[Review] Aldnoah Zero OST

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Hey guys! If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed I posted up a very precious picture of my most recent purchase: 2 Aldnoah Zero OST CDs! Yes, I mentioned before that I regretted not getting the A/Z CD I found at AX but soon after Prime Day, I found it on Amazon! Lucky me (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

I will have to say though, that I’m glad I didn’t buy the CD at AX because I found it for half the price on Amazon, which was awesome! You can find it here, and according to the info on the side, there are only 2 left (though I’m not sure how true that is).

In addition to that disc, I also bought another A/Z CD/DVD combo, which I didn’t even hesitate with buying. In the reviews, someone mentioned it had the songs Keep on Keeping on, and yeah, that’s one of the songs I really wanted.

Here are my thoughts!

I’ll start with the CD/DVD disc since it was shorter and I’ve already checked everything out:


One thing I’d like to comment on this before I get to the music is that the case isn’t made out of plastic which I totally thought was great! I’ve got a history of destroying my jewel cases and that’s not awesome (because then I have nowhere to store CDs). It also doesn’t catch all that glare when I’m trying to take pictures of it.

Instead, it’s made of this paper/cardboard material. According to wiki, this type of packaging is called a ‘digipack,’ which is a plastic CD tray glued inside of a folding cardboard cover. The only bad thing about this is that there’s no place for the tiny booklet it comes with so it’s always falling out…haha

In terms of music, the CD has the following tracks:

  1. [nZk]
  2. A/Z
  3. aLIEz
  4. Keep on Keeping on
  5. A/Z (TV size)
  6. aLIEz (TV size)
  7. A/Z (instrumental)
  8. aLIEz (instrumental)

While the DVD only has two short ‘videos’ for A/Z and aLIEz.

Cost: In total, there are only really 4 songs (or 6 if you count the instrumentals as separate), and 2 mini-videos. So even though I technically bought each track/video for $2.148, it feels like I actually paid $2.685 (if I count 8 items, which I don’t, I’ve never really been a fan of doubles). By the way, I paid $21.48 for this disc. I’m still undecided if I feel this price was good or not. My rational side says absolutely not while my more emotional side says hells yeah!

DVD: I actually had a hard time trying to access this stuff. Why? I have no idea. My brother fiddled with the DVD on his computer and it somehow worked on his and not mine. I’m thinking it had to do with the program we were using to access the disc? In the end, he found a free program I could use to watch it called VLC media player.

In the end, though, I was rather disappointed with the DVD’s content. The two videos only amount to about 3 minutes together and they aren’t even that great. Most of it is still and we only get a short piece of both songs (A/Z + aLIEz). For A/Z we have a small clip like that from the ending song of season 1. For aLIEz we get a bit more ‘movement’ as we get flashes of Inaho and Slaine on screen and then end with both of them seen from afar and in shadow.


CD: I absolutely loved all four songs! Out of the four, I couldn’t place the first song [nZk] in the anime but that could have been me just missing it. The other three are kind of your trademark songs from the anime: A/Z (ending theme 1), aLIEz (ending theme 2), and Keep on keeping on (insert song).

I could do without the TV size versions since they’re just repeats of the whole versions. Same with the instrumentals. I don’t need them but it’s nice to have them.

Extra Content: With this CD/DVD combo we get a tiny 6-page booklet with lyrics and disc information! And a picture of our composer 澤野弘之 (Sawano Hiroyuki) who I believe goes by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. There’s also the vocalist Mizuki who is BOMB.

If you’d like to purchase this CD/DVD combo you can find it on Amazon for $21.48. Right now it says there are only 3 left but again, I’m not sure how true that is. When I bought mine it was the last one available and as soon as I bought it, the amount available went up again. You can also find it on CDjapan for $12.09 but you’d then have to consider shipping costs.

On CDjapan there is also a non-DVD version which costs $10.08, shipping not included.

And now we’ll talk about the second CD!

Compared to the previous disc, this one only has a CD and has 20 tracks! It also cost me $18 so it didn’t hurt as much as the A/Z CD/DVD bundle did. Not to mention that at AX it was selling for $35, plus whatever taxes I would have had to pay. This case is the terrible plastic one I have a bad history with but because it’s in this kind of case we also have a bigger booklet (and a place to keep the other discs booklet safe, yup, I just stuffed it inside this one)!

These are the tracks:

  1. No differences
  2. AZPV
  3. A-0picturez
  4. MKAlieZ
  5. 2零14zero91零
  6. アZ – Kat
  7. 悲scene
  8. AD2014 – 7.5/7.9 – 零・A
  9. AL℃-@
  10. The Call to Arms
  11. +61yard
  12. FIRE ★
  13. R 零 B 零 T
  14. SiTE – n0w1
  15. al – door0
  16. Ver$
  17. aズ – 17歩
  18. Ch19ヲFIRE★
  19. AcyOrt
  20. BRE@TH//LESS

If you ask me these are some crazy titles, like the Ver$, haha. I still like them though, but I’m curious as to why it wasn’t Vers. Or why BRE@TH//LESS was written like that as opposed to just BREATHLESS or BRE@THLESS. Just wondering what the reasoning behind it all

I’ve already mentioned the case: would have preferred something different but ah well.

CD: Oh my god I’m spewing blood right now!! The songs are greatness! I’ll mention MKAlieZ now because that’s what I’m listening to, and it’s SO good! Battle music. I’m getting flashbacks to everything and just *CRYY-IAYYZZ*. I’m not a music reviewer or knowledgeable about anything so I can’t really get into anything useful…but everything just flows so nicely, this song especially changes “scenarios” (beats?) multiple times, going from obvious string instruments to more digital sounds and converging, especially as the track progresses. And then we have our vocalist cut through everything with her amazing voice (which, by the way, I don’t really know who she is, no credits for this song sadly). It’s very beautifully dramatic!

I love all the songs although some I can’t place like +61yard and Ver$. Another thing I want to mention is that the disc is only about 1 hour and 10 minutes long. Compared to other discs, this one was very short (I have the Your Lie in April courtesy of my brother’s money and this other random one from those surprise bags you buy at cons)

Also, I don’t dislike any of the songs so that’s a plus!


Extra content: This CD comes with a 10-page booklet which includes lyrics, a picture of Asseylum (exactly like the front cover), an Interview, Hiroyuki’s information (like WS, Twitter, official site, and background), and staff information. The interview is actually in Japanese so I have no idea what’s going on there but here’s a sneak preview of it:

Like I mentioned up top, I paid $18 for this CD on Amazon, with currently 2 left in stock. You can also buy this on CDjapan for $24.99 plus shipping. If there are other places for purchase, I don’t know of them (´๑•_•๑)

Apart from these two CDs, there is apparently one more on Amazon called Heavenly Blue (Itd.), which consists of just one song (full, TV size, and instrumental). On CDjapan you can also find other CDs and some radio CDs (I’m not sure what those are).

Overall I was happy with my purchase(˶′◡‵˶)I was tempted to buy the Seraph of the End OST I saw in the ‘customers also bought’ section but I resisted because that one cost ~$30, and there are no reviews giving me hints on what I may find inside. Maybe next time…*looks at empty wallet*…yeah, next time, haha

5 thoughts on “[Review] Aldnoah Zero OST”

  1. Hiroyuki Sawano is a freaking genius, so it’s no wonder you purchased them, haha! That second soundtrack with Asseylum on the front and a landing castle on the back has gorgeous art on it. Man, I love this show a little too much, even though I know it’s not even that great. I’m currently waiting on my DVD of set one by Aniplex to arrive, so excited! Nice CDs, thanks for sharing the A.Z love ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What?! I want one too!! XD (but I’m currently jobless and poor, boo maybe next time) I know! like when you actually sit down and start to critique it it’s like, well…there was XYZ, But it was also just an enjoyable series xP that I’m still recovering from … T.T

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