Anime Expo Purchases! (Manga Haul #4)

So I was going to add this stuff to my Anime Expo 2015 Thoughts post but it got too long and I decided I’d make a part 2 (kind of). And here it is! What did I buy at Expo?

Well, there were some books, pins, and a DVD. And by some books I mean a lot. I had to put most of my clothes in my brother’s bag on the way back because both my bags were too packed carrying my junk >.> haha

I also got a lot of Freebies which I thought was pretty cool!

Books: I recently quit my job at the library sometime this May, which means no more books at discounted prices! Which sucks because now I actually have to pay full price…except not really! At AX I found a lot of great titles for about $3 – $5 and a few for $10 so my wallet was (for the most part) very happy (and so was I because then I could buy more)!! Oh, and I also got a free book from the Yen Press Panel (totally amazing)!


  • The Science of Attack on Titan
  • Attack on Titan: Before the Fall v. 34
  • Attack on Titan: No Regrets v. 12
    • Except that there are regrets because I already own these books…haha, I was trying to figure out what books I already had while at the con, only to have the internet backfire. I was pretty sure I didn’t have No Regrets but it looks like I was wrong…what to do with them, hmmm
  • Attack on Titan v. 1314
  • Noragami v. 1 – 5
    • So, I know I mentioned this somewhere (I can’t remember where) but I dropped this series back when it was barely coming out. I couldn’t handle the sudden lovey-dovey eyes that Yato gave Hiori so I stopped reading after the Rabo (?) and V/Kazuma crisis…and then I went and bought the books…because the art is so pretty…and I really liked the first few volumes, haha. I might pick it up again
  • The Demon Prince of Momochi House v. 1
    • After I bought this book and read it I was just like, can I get an exchange or refund? I kind of didn’t really like this book…haha
  • Log Horizon v. 1
    • I don’t know why but I thought this was the light novel but it’s the manga…oh well, I like it either way!
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days v. 1
  • Kobato v. 5
    • Now I just need volume 6!! Read these a while back and totally loved them (hence the reason I’m looking for them)
  • Bakuman v. 9
  • Alice in Murderland v. 1
    • This was my freebie book from the Yen Press Panel! I started reading it and it’s actually pretty interesting though I wouldn’t say it’s the best Alice in Wonderland based series.
  • Little Butterfly v. 1 – 2
    • I’ve been wanting to read this for a while now but I only owned volume 3 so I couldn’t…but now I can!!
  • Yellow v. 2 – 4
    • I read these online, loved them and then bought them! (Not to mention that Makoto Tateno is a guest at Yaoi-con this year! I also got more books by this author, like the next two titles, haha)
  • Yokan Noise v. 2
  • A Murmur of the Heart v. 1
  • Alice the 101st v. 1, 3 – 4
    • Oh god I love this series but I hate that it’s playing with my little fujoshi heart!!  Like, is this a yaoi or is it not?! It’s basically about a kid named Aristide (aka Alice) who gets accepted into this really prestigious music school but he’s dubbed a ‘special case’ because he can’t read music (but plays well) and because he was accepted after the 100 student cap.
  • Croquis
  • You Will Drown in Love v. 2
  • Twittering Birds Never Fly v. 2
  • Tale of a White Night
  • Does the Flower Blossom? v. 1
  • Countdown 7 Days v. 3
    • Another book I already have…haha
  • Your Story I’ve Known

Light Novels

Misc Purchases/Freebies: I really wanted to buy some posters but I didn’t have enough money and then I’d have to think of how to get them home, so I just didn’t get any. Maybe at the next con!

  • Haikyuu season 1
    • It’s been forever since I last went and bought some anime but when I saw this I just had to buy it! My two purchases before this had been Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul s1 (but I got them on itunes not hardcopies).
  • Pins from the Artist Alley!
    • I got both A/Z pins they had (Inaho & Slaine, kekeke), one Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun pin (the really cute guy Mikoshiba), and two keychain thingies from Haikyuu!! (Kageyama and Hinata) and Seraph of the End (Yuu and Mika). Obviously, I got these pins for certain reasons, kekeke~!
  • Pins from the dating game booth! (Freebie)
  • Shikishi (is this what it’s called? I could be 100% wrong, haha) (Freebie)
    • Got this when my brother and I walked into a panel accidentally (thinking it was a Crunchyroll panel). The character is apparently from Clannad (which I haven’t watched but now I want to watch is because of the AMV contest that they had, intrigued).
  • A t-shirt with a cool looking cat! Of course, this was taken by my mom once she saw it…haha
  • Crunchyroll Fan (Freebie)
    • This fan was SO helpful! I totally love it and had it with me all the time! It was especially helpful when outside, haha
  • Ponycan Calendar! Only recognize the Magical Boys Show, haha (Freebie)
  • Martha Asahi postcard! Guest of Honor at Yaoi-con ♥ (Freebie)
  • Two samplers, VIZ and Kodansha Comics (Freebie)

There were probably more Freebies but these were the ones I could find among my mess of things, haha. I also wanted to show these little postcards I got but I can’t find them! T___T I don’t remember where I put them…

Well now, I’ve got a lot of books to go through before the next con (๑→‿←๑)

10 thoughts on “Anime Expo Purchases! (Manga Haul #4)”

      1. I know and you still have to get Set 2 to complete the first season. Sort of thinking about whether I will buy this release by Sentai Filmworks myself. Maybe later.

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      2. I know T___T I don’t think collecting DVDs was this hard before, what happened to complete series box sets?? Haha

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  1. Log Horizon, Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion – You have good tastes. You’ll have to tell me how that Eva novel is once you finish, because I’m tempted on getting it! Pretty A.Z pins and the Seraph strap is cool, too. Great haul, hooray for sales!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sure thing! there’s a lot of NGE books…i read one called the shinji ikari diaries (or something like that) and it was weird haha, there’s another one i saw that I really want to read though (because the art is so nice), i think it’s called campus apocalypse

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