Manga Haul #5: Kinokuniya Package #2!!

Hey guys! Another post here about my recent purchases (god, it feels like all I do is spend money haha)! This one actually came in the mail the day before I left for AX and I bought them from Kinokuniya, for my previous purchase please check out this post!

So what exactly did I order this time? Well, I continued my Rihito Takarai search and got volumes 1 + 2 of Hana nomi zo Shiru (Only the Flower Knows), which is an adorable story I totally recommend. I had bought volume 3 accidentally in 2013 when I was in Okinawa (thinking it was volume 1, derp). But all is well now!

Only the Flower Knows is a story about a guy named Youichi who seems to be living a rather normal university life. He’s doing well in class, has friends, and a cute girlfriend (that he neglects, hint hint), only to one day meet a stranger that changes everything. That stranger is Misaki, a closed off individual who turns out to be going to the same school as Youichi. When Youichi finds out he can’t seem to leave Misaki alone, going so far as to help out at the lab Misaki is working at (he’s an agricultural major). And thus romance ensues with some bumps along the road (because Misaki has some issues with a third character).

It’s a really sweet story and the art is just amazing!

I also bought Hana no Miyako de and while it isn’t a manga I love, it was one I enjoyed. I do think it was short and rather sad. I also believe it’s the prequel to Only the Flower Knows since at the end we are introduced to Misaki (˶′◡‵˶)I also think Misaki is Akira’s grandchild? I could totally be wrong (since I’m bad with family relations and trees) but I think that’s what it said at the end?

Anyways, this story follows the lives of two childhood friends named Akira and Motoharu, who are both from different social classes. They met when Motoharu catches Akira peering into his family’s garden, observing the flowers. From then they became good friends but with the progress of time, Motoharu began to develop feelings for Akira. One day he confesses his feelings only to get rejected. Years later they find themselves distanced but also studying at the same university and department (agriculture, thanks to Motoharu’s persistence to stay together).

It’s a quick read so I’d recommend it. It’s also got its funny parts, like when Akira tells Motoharu to “Please…make it so that I may never forget you.” Yeah, I was all blushy and embarrassed for Akira in the next scene, haha!

And here is the second half of my purchase!! So I got volumes 1 + 2 for Honto Yajuu (Like the Beast)!! I’ve been telling myself since forever now that I would buy them but hadn’t. But now I did and I’m so happy!

Honto Yajuu is a forbidden romance type story between a yakuza named Aki, and a local officer named Tomoharu. One day, while walking home Tomoharu encounters an underwear thief and apprehends him, only to have a guy in jogging clothes come by and steal the ‘evidence.’ The next morning he gets a visit from a strange guy wearing flashy clothes (obviously yakuza) who gives him a large sum of money for helping him the night before. Tomoharu pieces the events together and refuses to take the money. Instead, he takes the envelope the money is in with the inscription: Thanks for the help – Gotouda Aki. 

It’s here that Aki confesses and admits that he’s in love with Tomoharu. Of course, our cop friend isn’t so keen on the idea, thinking that perhaps this is a case of Transference Effect. And thus madness ensues~! haha (Like seriously, with a super hot when he’s not being a fashion killer and hyper yakuza-like Aki there’s a lot of shenanigans that goes down)

AND my last book is Otokogokoro (A Man’s Heart), which seems like it’s part of a 4 volume series dubbed Kokoro. This is actually a manga I recently ‘read’ and by this I mean I haven’t actually read it…

So I was reading some yaoi manga a while ago and I stumbled upon this beautiful series (I’d seen it on someone’s Twitter feed before). I checked it out, totally fell in love with the uke who is the most stereotypical innocent uke ever. I read through the story so quickly I was disappointed to know there wasn’t more available. When I checked out the actual manga page though, I learned that not everything was being translated.

Apparently only the romance between Saki and Shinomiya (the two characters on the cover) was being translated. This got me curious and I thought, hmmm I should buy it and see what I’m missing. Of course, now that I have it I’m just super depressed because the SakiMiya is only like 1/4 of the book. There is another romance being developed in here that I don’t know about!! I am so depressed (╥_╥)

Oh! Quick summary for the SakiMiya: One night after work salaryman Saki is walking home only to collapse from a high fever. The next morning he wakes up in an apartment he doesn’t recognize and realizes that a college student named Jun Shinomiya helped him out the night before. Not wanting to be in debt with Jun, Saki insists that the younger boy asks for something and all Jun requests is that they have dinner together. Not satisfied, Saki gets an idea after hearing the neighbors doing the do and decides to help Jun ‘get comfortable.’

And yeah, that was my not really latest purchase! Lots of yaoi goodness (●´□`)♡

If you like yaoi, please read them, they’re really fun and good reads! I totally recommend more of Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s work, like Lucky Number 13Konya mo NemurenaiMankai DarlingHarete Bokutachi wa, etc!

3 thoughts on “Manga Haul #5: Kinokuniya Package #2!!”

  1. Hana no Miyako de is definitely a prequel to Only the Flower Knows. Misaki’s professor is actually Motoharu. You know the old professor man. While Misaki is Akira’s grandson. I love the original series more since it wasn’t so tragic.

    Oh, and thanks for sharing about A Man’s Heart! I am going to look into that series. The story premise sounds interesting to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew there was something going on there xD it’s kind of sad when I think bout it though ;__; oh A Mans Heart is HILARIOUS xDDD (I loved it)

      Liked by 1 person

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