Reading LNs + New Manga (Manga Haul #2)

And here I am, spending my money on books (again), haha

The titles I’ve crossed off are the ones I’ve already read ♥

  • Blue Morning v. 5: ugh, this series is killing me! Just when I think I know what’s going on the characters start tangling their situations up! Not to mention it’s full of politics and the rules of the high class…and now I’m waiting on the next book, which will be coming out one day? Haha
  • Hide and Seek v.1: I really wanted to read this series because I owned volumes 2 and 3 so I read them out of order (figured I probably wouldn’t miss much/could imagine what happened). The timeline…totally doesn’t make sense? I mean, this is obviously before Ao (considering Ryoumei’s reactions to m/m) but in Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love the doctor guy doesn’t have a BF…haha
  • OTRFK: The Ring Finger Falls Silent (v. 3)
  • OTRFK: The Finger Never Sleeps (v. 5)
  • The World’s Greatest First Love: Onodera Ritsu’s Affair: this was so adorable! I think I fell in love again ♥ And of course, I then went on Twitter and started following Yaoi Quotes (because they were quoting Masamune) haha, I don’t want to read ahead because I don’t know if it’s been updated (and if it hasn’t I’ll just be at a standstill again)

In addition to these titles, I had also previously gotten Cold Light (the second Light Novel book to the Cold series) and OTRFK: The Left Hand Dreams of Him (which I just started to read today). Now I’m only missing Cold Fever, which was too expensive to buy, and Only the Ring Finger Knows v. 4 (also too expensive)!

Happy readings to me! haha

Has anyone not been able to resist the temptation to buy some new anime/manga/other anime-related merchandise? It’s kind of funny, when it comes to books I can never say no but with other things (like plushies, DVDs, clothes, etc), I always think later or nah, maybe something else

3 thoughts on “Reading LNs + New Manga (Manga Haul #2)”

  1. I totally get where your coming from. I have such a love for books too but what has curbed my passion has been me getting into a big book slump. Sometimes I am not all that interested in reading. Funnily enough, I still find a way to be into reading manga.

    I love the cover of Cold Light by Narise Konohara. I think I’m going to have to purchase the books from the entire series if possible. The story premise sounds promising, after all.

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    1. Haha I guess I’ve been in a book slump for a while now too xD the only novels I’ve been reading lately are light novels xP and of course, a whole bunch of manga

      For the cold series, I got the first one just because one day at a con and found that it’s actually pretty interesting, unfortunately I’ve yet to find one (light novel) I actually love (not that I read that many but I’m starting to haha)

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      1. You don’t say. I hate these book slumps it makes concentrating on reading longer Literature extremely difficult.

        If you don’t mind there is a blogger related to the anime and manga community that has a lot of tips on finding good light novels to read especially if your not sure about how many light novels are out there. He [Froggy-kun] makes it clear there are a lot of options. More than we realize. Why You Should Support the English Light Novel Industry (And How You Can Do it)


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