Manga Haul #3: New Manga Delivery! (●´□`)♡

Hello again! I wasn’t going to make another post today (though technically I haven’t written one today) BUT I just had to share my new delivery of books! Now, I don’t remember if I mentioned my orders from Kinokuniya on my blog but I do know I posted it on my Twitter.

And here’s my first order!

So what exactly is in this lucky box? Yaoi!! Lots and lots of it! It’s so beautiful. When I ordered these I was on a Rihito Takarai shopping spree but when I typed in her name (宝井理人) not much came up. Either way I bought what I didn’t already have ♥

In addition to Rihito Takarai, I also got books by Kashima Chiaki (嘉島ちあき)! Her books are SO adorable and the art is so beautiful! Out of the three books by her, I’ve yet to read the one on the far right (top)

My babies oh they’re so beautiful !!

Manga (Top)

  • Hana to Usagi (Flower and Bunny) by Kashima Chiaki
    • A cute little story about a delivery guy named Kajima Ryouta who, on his first day as a deliveryman, meets a really eccentric guy named Aizawa Mamoru who always wears a bunny head/mask. One day, when making another delivery he meets a guy who reminds him of Aizawa only to realize it is Aizawa, without the rabbit head! (and of course, they end up together haha)
  • Akihabara Fall in Love by Kashima Chiaki
    • Cute story number 2! One day while walking home from work Hasegawa encounters a group of thugs trying to extort money from a helpless stranger. Going over to help, Hasegawa takes a beating and wakes up in a strange apartment, surrounded by piles of manga, figurines, posters, and the sound of two guys speaking. Going to investigate he gets the shock of his life when he sees two guys in a compromising position. Without waiting for an explanation he flees the apartment and hopes he won’t ever see the otaku he’d saved, only to coincidentally encounter him everywhere he goes.
  • Bokura no Saidai Kouyakusuu (Greatest Common Divisor) by Kashima Chiaki
    • This is the one I haven’t read yet but just flipping through it…but I can’t find the translation online! haha, what I did find though was that she did this FREE!! Doujin that I thought was totally adorable and wow, totally hadn’t realized it was her! Oh and I’ve just gone through it a bit more slowly (to see if I can pick up something) and this story seems to be a slice of life/school setting type thing with the two main characters already in a relationship from the start (established relationship). There seems to be a school trip and a possible flashback to their younger years? Haha, there’s also a tiny 4-page side story at the end with some Hana to Usagi~!

Light Novels (Bottom)

I only have links for the Japanese summaries (´−`) ンー and Twitter accounts (if they have one). I was kind of able to make sense of two of the summaries but I didn’t want to leave the other two blank…In order from left to right

My Rihito Takarai related Japanese books thus far (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡


And I have 3 more scheduled to ship soon !!

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