Currently Reading: Seraph of the End (v. 2 – 4)

I have just finished bulk reading Seraph of the End! Just last night I read up to volume 4 and now I’m craving for more! Tempted to just go to B&N to read volume 5…and volume 6 is coming out in September…!!


  • Because it’s been a while since I last read volume 1 I completely forgot what the characters’ names were! The only one I didn’t forget was Mika (because it’s all over my Twitter feed haha). And Yuu and Yoichi have very similar names…
  • The art is SO pretty! And Guren looks way better with his hair messy.
  • Picking off that thought, a lot of the black haired characters look a lot alike. It’s kind of scary, like, are you really 3 different people, haha. Oh, and the glasses guy looks like Tsukki so whenever I see him I think about Haikyuu (then I have to shake my head and be like, no not him)
  • The pacing is throwing me off. Like, Yuu is supposed to be at school but I never really saw him study anything and all he does is create a commotion (and the schooling didn’t even last long). There was that one written exam thing but he totally failed and so I’m wondering, what’s the point of the school? Then it’s like, oh yeah, let’s go get your weapons to oh yeah, front lines to weapon of mass destruction! Really wish there’d be more development.
  • Speaking of development, I’m not really feeling the characters. They’re pretty…bland. I mean, the only interesting one right now is Guren but only because I’ve learned that he’s doing some forbidden experiments. Also, the noble who ‘killed’ Mika (Fe-something), because of how volume 4 ends. Like who is that person and why is F-guy giving them reports? What does that mean about the Queen? Traitor? Or maybe the Queen is in the wrong…(remembers the day Mika was turned)
  • My Fujoshi heart can only take so much! Calling Yuu a princess and carrying him off, telling him to run away with you (Mika), ah! I need more of this!
  • What just happened?! Something that even a demon would fear?! What are they doing to Yuu?! And does Mika actually know what’s going on or is he also being led on by that person in the shadows? (Does he really have privileges because he’s the Queen’s pet or is something bigger going on? Shadows…) And does Guren know that this thing that possessed Yuu wants to kill humans? And if he does wouldn’t that make him a threat?
  • Where did this whole ‘maybe you’re in love with him’ come from?! I don’t like it…especially since she’s being all cutesy now. Only showing him your bite wounds, yeah right! Grrrrr (maybe if there had been some kind of development in here but it just feels forced?)
  • I’m worried about Yuu and what’s going to happen once he finds out what’s going on with his body. Not to mention how he’s going to find out, hmmm

Now, it might sound like I don’t like this series but I actually do so I will continue! I’m really curious as to where this is going (˶′◡‵˶)

Is anyone else reading this? If so, what’re your thoughts on the series? Who do you think the shadows person is?! I made this crazy guess and thought it’d be neat if it was the sister (that supposedly died, Guren’s GF, I’m sure I’m way off).

And if you’ve already read ahead and there’s some kind of awesome revelation in the next X-chapters, tell me, is it going to get exciting? Ah, I want to read more but I have another to-read pile…haha

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Seraph of the End (v. 2 – 4)”

  1. Seraph of the End! I know my Boys Love fangirl heart could not take it either when Micha carries Yuu off bride style. That was adorable!

    I get the instinct that Guren does not even have an idea that there is something even more dangerous inside of Yuu. The idiot! He’s dooming us all! But we’ll see that is part of the excitement.

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