[Fanfiction] MikaYuu Week Favorites!

GUYS! I’ve got terrible news!! MikaYuu week started while I was away on vacation and I wasn’t able to do anything! I cried myself to sleep last night because of this T___T (jk, was too busy reading MikaYuu FF until past 3am)

But yeah, it started on July 26 and is supposed to go on until August 1st and I was on tumblr just being a fangirl, the art that’s been made in these past 4 days (5 with today) is just awesomeness! There’s a tumblr page dedicated to this and they’re reblogging posts tagged MikaYuusWeek. The rules and prompts for the whole week are also there in case anyone is interested

And there’s this particular fanfiction story that I really liked and it’s got fanart (collab between Seredemia and Cali) and I’m just fangirling! Especially when I hear chapter 2 is at about 9K words (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

If you’re interested you can read it here! It looks like it’s going to be an 18+ story *__* (I’m crossing my fingers on the visuals)

The Artist and The Poet, collab between Seredemia (writer) and Califlair (artist) for MikaYuu Week 2015

An artist AU where Yuu has artist’s block and so he goes to a cafe to get some inspiration only to one day see a pretty blonde come in through the door. Since then he’s filled pages upon pages of him (Mika) in his sketchbook. Then one day he gets caught staring at the blonde and thus their interaction begins!

Yuu is such a cutie in this fic!! I’m just foaming at the mouth, lol

Seredemia is also one of my favorite authors in the MikaYuu fandom so I highly recommend all her other stuff

I also really liked:

And then there was this adorable story called You’re the One about Mika and Yuu secretly crushing on each other and unknowingly being Twitter friends, ah, it was so cute!


As to my participation…the week is almost over so I’m debating if I should start or not. Chances are I will…like later, haha! I’ll probably try to write something short tonight but that’s 7 stories I’d have to come up within 2.5 days (if I want to finish by 8/1).

Not to mention that it’s been forever since I last wrote anything (which reminds me, I want to clean up my Ao3 account…) Haha

I need to go back and check out more stuff (๑→‿←๑)

6 thoughts on “[Fanfiction] MikaYuu Week Favorites!”

    1. Yeah, I’ve always heard of these things before for other fandoms but I never really knew where to look, it’s my first time finding one and I missed it xP there’s been so much new stuff made since then it’s so great 😀 now I can get lost in all the mikayuu goodness !!

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