[Fanfiction] My Aldnoah.Zero Phase

Hey guys~! So I’ve been gone for like 2 days or something and I wanted to share what I was doing in that time, which I’m going to dub My Aldnoah.Zero Phase. I actually haven’t finished season 2 of A/Z but I was feeling bored and frustrated with the series (specifically with Slaine because I have no idea what he’s planning), so I decided to browse through some fanfiction to calm me down.

My new fanfiction reading site is Archive of Our Own (Ao3) since FF‘s quality has quickly declined throughout the years (I don’t know if it’s gotten better, haven’t visited in a while…)

But anyways, while I was reading, I feel like I spoiled the ending of the anime for myself (because it can’t be a coincidence that everyone is writing about the same thing) and if that’s really how the anime ends…I am just so depressed right now, like, why did that have to happen to Slaine?! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I also went to Tumblr afterward and that delivered the killing blow

But! Onto what this post is really about

In those two days, I slept 1.5 hours and read the rest of the time so I want to share those amazing stories that kept me awake all night chanting, one more chapter just one more chapter. 

To begin with, the show only has 401 stories overall and being the yaoi lover that I am, I went and filtered out some Inaho x Slaine (ugh they’re so cute) which left me with 113 stories in English (so not much). Of those 113 stories, I probably read like 80 – 85 of them…? Yeah, that seems to be right.


1. Author: Slaine 

This person has 8 Aldnoah Zero stories and they’re all great, (°◡°♡).:。 read them all! Specifically For Want of a Nail and In CarcereBoth stories are currently incomplete (why?!) but they’re so good I don’t mind waiting (or I do but there’s really nothing else I can do but cry)

  • For Want of a Nail takes place after episode 7 in season 1 where Inaho and Slaine fight together against this claw lady (and then he gets shot down?), and instead of leaving Slaine, Inaho goes and captures him for interrogation purposes. In the summary, the author writes ‘On how different the events of both seasons would be had Slaine spent time in the Deucalion,’ which is basically what this fic is about. I really enjoyed it because while it was an Inaho x Slaine story, I didn’t particularly think the romance was overbearing (though you could obviously tell it was there). Also, I really liked how they portray Slaine as friendly with the crew but when Rayet tries to kill the Princess he goes all out and tries to beat her up. And then, of course, the author had to end the latest chapter when Slaine gets recaptured by the Counts (that torture whipping scene in the anime). Oh and this story has parallels to the anime haha
  • In Carcere is another amazing long story by Slaine and it’s a post-Anime fic where Inaho visits Slaine in prison out of duty but then realizes his feelings for the blonde have turned to love (sheesh, only took him 13-ish chapters to realize, haha). Like the previous story, this one has good pacing and it’s at an exciting part where I don’t know if they (Inaho, Rayet, and wheelchair princess) are going to try and bust Slaine out of prison. Of course, Inaho’s all it’s not possible right now because the UFE would chase after him. There’s a lot of mistrust in this story, like how Slaine can’t imagine Inaho ever caring for him (thinks there are ulterior motives to his kindness) and wheelchair princess (same thing as Slaine but then she finds out his reasons). It’s this story right here that makes me wonder, how much is canon and how much is the author hmmmmm

One of the good things about this author is that they don’t write anything higher in rating than T, which means they focus more on the story and character development (yay)! The closest we get to anything ‘explicit’ are things people imagine the two are doing (misunderstandings of course). And I just have to say those parts are hilarious. Violence-wise, it’s also at a minimum, no brutality that I have to worry about. Though that may change in the next few chapters…where it feels like fighting will be a big thing.

As for their other stories, they have a lot of cute and adorable one-shots (๑→‿ฺ←๑)

Amazing fanart can be found on Carymono’s Tumblr (for For Want of a Nail), it’s an 8-page doujin where we can see Inaho and Slaine finally confessing, haha

2. Author:  Himmelreich

This person has 17 Aldnoah Zero stories and 5 of them are specifically Inaho x Slaine (so I read those). They also have some other works that I’ve yet to look at (which I might since they’re Inaho & Slaine)

  • 花言葉 (Hanakotoba) is a Flower Shop AU that I initially thought was going to be this cute story with the two meeting at a flower shop, possibly communicating with flowers (because that’s what all flower shop AUs are like). Of course, when I started reading this it was not like that. In fact, the flower shop is just a front to a more sinister business going on between the Orbital Knights and the Deucalion. And that ending was just perfect! (or rather the second to last chapter). A complete story, 10 chapters long and totally not what I expected. Really enjoyed reading this.
  • Every Wednesday, I’m Here, In Jail is actually a series of works that deal with Inaho visiting Slaine at his prison. Prompts include: discovering fanfiction, the Versian etiquette in kissing, fake boyfriends/misunderstandings & taking advantage of such misunderstanding, haircuts & truth and dare, sparring, Slaine’s birthday, and Inaho’s birthday. Yup yup, mostly cute stuff that I can’t help but laugh at and go awww

Like Slaine, Himmelreich also doesn’t write anything higher in rating to T (except for that one M which they explain to be ‘inappropriate use of works of literature’ haha). As for anything ‘explicit’ we did get an eye-stabbing scene in 花言葉 (Hanakotoba) but it was over fairly quickly.

Oh! And there’s some fanart for 花言葉 (Hanakotoba) by Izumi on Tumblr

And those are the top writers (in my opinion) in this fandom! Of course, there are other works that I also enjoyed like Gloss Over (Inaho notices Slaine has lip burn and gives him some balm), Just A Game (University AU, not sure where it’s going but it’s cute!), I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (an obvious romance where Slaine is talked into wearing a Christmas outfit by Asseylum), Pocky/Day (Asseylum asks Slaine about the ‘rituals’ of Pocky Day and Inaho volunteers to show her), etc! Unfortunately, they’re all one-shots, haha

Also, I haven’t read Frenemy yet (which I have to fix) but it’s by Ladelle and I LOVE Ladelle’s work (most of which can be found on their FF site) so that’s most likely going to be a top favorite too!

Oh, and while I’m here, there’s this super adorable and amazing…thing/doujin…where Slaine and Inaho show off the fact that they got married to Asseylum through a text haha, It’s by Dessa

Until next time!

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