[Fanfiction] My Aldnoah.Zero Phase

Hey guys~! So I’ve been gone for like 2 days or something and I wanted to share what I was doing in that time, which I’m going to dub My Aldnoah.Zero Phase. I actually haven’t finished season 2 of A/Z but I was feeling bored and frustrated with the series (specifically with Slaine because I have no idea what he’s planning), so I decided to browse through some fanfiction to calm me down.

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Manga Haul #3: New Manga Delivery! (●´□`)♡

Hello again! I wasn’t going to make another post today (though technically I haven’t written one today) BUT I just had to share my new delivery of books! Now, I don’t remember if I mentioned my orders from Kinokuniya on my blog but I do know I posted it on my Twitter.

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Anime Expo in 1 week!!

Finally, the time of cons is upon us! And up next is Anime Expo in California! This’ll actually be my first time attending and I’m pretty excited and it’s my first 4 day con ever! Ah, the fun will be extended (〃▽〃)

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My Little Monster (v. 1 – 5 *rant?*)

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I was looking through my posts just now and noticed that they’re kind of all over the place…and now here’s another series! Haha, hopefully, I’m not too scattered! Anyways, My Little Monster, ah, how it’s won me over but makes me so frustrated. It easily fell into my favorites pile (๑´ㅂ`๑)

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[Review] Daddy Please Fall in Love + Love Kids!! by Kyou Kitazawa

Yesterday (while browsing on Twitter) I came up with a post by @Yaoicon about yaoi/BL manga concerning couples with children. At first, I was confused, thinking they meant Mpreg (which I’m not really a fan of) but then I figured it probably meant ‘single fathers’ so I enthusiastically answered with Only Serious About You (a manga I totally recommend because it’s ADORABLE)

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