the reason I went and read the manga last night (8/9) was because I started writing fanfiction again (or at least I’m trying to), and I wanted to get to know the characters more. I couldn’t really get into their mentalities @_@ especially when I’d only read like the first 19 chapters of the manga. But now I feel a bit more acquainted with them, especially Mika.

Oh, and I noticed I didn’t write a summary in my 4 volume review (my bad), so here’s one here. I hope I make sense, haha


Having been cast off and orphaned by his parents at a young age, Yuuichirou Amane has never really known the love of a family. Sent to the Hyakuya Orphanage he’s initially reluctant to consider the other kids as his family, however, one day the world is infected with a deadly virus that kills off all humans older than 13, and the group of them have to work together to survive. Especially when vampires appear and claim the remainder of humanity for their blood supply.

Four years later, Yuuichirou and the children of Hyakuya Orphanage plan an escape after Mikaela, another of the older kids of their group, obtains a map showing the exit of the vampire city Sanguinem (where they’re being kept). Unfortunately, the plan fails, the vampires having been toying with them, and Yuuichirou is the only one who escapes.

Fueled by the murder of his family, Yuuichirou vows to exterminate all vampires, taking on the name of Yuuichirou Hyakuya.

This manga has actually surprised me. Even though I’d mentioned I was excited to find out more about what happened the reality was that I’d forgotten about it. The library said it was going to send me the next book eventually but because it was newly purchased it was going to take a while. Then I got it and was like, m’kay 

I hadn’t tried to pick it up after that. Until two nights ago and now I’m just excited all over again! Why? Because the plot has gotten interesting especially now that it’s not just about Yuu wanting to save Mika and destroying all vampires or even about family. Now there’s the whole Seraph of the End project that the Hyakuya’s were experimenting on and that apparently, all the higher-ups on both sides (humans and vampires) knew about.

The only difference seems to be that humans want to use this power that the Hyakuya’s were experimenting on while the vampires want to destroy that power. Between both sides, I’m wanting to side more with the vampires just because they’re not being secretive over what they want. At least, not so secretive, because now I’m just looking at Krul Tepes (Queen) and wondering, what are you plotting and why don’t I think you’re evil anymore?

Unfortunately, my comments on the first few volumes remain. The characters aren’t developed as great as I’d like them to be with the exception of Mika. It’s like the mangaka relies too much on character stereotypes (and that the reader is familiar with them). Yuu is still the kid who grabs everyone’s attention because he’s a loudmouth and an idiot (I call him a Naruto). Kimizuki is his rival in gaining power (standoffish, cool character) and Yoichi is the quieter of the bunch (who apparently excels at his own pace). Mitsuba is just there to me, I haven’t really figured out what her role is yet.

And then there’s Shinoa, the leader of their little group (she’s that friend who likes to tease and makes witty comments). There’s something about her that I’m starting to be interested in. It was hinted in like volume 4 (was it volume 4? when they get back from Shinjuku) that she’s never had anyone precious and so she’s got this distance between her and others. It looks like that’s going to be a big topic for her character, especially in the later chapters where Guren is cornering her, trying to make her understand that her attitude has to change for the good of the team. I’m interested in what could possibly change in her personality once she realizes that yes, her group isn’t at its full potential because she keeps messing around.

Not to mention she’s making Kimizuki x Yuu suggestions(。≖◡≖) not that I’m into that but if she likes the yaoi then I likes her

And Mika, let’s talk about Mika. I want to talk about Mika and his very obsessive attachment to Yuu. In my head I see Yuu all over him Mika’s actually this super important main character who gets some amazing screen time (except that he doesn’t actually). Yuu is super dedicated to getting him back and that’s where the MikaYuu obsession has come from. But it’s not really feeling like that anymore.

Instead, it feels like Mika has been cast aside to me? Like, I can tell Yuu still cares about him and wants to go save him but I also get that Yuu’s living a separate life from Mika now, a life where he has another family and friends that he cares about. I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing really changed if Mika were killed off. I mean, I would be terribly sad I’d cry and bawl like there’s no tomorrow but I think anyone could take Mika’s place in pushing Yuu to his limits (that’s what I feel Mika is right now, I could be wrong).

Then we have Mika who hates vampires, hates the fact that he’s a vampire (even though he’s not technically a full vampire yet, I’m looking at you chapter 36), and who also hates humans for tricking/using Yuu. He literally has no one but Yuu and his memories of them together and I feel like his story is further emphasized when you compare how Yuu has been faring since he left the vampire city.

Mika just feels so unstable to me, especially now that he’s craving human blood the most (he attacked like 3 people). He’s really starting to slip between human and vampire and there’s something exciting about that. Just him constantly warring with himself over what’s left of his humanity, and then his cynicism towards the whole world (the vampires can’t be trusted and humans are obviously plotting something with their human experimentation).

He really reminds me of Yuno from Future Diary (except that she kind of accepted that crazy) in that he’s got this yandere vibeAnd since he’s also from the Hyakuya Orphanage I’m interested to know what’s going to happen (is he also like Yuu? I mean, they were in the same orphanage, Mika for longer than Yuu). And what did Krul tell him that made him kind of change his mind? He just seemed so against everything when Krul was giving him blood and then she whispered something and now this?

Another thing about this manga is that it doesn’t develop certain topics that I feel should be explored more. For example, there’s the part where Kimizuki had mentioned that because they were family they should tell Yuu that he’d gone berserk and tried to kill Shinoa. They all agreed to do that after their training was complete and so they all gathered at Shinoa’s house for a meeting.

That part lasted like 2 seconds and it was over. Yuu was surprised and looked like he was going to question it more but ended up not (I think someone interrupted him) and the subject was never brought up again. Honestly, I was hoping they’d talk more about that so that Yuu wouldn’t be so clueless as to what was going on (especially since it concerns his body, maybe he’d connect the dots and realize that was what his demon was warning him about too).

Then there was the actual training session (I told my brother how Yuu took this pill that sent him into his unconscious or wherever the demon was and he was just like, bleach rip off haha, I wouldn’t know, haven’t watched Bleach much). So when Yuu goes and he’s talking with his demon, Asuramaru explains the rules for the fight they’re about to have and then they get down to business. My issue with it wasn’t the actual fight (not really) but how easily Yuu won his demon over. I expected her to be ruthless and that he would seriously be fighting for his life, but all he did was tell her to give him her power in exchange for his affection. She agrees and that’s all.

This was supposed to be this super difficult test that could mean his death! And it’s not just this test. Yuu just seems like he’s blowing through all these tests with no difficulty at all and it makes those parts bland. Like, I don’t have to worry because I know he’ll surpass this 1 – 2 – 3.

And then what happens afterward…

The only reason I’m probably still reading this is because there are funny parts where the characters just do stupid things and it’s entertaining to watch. But yeah, I’m still reading this because when I’m reading it I actually find it entertaining. It’s only when I calm down and I’m thinking about it that I’m just like, what is this? I will also say that my MikaYuu feels also keeps me addicted (chapter 36 why are you doing this to me)

And here’s my next dilemma, I don’t know if I should buy this series or not. Overall it’s a very average series but it’s entertaining enough that I wouldn’t mind having it. I mean, just the art alone makes me want it but then it’s like, I could be buying something else. Something really good. Ah, decisions, decisions.

Random: For some reason, I thought this series was by a woman (I always think that what I read is by a woman unless I know it’s not SnK), probably because I’m female? But I was curious about the series because some people were saying that this author is only doing this series for fun, that he’ll probably just drop it if he gets bored with it, and I was like, where did he say this? And then I found out it was a guy that’s the writer.

And that there’s a dub for this (it’s actually pretty decent, I didn’t dislike it right off the bat though I only saw the PV).

Wow, this turned out longer than I thought it’d be even after I shortened it…Other characters I didn’t mention that I’m really interested in: Kureto Hiiragi (world domination!), Shinya Hiiragi (so freakin’ adorable and smexy), Guren (what’s he planning), Krul Tepes (what’s she planning!!), Ferid (official pedo-vamp now haha), and there was this other child looking vampire that is up there with Krul (except they don’t get along).

I have no idea if he’s going to be a big character now but yeah, I want to see him more. And then there was the whole handing over of Yuu to Mika, is there a plan to get him back or are they going to him? Is there going to be another last-minute rescue by Kureto (I don’t even know if I’m spelling his name right)? And Guren, what’s going to happen to him now that he’s been captured (god this reminds me of that one fanfiction story).

Ok, I’m going now

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